Peace On Earth Is The Way.

Posted April 19, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

The year is going, let him go;

Ring out the false, ring in the true.

Ring out the feud of rich and poor,

Ring in redress to all mankind.

Ring out old shapes of foul disease,

Ring out the narrowing lust of gold;

Ring out the thousand wars of old,

Ring in the thousand years of peace.

- Tennyson (1809-1892)

EAGLE-1Here’s to all people on Earth a wish for lives that coincide with the poetic words of Tennyson, as well as all the great thoughts men and women have written down through history. May each human being come to create their masterpiece of a life, no matter which description one chooses for that work of highest skill, or what the final product may look like. This has at times been said to be one’s highest potential, although individual men and women have no knowledge of the concept, or how truly high humanity can rise.

Surely, mankind’s highest potential does not include any violence, war, and greed. Surely, mankind’s highest potential will be reached when all men see each other as true brothers; all women as true sisters. Surely, when man’s efforts and work and thought become utilized to create conditions on Earth like this, there can be no other description of life on this planet but that such a world is a true masterpiece. Surely, when the separations of nations, peoples, and governments and businesses have been overcome and replaced with unified effort to bring about the highest degree of human happiness and joyful living for all, at that point there will be no further need for evolution.

And, isn’t that what the whole life process is all about – the highest degree of human development? And, is it possible for mankind to reach the zenith of physical, mental, and spiritual evolution, even though many thousands of years have shown us otherwise? Can creating the greatest masterpiece in the history of this world become the driving force for human actions, with a thorough and shared awareness of the most noble, moral, ethical, and utterly magnificent place just up ahead in everyone’s field of vision?

Is it just crazed-visionary thinking or completely rational, truly-visionary thinking to contemplate such a potential world? Has the world come to an evolutionary standstill where there is no longer any chance to rise higher, and higher, and higher? It seems apparent that such an idea – that mankind is done with evolving – is an idea that is rooted in insanity. The idea that the human race does indeed have the capacity to create the greatest masterpiece – where love is the only survival, the only meaning – is completely rational and orderly.

The basic principle of all – not harming others – may not seem complex enough to be worthy of consideration as the basis for all life on this Earth, but maybe mankind has failed to see the highest wisdom in simplicity. Because the sanity of living without harming others is the masterpiece.

“The public for which masterpieces are intended is not of this Earth.”

- Thornton Wilder


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Ukraine: The Fierce Urgency Of Now.

Posted April 21, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“I believe unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final say in reality.”

- Martin Luther King (1929-1968)

peace pipe 222The phrase “The fierce urgency of now” was a result of original thought by Martin Luther King (MLK), right before he was assassinated on the 2nd floor of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee in April 1968. Reverend King had the idea while trying to decide on his next actions during the Civil Rights struggle at that time. From afar, one could imagine the situation he was in, most assuredly he had received death threats warning him to step down and out of the picture or risk great personal harm.

Dr. King had suffered backlash from the American public for his outspoken condemnation of the Vietnam War, fuelled in no small measure by seeing photographs of death in Vietnam brought back a young reporter, who would later become an attorney representing the King family after MLK’s death – William Pepper. William Pepper recounts decades later that, after he handed the photos to Dr. King, MLK was moved to painful tears and great, great sorrow. Those photos were probably the factor most responsible for MLK’s decision to speak out strongly against the war, and militarism with its’ enormous expenditure.

William Pepper was asked by the King family many years after MLK’s death to talk to the alleged assassin, James Earl Ray, he did so because of his close relationship with Dr. King in the months before his murder, talked to Ray for four hours and walked out of the prison knowing Ray was not the assassin. In a 1999 civil, real trial, Mr. Pepper convinced a jury that Ray was innocent, the man who owned a grill across from the Lorraine Motel was 30% responsible, and the U.S. government along with Memphis Police Department were 70% responsible for Dr. King’s murder.

No United States media group of any significant size had any reporters in the courtroom or reported on the historic verdict of the jury. No history books read by America’s schoolchildren have made the corrections necessary to teach the truth. So, the murder of MLK by his own government, the murder of a man who may have taken the most powerful spiritual action in American history, is portrayed to the next generation in a false manner, leaving out the essential aspect of his 39 years walking this Earth.

That essential aspect was MLK’s decision to take actions which he knew were life-threatening but would result in more lives becoming threatened absent his decision to try and end the war in Vietnam, lead a march of an estimated 500,000 poor people to Washington, D.C. and the Pentagon, and call for a significant decrease in government spending on war. Powerful people saw the threat to a status-quo as reason enough to silence “a dream” articulated by a man who studied religion and philosophy and believed spiritual concepts could be actualized on this planet.

How does the life of Martin Luther King relate to events occurring now in April 2014? Perhaps most in Ukraine, where men and women are fearful of escalating violence leading to a civil war, or worse. One has to wonder what Martin Luther King would be saying if he had lived until today – at the age of 85. One wonders if he would have retained his original thought about “the fierce urgency of now”, and spoken out –  in contrast to Vietnam – before any major violence broke out. One could imagine him appearing with Desmond Tutu and Jimmy Carter calling for another look at who was responsible for the over 100 sniper murders of police and civilians on and around the 20th of February, 2014.

He and Mr. Carter and Mr. Tutu would tell the entire world that something is terribly wrong with the allegation coming from the new regime in Ukraine that Yanukovych is responsible, and that a coverup is occurring in Kiev regarding the real murderers. They would mention facts that have surfaced since February 20 such as the intercepted phone conversation between the European Union’s Catherine Ashton and Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet, where Mr. Paet told Ms. Ashton that it is becoming clearer and clearer that the new regime was behind snipers shooting police and protesters – snipers aiming for the head, neck, and heart – snipers shooting to kill.

They would call for a multi-national team of law enforcement experts to travel to Kiev in order to assure that there was no possibility of a coverup by the new regime.

They would tell the world about the investigative journalism report from Germany’s equal to America’s “60 Minutes” – ARD Monitor – which concluded that the new regime, not ousted President Viktor Yanukovych, was behind the massacre. They would call for American media companies to cover these newly emerged facts, because their existence if proven credible changes the entire equation in Ukraine, namely a major constraint on escalation of violence based on false pretenses. This they would call for because it is increasingly obvious that it is the right thing to do.

People around the world have to consider the almost total absence of attention being given to that massacre in Kiev two months ago. People have to wonder how it is that in those two months no American news organization has mentioned the call between Ms. Ashton and Mr. Paet, or squeezed in any investigative reports on the “Maidan Massacre” among the hundreds of hours religiously devoted to on-air broadcasts related to Flight 370 and Oscar Pistorius.

People around the world have to consider why no “news” media in America has called out Secretary of State John Kerry’s erroneous display of outrage over a supposed anti-Semitic leaflet going around Eastern Ukraine – a leaflet that has since been discredited as faked.

This writing has nothing whatsoever to do with taking “sides”, because there is only one side in ultimate reality for people to accept or deny, and that side is the human race – the one family of man. Arriving at the truth about the February 20, 2014 tragic events in Kiev will most assuredly expose for the whole world which people have come to deny that ultimate reality of one side on Earth, while identifying those who have come to accept it and love all people in the human family.

To arrive at that truth of Kiev requires enough men and women in this world to understand fully the spirit woven into Martin Luther King’s words: “The fierce urgency of now.”


“The holy ones whom God has given each of you to save are everyone you meet or look upon, not knowing who they are; and all those you saw an instant and forgot, and those you knew a long while since, and those you will yet meet, the unremembered and the unborn.”


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Rothschild World.

Posted April 20, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo


Cursed he be above all others

Who’s enslaved by the love of money.

Money takes the place of brothers,

Money takes the place of parents,

Money brings us war and slaughter.

- Anacreon (568-478 B.C.) Greek lyric poet


“No more deadly curse has ever been given by nature to man than carnal pleasure. There is no criminal prupose and no evil deed which the lust for pleasure will not drive man to undertake.”

- Archytas of Tarentum (400-350 B.C.) Pythagorean mathematician, philosopher


“The ways to enrich are many, and most of them foul.”

“Above all things, good policy is to be used that the treasure and monies in a state be not gathered into few hands… And money is like muck, not good except it be spread.”

- Francis Bacon (1521-1626) English essayist, philosopher


“The three most important things a man has are, briefly, his private parts, his money, and his religious opinions.”

- Samuel Butler (1835-1902) English writer


“They say that knowledge is power. I used to think so, but now I know that they mean money.”

- Lord Byron (1788-1824) English poet


“A power has risen up in the government greater than the people themselves, consisting of many, and various, and powerful interests, combining into one mass, and held together by the cohesive power of the vast surplus in the banks.”

- John C. Calhoun (1782-1850) American statesman


“Aristocracy of Feudal Parchment has passed away with a mighty rushing; and now, by a natural course, we arrive at the Aristocracy of the Moneybag… the basest yet known.”

- Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881) Scottish historian, sociological writer


“All things obeyen to moneye.”

- Geoffrey Chaucer (1340-1400) The Father of English Poetry


“He is bound by his vast wealth… his money owns him rather than he owns it.”

- St. Cyprian (200-beheaded 258) Bishop of Carthage


“Love of money is the mother of all evils.”

- Diogenes “the Cynic” (400-325 B.C.) Greek philosopher


“All things obey money.”

- Desiderius Erasmus (1465-1536) Dutch scholar, theologian


“The pleasures of the rich are bought with the tears of the poor.”

- Thomas Fuller (1654-1734) English cleric


“People of privilege will always risk their complete destruction rather than surrender any material part of their advantage.”

“Wealth is the relentless enemy of understanding.”

- John Kenneth Galbraith (1908-    ) Canadian-born American economist


“In the long run of history, the censor and the inquisitor have always lost. The only sure weapon against bad ideas is better ideas. The source of better ideas is wisdom. The surest path to wisdom is a liberal education.”

- Alfred Whitney Griswold (1904-    ) Dean, Harvard Medical School


“The mischief springs from the power which the moneyed interest derives from a paper currency which they are able to control, from the multitude of corporations with exclusive privileges which they have succeeded in obtaining… and unless you become more watchful in your States and check this spirit of monopoly and thirst for exclusive privileges you will in the end find that the most important powers of Government have been given or bartered away, and the control of your dearest interests have been passed into the hands of these corporations.”

- Andrew Jackson (1768-1845) 7th President of the United States  Farewell Address, March 4, 1837


“The love of money grows as the money itself grows.”

- Juvenal (60-140 A.D.) Roman rhetorician, satirical poet


“Men have always looked before and after, and rebelled against the existing order. But for their divine discontent men would not have been men, and there would have been no progress in human affairs.”

- Kabir (1400-1499) Hindu philosopher, reformer


“Freedom of the press, freedoms of association, the inviolability of domicile, and all the rest of the rights of man are respected so long as no one tries to use them against the privileged class. On the day they are launched against the privileged they are thrown overboard.”

- Prince Peter Kropotkin (1842-1921) Russian geographer, philosophical Anarchist


“Character is money; and according as a man earns or spends the money, money in turn becomes character. As money is the most evident power in the world’s uses, so the use that he makes of money is often all that the world knows about a man.”

- Edward George Bulwer-Lytton (1803-1873) British literary patron, writer


“Although fraud in all other actions be odious, yet in matters of war it is laudable and glorious, and he who overcomes his enemies by stratagem is as much to be praised as he who overcomes them by force.”

“For the great majority of mankind are satisfied with appearances, as though they were realities and are often more influenced by the things that seem than be those that are.”

“How perilous it is to free a people who prefer slavery.”

“You do not know the unfathomable cowardice of humanity… servile in the face of force, pitiless in the face of weakness, implacable before blunders, indulgent before crimes… and patient to the point of martyrdom before all the violence of bold despotism.”

- Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527) Italian statesman

(“I affirm that the doctrine of Machiavelli is more alive today than it was four hundred years ago.” – Mussolini, 1924)


“Money, it has been said, is the cause of good things to a good man and of evil things to a bad man.”

- Philo (20 B.C.-45 A.D.) Alexandrian Jewish philosopher


“By equality, we should understand, not that the degrees of power and riches are to be absolutely identical for everybody; but that power shall never be so strong as to be capable of violence and shall always be exercised by virtue of rank and law; and that, in respect to riches, no citizen shall ever be wealthy enough to buy another, and none poor enough to be forced to sell himself.”

- Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) Swiss-born French philosopher


“The Liars” (1919)

A liar lies to the nations.

A liar lies to the people.

A liar takes the blood of the people

And drinks this blood with a laugh and a lie.

- Carl Sandburg (1878-1967) American poet


“Don Juan: Beauty, purity, respectability, religion, morality, art, patriotism, bravery and the rest are nothing but words which I or anyone else can turn inside out like a glove… They are mere words, useful for duping barbarians into adopting civilization, or the civilized poor into submitting to be robbed and enslaved. This is the family secret of the governing caste.”

- George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) Irish dramatist


“Are you not ashamed of heaping up in the greatest amount of money and honor and reputation, and caring so little about wisdom and truth and the greatest improvement of the soul, which you never regard or heed at all?”

“… I was really too honest a man to be a politician and live.”

- Socrates (470-399 B.C.) Greek stonemason, general, philosopher


Of all the foul growths current in the world,

The worst is money. Money drives men from home,

Plunders proud cities, and perverts honest minds

to shameful practice, godlessness and crime.

- Sophocles (496-406 B.C.) Greek tragic poet


“As one makes war with the blood of others, so one makes a fortune with the money of others.”

- Andre Suares (1868-1948) French writer


“How unjust it is, that they who have but little should be always adding something to the wealth of the rich.”

- Terence (190-159 B.C.) Latin playwright


“Money is a new form of slavery, and distinguished from the old simply by the fact that it is impersonal, that there is no human relation between master and slave.”

- Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910) Russian writer


“In general, the art of government consists in taking as much money as possible from one class of citizens and to give it to the other.”

- Voltaire (1694-1778) French philosopher


“The great monopoly in this country is the money monopoly. So long as it exists, our old variety of freedom and individual energy of development are out of the question.”

“Why, my fellow Americans, is there any man here or any woman – let me say, is there any child here – who does not know that the seed of war in the modern world is commercial and industrial rivalry?”

- Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924) 28th President of the United States


“Lords devour poor men’s goods in gluttony and waste and pride, and they perish for mischief and thirst and cold, and their children also… And so in a manner they eat and drink poor men’s flesh and blood.”

- John Wycliffe (1320-1384) English reformer


“The bourgeoisie, wielding power, would relinquish naught of the sovereignty which it has conquered, wholly stolen; while the people, the eternal dupe, silent so long, clenched its fists and growled, claiming its legitimate share.”

- Emile Zola (1840-1902) French novelist


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German TV Maidan Massacre Video: Ukraine – The Day Time Stopped.

Posted April 19, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

The report out of Germany which Professor Michael Hudson of the University of Kansas City – Missouri referred to in a previous post, during an interview on The Real News Network, was produced by German news group ARD Monitor. A video of the stunning report has been uploaded to YouTube on the channel Deutschland+Russland, but unfortunately there are not yet either an English voiceover or subtitles (Thanks to a fellow blogger, Lo at Dandelion Salad, who gave directions to a version with English subtitles). As Professor Hudson stated in his interview, the report has gone viral in Europe and around the world, but United States media companies have blacked out any information.

In an effort to disseminate this urgent report which has the potential to avert war, the video is post here in German with English subtitles. As one who doe not speak German, some of the comments following the film were able to be translated and have been transcribed to provide some insight before the video is uploaded with English translation.

The ARD Monitor investigative journalists have concluded that ousted Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych was not responsible for the over 100 deaths on Maidan in Kiev one month ago, that those opposed to Yanukovych were behind the sniper killings, and that because of new information everything has dramatically changed in the nation of Ukraine.

“Monitor reports as one should expect from every news actually: neutral.”

“I just hope to finally wake up the other media and report the truth… But unfortunately (so far I do not see anything except this here) that was just a one time thing.”

“The media don’t have to wake up, the long known largely know. Those who sit on the other side of the ground glass are the ones who should wake up.”

“One such subjective contribution to the subject, I would not have expected more after the experience of the last few months from the mainstream media. But it is, unfortunately, probably only a prominent exception to the rule, and sheds a harsh light on how one-sided, biased, and ultimately manipulated and a lie the other coverage is mostly. These are the death throes of an independent and critical journalism. The transatlantic media “elite” will soon have brought the last dissenter on line. They want to drive us into a conflict with Russia, due to interests that are not ours, and the truth is always the first casualty of war.”

“What! That came on ARD? Why not kip so many here?”

“Monitor is known for critical reporting! This makes sense, too. But once we see a percentage of how these reporting goes down! What happened there, but it is clear! So it is allowed to specify also reports! However, it is quite obvious that it will not correspond to what will officially announce the ‘current investigation’.”

“What is going on in Ukraine is just not as black / white as some would like. Very good post by ARD!”

“The way I see it, pulling as the U.S. (NATO), the threads and then demand even by President Putin, to ease the situation, they want war because it again just as so often in other countries before, going around the resources (oil, natural gas). After each right idea the United States is a highly aggressive rogue state, which brings us to genetically modified foods, now also a war to Europe. Do not forget, there are only a few psychopaths who inflict this madness and not the whole American people. I am very glad that President Putin as a prudent man acting is at the top. In our political puppets I have now given up hope that they take their oath of office to act for the benefit of the German people, seriously. So we must try to stop this war-mongering of the West on peaceful demonstrations.”

“Looks you times this contribution times and then FINALLY begin the truth to spread.”

“And something in the mass media? I’m almost impressed!”

“Why has this video only 3,600 clicks? This must all friends, relatives, acquaintances are distributed by each of. We need more neutral coverage, because then there is no military threats and economic sanctions. The situation here can now not just in black and white or we divide the good and the evil.”

“People finally wake up, it’s the same script, as in Venezuela 2002! Exactly the same story. Which were neither rebellious nor government people who have shot there! It needs a catalyst, which then justifies gewlt and the coup. So they wanted to wegputschen (100% matching screenplay), and so one has weggeputscht Yanukovich. It always needs a legitimation to apply non-violent, either there are skyscrapers that are attacked or it is from 5:45 shot back. Even Schicklgruber Adolf, a justification story has come up. Wakes up, the USA is a terror state and its vassal European rich he is now in every way.”

“ARD Monitor suddenly sees the fault of the Ukrainian opposition, having organized in Kiev on the Maidan on 20 February 2014 massacre by snipers.”

“ARD journalists conducted an investigation into who actually shot demonstrators and Berkut on Independence Maidan February 20, 2014 and come to the conclusion Ukrainian opposition is guilty for this bloodbath.”

Please help stop the violence and threat of war in Ukraine and beyond. Please disseminate this video as far and wide as humanly possible. As you will witness, this is a real matter of life and death – war and peace.


(Thank you to 2legs2armsetc at YouTube)


German TV Airs Maidan Massacre World Shocker. News Media Blackout In United States.

Posted April 18, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

Germany television’s equivalent to American TV’s “60 Minutes” last week aired a report which contradicts the Barack Obama and new Ukrainian administrations’ claims that ousted President Viktor Yanukovych is responsible for the sniper murder of over 100 Ukrainian citizens and police officers in late February 2014.

The story has become front page news in Europe and Russia, but for some reason has yet to be reported on any media outlet to the American people. There are two reasons men and women have a very legitimate questioning stance on this German report. Number one is that there has been a great deal of language coming out of Americans’ television sets which paints Russia as the aggressor who needs to become stopped, and the possibility of Russia going ahead to annex more land in Ukraine and other areas in the region.

There is the perception that Viktor Yanukovych is a mass murderer and has led, because the perception also views Russia and Yanukovych as co-conspirators, to possibly inaccurate negative views in America on both Yanukovych and Russia. This has resulted in an escalation of tensions to a very high degree, which increases the odds that violence will break out – and may bring an all-out civil war in Ukraine. It is important that those who were responsible for the killing spree in Kiev are found and jailed. The report out of Germany makes a strong case that Ukraine’s current transition government has, intentionally or unintentionally, mistakenly placed blame on Yanukovych and his Berkut security forces.

The German report has raised very serious questions about the top officials of Ukraine’s new government. Victims of the sniper murders in February left behind family members whose questions and requests from the new rulers have been denied, ignored, or stonewalled. The government has refused to turn over information requested by family members for autopsy reports, medical records, and answers to specific questions. Disturbingly, there could be a major coverup occurring in Kiev over the identity of those who were calling the shots of snipers whose actions, besides killing over 100 innocent human beings, resulted in the overthrow of a democratically elected president.

People have become concerned that perhaps such a coverup is occurring, and that the truth isn’t being genuinely sought. If the current Ukraine high officials were behind the sniper massacre, then 42 million men, women, and children in Ukraine have mass murderers for national leaders. Economics Professor Michael Hudson of the University of Kansas City – Missouri says in the video from The Real News Network that “this is the equivalent of the Bush administration’s lies about Saddam Hussein and Iraq’s “weapons of mass destruction” – used as a pretext for the horrifically tragic and extraordinarily deadly Iraq War.

Mr. Hudson shares a quote (Hudson finds Jimmy Carter the only politician from America speaking out) from former United States President Jimmy Carter last week: “The rest of the world almost unanimously looks at America as the #1 warmonger; that we resort to armed conflict almost at the drop of a hat.” On this blog’s post from the past week “One Hardcore Blog Journey”, a book by Mark Gorton – “The Dominance of the Cabal” – Gorton points out that, since John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963, every U.S. president has engaged in high criminality – except Jimmy Carter.

So the situation in Ukraine, if the allegations coming out of the German TV report are serious and credible, is such that it’s possible over 40 million Ukrainians have a national government consisting of premeditated murderers. The all-important questions regarding the continued resistance and effort to ignore, evade, and coverup the truth are in extremely serious need of answering – because there are real consequences for 40 million men, women, and children on this Earth.

Those who have listened to the intercepted phone call between the European Union’s Catherine Ashton and Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet from over a month ago may have become equally astonished by the total lack of surprise exhibited by Ms. Ashton after Mr. Paet told her that there were doctors who had treated sniper victims, notably Dr. Olga Bogomolets, who had spoken to him about the possibility that snipers were shooting both police officers and civilian protesters, and that it was not Yanukovych – but the new coalition government group – who was behind the massacre.

Mr. Hudson goes on to read a quote from Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee: “I think you should have thought about that before encouraging the protesters on the Maidan. I think some people (U.S.) didn’t think through all the consequences, and when it comes to grief, will you be there? You can’t be there since you have so many other interests to protect.”

Professor Hudson then says, “It’s as if Barack Obama is channeling Dick Cheney.”

What Barack Obama is not saying about Ukraine

Hudson asks why Barack Obama is not telling the American people his administration backed opponents to Russia that got out of hand. Or apologize because they’ve been killing innocent civilians, or that they’re acting illegally. Hudson wonders why the president isn’t apologizing because they’re kleptocrats, or for closing the East Ukraine’s Russian TV channels. Barack Obama isn’t telling Americans that the new Ukraine regime is engaging in bad behavior which is undemocratic.

The whole world is talking about the German TV Maidan Massacre story but there is a complete blackout in the United States. Professor Hudson believes the only reason for American media silence is that something very serious is going on. Americans are being given reporting that portray Ukrainians as “freedom fighters” standing up to the “Russian Bear” when, according to Professor Hudson, “it’s really a case of America trying to goad Russia into acting intemperately.” At the end of this interview Mr. Hudson states, “So, the question is: where are we going to go from here?”

In my humble opinion it is absolutely critical that the murderers who killed over 100 police and civilians in February in Kiev have to become located as quickly as humanly possible. It is increasingly apparent that an independent law enforcement group, consisting of a multi-national team of the world’s top experts in homicide, must become organized and sent to Kiev so that the truth is known. To be absolutely direct and honest, solving this mass murder case has to become the highest – repeat highest – priority of the world’s leaders, and the world’s people.

Readers may agree or disagree but – risking accusations of journalistic fear-mongering and over-the-top sensationalism – the impossible-to-overstate importance of finding the Kiev sniper murderers has direct consequences for the continuation of the human race. As one who has listened to a number of talks by Professor Michael Hudson, one senses that he is a sincere and straight-talking academic of high stature. In this interview, he shows visible signs of anxiety and shaken psyche for the first time. For this psychological state of being disheveled to overcome him is a sign that urgent and intense action is necessary.

In other words, this German TV expose on murderous actions in Kiev, Ukraine is larger in importance than any of us may even imagine.

Men and women will either ignore this information or use small to large extents of reason to decide on morally appropriate action(s). If you know a police officer, member of the military, or attorney, please seek advice on how to handle your response to this profoundly and potentially deadly serious information.

The Real News YT

Citizens Of Maui, Hawaii: Petition To Ban GMOs Ceremony.

Posted April 17, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“The exact measure of the progress of civilization is the degree in which the intelligence of the common mind has prevailed over wealth and brute force; in other words, the measure of the progress of civilization is the progress of the people.”

- George Bancroft (1800-1891) American historian

ocean77On April 7, 2014, the citizens of Maui County in Hawaii turned in their over 11,000 signatures calling for a ballot referendum to ban genetically modified organisms (GMOs) from their region. The first speaker at a ceremony to mark the occasion noted that Jackson County, Oregon overcame $500,000 spent by genetic food manufacturers to pass a ban on GMOs in that region. He tells the men, women, and children in front of their government building that, since GMOs and their pesticides have come to Maui, the people’s disease rates have increased, and people are dying in higher numbers from cancer.

Another academic points out that he has never been asked to sign any consent form to allow GMOs and chemical pesticides in Maui County, just as every person who receives a flu shot does. He tells his fellow citizens that “we have the right to be heard on this.” An elderly doctor tells the people of Maui that after decades of poisoning the land, “at some point you have to stop poisoning the soil.” His view is that releasing life-forms into the environment is “an extremely risky experiment”, and that “we are coming to realize that we are that experiment.”

He says that scientists around the Earth – from South America, China, Europe, Russia –  are producing and publishing studies showing the harmful consequences of eating genetically modified foods. In those and other regions, men and women are becoming more and more aware of the negative impacts of GM food products; of genetically living modified organisms.

A local Native Hawaiian organic farmer speaks to the gathering: “Today we cleanse the land so that tomorrow plants will grow, and it will be a new day – a new beginning. They’ve brought us into this corner to awaken us – for us to say ‘enough already.’ We have earned the right to go to battle; they will bring us all of these documents, they will throw money. It ain’t about money. It ain’t about greed. It is about doing what is right.”

The film provides an inspirational example of what people are capable of when they take action to do what is right. The song by the young man has lines which point to the importance of understanding the idea of societal movements advocating for the majority of people and not just the few. He doesn’t mention if he wrote the song, but whether he did or not, it is music that speaks in an anthem-like way to current social justice, economic fairness, and peace initiatives which are growing worldwide.

Congratulations to the people of Maui!

The doctor in this short film (The Petition Turn-in Ceremony – The Day Everything Changed On Maui) mentions that scientific GMO studies from around the world are being posted on the organization’s website.

That website is:


(Thank you to ShakaMovement Maui at YouTube)

Accurst Be He That First Invented War.

Posted April 15, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“Mankind are then divided into those who are still what they were, and those who have changed: into the men of the present age, and the men of the past. To the former, the spirit of the age is a subject of exultation; to the latter, of terror.”

- John Stuart Mill (1806-1873)

earthblog2April 15: the deadline for filing tax returns. So proper, when one remembers the cliché “death and taxes”, that April 15 would be the “dead” line. Some people claim that the 16th Amendment, which allegedly gave the federal government the authority to tax wages, was never legally ratified by the required number of the states. Oh, well. Another subject to research. Has anyone heard if there’s been any really strong laws passed to shut down the more than 70 tax haven locations around the world?

No? Boy, that’s really surprising (not really), seeing it’s tax day and trillions of dollars in taxable revenue are in offshore havens – placed there by the big – too-big-to-jail – banks and the largest transnational corporations. Hmm… maybe the guy or gal who was given the task to let Congress and the Senate know about tax havens directed the email to the wrong address, or forgot the phone numbers of the people in government in charge of tax collection, and stuff.

Perhaps the guy or gal did inform the proper government tax bodies, but the actions to shut down tax evasion has been kept on the quiet for “national security” reasons, because if the Department of Justice (DOJ) were to prosecute any CEOs or CFOs or whichever one of the Big Four accounting firms that facilitated their tax scheme(s), those companies would suffer a loss of their reputation and this may hurt the economy. Yes, one can see the logic is the same as for the frauds committed by mega-banks on Wall Street – prosecuting people for tax evasion in offshore havens would “damage the economy” – so, that makes sense.

But, Matt Taibbi was talking on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman this morning and said that a guy who gets caught with a bag of weed gets thrown behind bars. Matt said even one marijuana cigarette will land a person in jail. Then, he tried to compare consequences of the crimes of those on Wall Street to small-time crimes. Apparently, according to Matt, when white-collar criminals at the mega-banks on Wall Street get caught, the financial cops on the beat hit the banks (shareholders) with monetary fines, and that the CEOs or CFOs who were behind the frauds get no punishment whatsoever.

Evidently, reputations of the man or woman who lands in jail for having a bag of weed is not viewed the same, with regard to importance, as the Wall Street bankers. If he or she ends up in jail for a few weeks or months and loses his or her job, it won’t do any major damage to the economy – just the economy of his family who he can no longer feed, house, and clothe. Heck, most of the small-time criminals in jail are probably there because they lost their jobs after the Wall Street white-collar criminals crashed the world economy in 2007-8.

Yes, it all comes together for the good. The white-collar criminals, if DOJ were to prosecute and jail them, wouldn’t be able to get these criminals off the street by crashing the economy and millions of jobs. Allowing Wall Street criminals to continue with impunity is a law enforcement sting operation! The Wall Street guys probably have a gold-plated “McGruff, the Crime-fighting Dog” prominently displayed in their offices, kind of like when Elvis Presley was an honorary member of the FBI. Wall Street bankers are really crime-fighters and, just like that one CEO who testified in Congress said, “doing the work of God”.

Wall Street criminals are actually undercover cops – turning in the tax evaders/cheats, Ponzi-scheme operators, derivatives fraudsters, front-running high-frequency stock traders, and the like – just like the cops who let their hair grow long and infiltrate drug rings. Come to think of it, the accountants at the big four accounting firms, the lawyers at the largest legal firms in the world, are probably undercover agents too.

The undercover accountants and lawyers are turning in crooks who they “sting” by engineering tax evasion schemes for them, and their customers have no clue that they are being setup for a fall, just like John DeLorean when he got caught on tape accepting bribes, or whatever. So, this explains why Eric Holder hasn’t prosecuted these guys. They’re working undercover. This explains why there have been zero prosecutions of those who participated in massive frauds leading up to the financial crash. Every last one of them is an undercover financial cop.

When HSBC got caught laundering $850 million for two drug cartels, the men who facilitated the laundering couldn’t be prosecuted because if they were they wouldn’t be able to sting the next drug kingpins that walk into their offices. When the 16 largest mega-banks on Earth colluded to fix Libor interest rates, or when they engineer tax haven schemes for their “high net worth” customers, they weren’t doing it to make out-of-this-world profits, they were doing it to keep regular people who were in 401k and pension plans from having extra money to buy weed. This is amazing. When people are all angry and all in the streets protesting about the “greedy banksters”, they don’t realize the banksters are actually doing the community a valuable service – God’s work – by disallowing millions of men and women retirees to become weed-smoking, Doritos-eating, tree-hugging, “peace, man”, Led Zeppelin-listening, zombies.

Enough of this poor Steven Colbert impersonation.


Although attempts at clever ways (lame) of using humor have their place at times, the underlying facts are anything but laughable. The following video, and you may agree or disagree with the facts asserted, tells the viewer that $32 trillion is now hidden in offshore tax havens by Wall Street banks and large transnational corporations. The report asserts that 68 cents from every American’s tax dollar goes toward military expenditure.

It states that 1/2 of all Americans are living near or below the poverty line, and that 17 million children in America will go to bed tonight hungry. There’s a man saying that America is not a democracy, but a “corpocracy”, unaccountable to citizens but answering to corporate, moneyed interests. The film conveys that Martin Luther King was killed by entities in the American government because he was on the verge of leading millions of poor people on a march to Washington, D.C. and the Pentagon in protest of inequality and militarism. Lawyer William Pepper, in 1999, convinced jurors that elements of the U.S. government, the Memphis Police Department – not James Earl Ray – were responsible for the murder of Martin Luther King – a trial and verdict completely ignored and unreported by the American media.

Another man points out that Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, John and Robert Kennedy, and others were assassinated because they advocated peace on Earth. He says that an awareness of these facts should come as a shocking reminder to the men and women of the peace movement.

The consequences of entering the military, where most enlist not to become involved in warfare but for perceived economic benefits, are various but most intensely felt when men and women do end up on the battlefield. One man states that studies show human beings have an inherent, built-in quality which instinctively results in an extreme aversion to killing another human being. Essentially, killing another human being is an action which directly contradicts one’s conscience, resulting in extremely difficult to manage psychological problems – most commonly called Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD).

PTSD isn’t just some academic term used by psychologists and psychiatrists, but is truly indicative of a shattered conscience, spiritually disastrous, and soul-destroying condition from either witnessing horrific deaths or causing same. Veterans experiencing extreme damage to their bodies, minds, and souls from war are then prescribed potent, dangerous, probably suicidal-thoughts producing psychotropic drugs. The statistic featured in this short film of 22 veterans or active-duty troops committing suicide every day is of the most damning indictments on war imaginable.


(Thank you to RT at YouTube)