Join “The Global 100 Questions Project.”

Posted on November 16, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

World Map1If you had the chance to ask those leaders who attended the G-20 meeting in Australia any questions you’d like answered, what would those questions be? Or perhaps you were given the opportunity to substitute host for Charlie Rose or one of the guys/gals on Face the Nation, Meet the Press or one of the other Sunday morning news shows? What would you ask those guests?

Perhaps one could imagine questions posed to Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkl, Ban Ki-Moon, Fidel Castro, David Cameron, Evo Morales, or any of a number of world leaders if given the opportunity for a one-hour personal interview. Perhaps on the receiving end of your questions is a man or woman who is a Nobel laureate like Peace Prize winner Mairead Maguire or a scientist or writer or economist who’s been the winner of a Nobel Prize. Think about questions to ask of Pope Francis or the Dalai Lama, as examples.

This is an invitation to get involved in what we have named “The Global 100-Question Project”, with the sole intent of initiating a profound worldwide discussion/debate on the greatest questions of our time here at the end of 2014. So, what we are hoping for is a strong response from as many men and women around the Earth as possible with their most profound, suggestive thoughts and questions on the major issues of consequence extant in the world today.

Imagine for a moment if every world leader who addressed the United Nations’ recent 69th Meeting of the General Assembly had received a listing of the 100 most important questions of our time (including yours) - and the focus desired by each man and woman leader to attempt to answer/address those questions - and you begin to understand the types of contributions we are in search of here.

Think it over, consider the fact that men and women from every region of the Earth could become aware of your – and possibly hundreds or thousands of equally sincere contributors - question(s) while on the internet, then become aware of the positive potential of “The Global 100-Question Project”, and propose/submit your question(s).

Imagine for a moment that a young person in India or Norway or Chile or any nation on Earth – after reading your statement/question on their computer screen – experienced such a profound reaction to what you have suggested about an important human issue/problem requiring new thinking and resolution that they became inspired to the point where they one day became a Nobel Prize winner – inspiring perhaps millions more in the process – and you have an idealized vision of “The Global 100-Question Project”.


Another aspect of “The Global 100-Question Project” in its idealized form is that it has the potential to become a truly global effort and joined by a great many people around the Earth in viral replication for the immediate solving of humanity’s most urgent and consequential problems.

These reside in any of a number of areas of human intellectual effort, research or activity such as whistleblowers, cyberspace, economics, education, elections/democracy, energy (fossil fuels/renewables), social theory, environment, food/agriculture, military-industrial-complex, health (physical and mental), finance/banking, government/politics, the media (corporate and independent), war and peace (Ukraine, ISIS, Iraq, Syria, Israel-Palestine…), spirituality/religion, science, etc.

So, how about we “get this show on the road”? The outcome of this first effort will be the subject of future posts in compiled and singular formats, and further discussions and analyses on the most pertinent and consequential submissions.

When one acknowledges that in the recent midterm election in the United States the lowest percentage of voters since the 1940′s showed up at the polls, the frustratingly persistent, problematic issues seemingly ignored (but solvable) by those who manage the world’s affairs, and the high percentage of people misinformed or uninformed about what is really occurring around the world, one realizes how much effort must occur now to greatly increase awareness through discussion and debate generated from a people-powered concept like “The Global 100-Question Project”.

By all means, consider stealing this concept and running with it if you believe there are good results when discussion and debate become generated from question-solicitation published posts like this one. If you decide to reduce the number of questions in your variation from 100 to 50 or 25 or 10, go for it. We wish you the best of luck and hope some very good results and communications come your way, adding to the solutions-based, inspirational efforts to solve difficult problems for real people living in all the world’s nations and regions.

There are no rules for submitting but only sincere thoughts and questions, so if you have any feel free to enter them in the comments below. If those big questions are not readily available now, come back with them tomorrow or the next day, next week, in December, or in 2015 – no time limits, no pressure.

How near or far this concept travels around the Earth will become clear soon enough, while the same is true with regard to the extent questions and discussion generated from those important questions eventually make any real difference in the lives of men, women, and children of this generation sharing the world. Perhaps understanding that communications over the world internet are hard or nearly impossible to measure is in some respects in this case a good thing.

Well, you see the idea. Pretty simple, hopefully intriguing enough, and straightforward. Thank you for your contribution(s). “The Global 100-Question Project” is now officially launched and moving from shore toward the Earth’s vast internet ocean. As the project has been given an adequate description, there remains only one more relevant point to stress:

Do you have any questions?


Near Death Experiences Are Divine Revelation.

Posted on November 23, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

393For most men and women who have delved into the topic of near death experiences (NDE), the personal accounts shared by those who have come forward are fascinating, extraordinary, and hope-inspiring. For some the descriptions of those men, women, and children of all ages, backgrounds, and regions of the Earth who’ve had NDEs represents the next profound stage of spiritual evolution for humanity, while some remain skeptical about there being any real significance in the phenomenon.

Whether the reader agrees or not, this writer honestly feels that the NDE is indeed in reality divine revelation. One of the major aspects of the NDE which has led to this perception is the life review described by many NDErs, particularly as that process relates to the teachings of nearly every major religious tradition. The life review of those who go to “the other side” includes both tremendous sadness and regret when seeing those events in the previous lifetime where other human beings became harmed because of actions by the person, and great joy when actions result in the helping of others and/or increase in the world’s stock of love.

Those feelings of sadness and joy dependent on one’s own actions toward others could be seen as the “heaven/hell” of the Bible, the “gardens with rivers flowing underneath/fire” of the Quran, and similar descriptions from spiritual writings of what each human being will experience because of their actions at the time of inevitable death. The life review process in NDEs confirms the concept that the Creator “sees” into each human being’s heart, even though people have the mistaken idea that their “secret” intentions, plans, and schemes are known only to themselves – and their co-conspirators if those “secret” plans become carried out by a group.

If the life review thus far described isn’t astonishing enough, many who’ve experienced them go further by describing the “chain” effect of one’s personal actions on other people. Simple examples include when one harms another or others then the harmed person(s) – because of the original action(s) taken by the responsible person – goes on to act in ways which harm even more people. Similarly good thoughts, words and deeds become multiplied over a type of consequential “chain reaction”.

The person having their life review experiences every result of their action(s), such as in childhood if they physically hurt another child then both the parents’ feelings of concern over the incident become known and felt by the person having the life review – because their action(s) led to the concerns. Compared to the NDE and a seemingly infinite amount of spiritual “storage” of every human being’s living information, today’s technological marvels – most worthy of comparison the great strides in information storage of computers and other communication devices - are minor marvels.

Perhaps the word closest to describing the NDE is awe: “to strike with fear or reverence”. The old cliché goes “there is nothing for certain in life but death and taxes”, although one could debate about taxes for those people and corporations with high-priced lawyers and accountants. It’s interesting to think about what those wealthy individuals, managers of corporations, lawyers, accountants, and willfully ignorant politicians will feel upon experiencing their own life reviews, particularly “secret” actions in the arena of tax evasion. And what lessons could become learned from the NDE phenomenon by those whose “secret” plans include military actions which are devised and carried out absent any understanding of the inescapable spiritual accounting of the great harm done to fellow human beings they are responsible for?

Throughout history, the greatest wisdom conveyed by spiritual messengers has been both of good news and as warning. The NDE phenomenon shares that dual good news/warning aspect of historic spiritual wisdom, but is evolutionary in that many thousands of personal accounts are now available on websites for the entire human race to study, while more specific, profound, and revelatory than most previous wisdom which has become available until now.

In a very real sense, those men, women, and children around the Earth who have shared their experiences are in the same category as history’s greatest spiritual messengers, and humanity’s growing interest and acceptance of those new, evolutionary spiritual messages suggests even more good news/warning truth will become known and understood on a global scale. To predict the length of time until this extremely profound phenomenon comes into the awareness of all human beings and truly transforms life on Earth is as impossible as providing a scientific explanation of the awe-inspiring NDE itself and what they profoundly reveal.


Huston Smith was born in 1919 and is known as one of the world’s leading religious studies scholars. His book “The World’s Religions” has sold over 2 million copies, and he was Professor and Chair of the Philosophy Department at Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1958 to 1973. In the following interview he shares his thoughts on the NDE, where he admits to not going through the experience, but at the same time pointing out his feeling that NDEs are very important spiritual events and highly significant.

Given that Huston Smith was 94 years old in this interview, viewers can forgive him for delivering his thoughts in a somewhat less rapid manner.


To read hundreds of fascinating personal accounts of NDEs from men, women, and children around the Earth, one can find them on the following websites:  - Near Death Experience Research Foundation - International Association for Near Death Studies - NDE Accounts


(Thank you to NDEaccounts at YouTube)

Corporate Media Beating the Drums of War — Mnar Muhawesh Speaks Out

Originally posted on Rise Up Times:

Mnar Muhawesh, Founder and Editor In Chief, MintPress News, talked about how the tightly controlled corporate media ignores reporting and good journalism to follow directives on creating enemies and promoting wars. Almost all of the media outlets in this country are owned by a few corporations.

Thank you so much for having me, I’m honored to be here and to be surrounded by a group of people who have dedicated their lives to understanding the world around them and to helping bring people closer together through the ideals of peace, unity, compassion and understanding.

But since September 11, 2001, it seems like the basis of those ideals, this crazy idea of peace is nearly impossible to find in the world we live in today.

How we hear and learn about the world, and even about what’s going on in our own nation, is through one lens, which is the media. But never…

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Sister Of Late PressTV Reporter Serena Shim Speaks Out.

Posted on November 19, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

Baaa-31efore her death in Turkey one month ago in an auto accident, PressTV reporter Serena Shim warned in a live broadcast that Turkish government intelligence agencies were looking to arrest or detain her. She conveyed fear that she would end up in prison in Turkey, where it is a well-known fact among reporters that more journalists become imprisoned than any country on Earth. Many people saw the accident as “suspicious” because Serena Shim had reported of the Turkish government’s collusion with ISIS from her observations while covering the war in Kobane, later confirmed by none other than United States Vice President Joe Biden.

It is interesting to note the extreme contrast in Western media reporting between the death of James Foley and the death of Serena Shim. After ISIS allegedly released a video of Mr. Foley’s beheading, virtually every Western media outlet gave hours and hours of airtime over many days to the story. In the case of Serena Shim’s death, Western media outlets have been totally silent.

Recently Serena Shim’s sister Fatemeh gave a short interview on RT’s news talk program “Going Underground”, and said she and her family are trying to obtain justice for Serena – who they believe became the victim of murder to end her reporting on ISIS and Turkish government involvement in aiding the brutal terrorist group.

According to Fatemeh Shim, the only truth she received from the Turkish authorities was that Serena’s cousin and camera person was driving when the fatal crash occurred. Fatemeh Shim also said that the United States government has been unable thus far to offer her or her family any help in getting to the truth about what happened during the events leading to Serena Shim’s death.

Unfortunately the brief interview didn’t touch on the health condition of reporter Serena Shim’s cousin who has seriously injured in the crash and driving the vehicle – who is apparently recovering, whose current condition is unknown. Fatemeh Shim wasn’t asked by the host if the cousin was able to speak to either Turkish investigators or family or journalists.

From what Fatemeh Shim said in this interview, she and her family will not relent until the truth becomes revealed, and that her family have received consolation from the many communications from men and women around the world who have offered help in their ongoing efforts.

If anyone has information to add to this important international story, please do so in the comments below. In the meantime we will report on the investigation into the late PressTV reporter Serena Shim’s death as more details become available.


(Thank you to goingunderground RT at YouTube)