U.S.-Israel ‘Greater Kurdistan’ Plan: From Iran To The Mediterranean Sea.

By Jerry Alatalo

The following interview is hosted by Mr. Kevork Almassian – with Dr. Jamal Wasim, one of Lebanon’s most respected academics and professor of International Relations at Lebanon International University. They discuss the recent movement of Turkish military/armed forces toward the mercenary-held city of Idlib in northwest Syria.


The description of Mr. Almassian’s YouTube channel is reprinted below:

(YouTube – Syriana Analysis – Joined January 13, 2017 | 12,659 subscribers – 2,193,216 views) This YouTube Channel is managed by Kevork Almassian. He is currently a Masters student at the University of Balamand’s Political Science and International Affairs Department. He is originally from Syria and was sponsored by Kalamoon University’s International Relations and Diplomacy Department to pursue his studies at Science’s Po/Paris European Affairs Department. As an expert in International Relations, Almassian publishes research articles and reports to multiple leading newspapers. Almassian created Syriana Analysis Channel to bring the voices of the silenced majority in Syria, to debunk the fake news by the Mainstream Media, and to address the greater geopolitical issues that affect the global peace.


What the two men and former colleagues in academia reveal is a potential agreement between Syrian, Iranian, Russian and Turkish leaders to prevent the establishment of a “Greater Kurdistan”, consisting of northern Iraq, northern Syria, a portion of western Iran and parts of southeast Turkey – an evolving geopolitical goal, according to Dr. Wasim, of the United States, Israel and its allies since the outbreak of war in Syria-2011 and Iraq-2015.

If what Dr. Wasim conveys represents an accurate analysis, any optimistic perceptions holding that ISIS, al Nusra and other terrorist groups operating since 2011 are nearing defeat might need modifying, and the possibility of war escalation by the U.S./Israel/Saudi-led forces, whose “investment” in the Syrian, Iraqi and Yemeni conflicts has totaled in the $billions, remains worrying.

After U.S. President Donald Trump’s Friday October 13 address signaled his intention of essentially scrapping the 2015 P5+1 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) which guaranteed Iran’s incapacity to produce a nuclear weapon until 2025, the response from nearly all world leaders has been to strongly oppose Trump. While most observers talk about Trump’s actions as only reducing in the eyes of the world community U.S. trustworthiness, status and remaining good reputation, one could describe the current situation by pointing out that Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu have become positioned, or perhaps more accurately they have painted themselves, into a corner.

Mr. Trump’s repeated, 1984-style, and false allegations against leaders of Syria, Iran, Russia and the Lebanese militia Hezbollah, in particular pointing the finger of blame for state-sponsored terrorism at those nations doing the bulk of direct combat against terrorism in the region, are rapidly becoming known across the Earth for what they truly represent: blatant, outrageous and, indeed, massive criminal lies.

The negative blow-back Mr. Trump – and through association Mr. Netanyahu, have already received in just 24 hours is going to only increase with rising levels of intensity as awareness spreads. The U.S. and Israeli leaders are left with two options: 1) attempting to continue the obfuscation of the truth, ramping up plans for further escalation of violence, and risking world war, or 2) coming to the realization that people across the planet know what their criminal intentions mean with regard to more horrific violence in the region, devastating for millions of innocents already severely injured from the totally engineered, 16-year psychological operation called the “War on Terror”.

Their options are plainly and simply war or peace, and the lives of millions, potentially billions, hang in the balance. Enabled by the greatest false flag state-terror event in history, the now infamous 9/11, what is perhaps the 2nd largest “Big Lie” of all time – the “War on Terror” – is with increased and multiplying  speed falling apart.

Wise men and women in all regions of the world are now faced with the impossibility of choosing continued silence and/or inaction when the stakes could not be higher or more severe, and especially after choosing the immoral stance of maintaining silence for the past 16 years of heart-breaking, unnecessary, and criminal harm.

Now is the time to expose the lies of 9/11 and the “War on Terror”. At the same time, the lie that nuclear weapons have somehow benefited humanity must also become exposed, followed by righteous, worldwide, collective actions leading to the total elimination of nuclear weapons from the face of the Earth. Future generations have to become seriously considered, and factored in, during every debate and discussion of major Earthly importance … Starting at this moment.


(Thank you to Syriana Analysis at YouTube)


9/11-The Paradigm Of Endless War: William Pepper.

By Jerry Alatalo

ttorney William Pepper befriended Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) in the last year of King’s life (1967-1968). It was William Pepper’s emotionally disturbing Vietnam photographs and personal recollections while a journalist there, shared with Dr. King, which were the impetus for MLK’s choice to begin strongly opposing the Vietnam War.

Many years after the 1968 murder of Martin Luther King Jr., the King family asked William Pepper to lead a legal effort on their behalf focused on finally revealing the truth of how MLK died. After talking for three (3) hours in prison to the publicly perceived, alleged “lone shooter” James Earl Ray, Mr. Pepper agreed to help the King family. After talking to Ray, he became convinced James Earl Ray was innocent.

The ensuing civil trial took place in Memphis, Tennessee and included over 70 witnesses; the jury finalized the trial in 1999. After all the testimonies and legal arguments ended, the jury returned a judgment declaring MLK was killed as a result of a secret government/state-sponsored assassination conspiracy – as occurred on 9/11, an “inside job”. Martin Luther King Jr. died in 1968, killed by a group that organized their covert operation from inside the U.S. government.

The history books America’s grades K-12 students are reading today in 2017, eighteen years after the Memphis trial, still record James Earl Ray as the lone killer of Martin Luther King Jr.. An unacceptable and major historical error, misinforming millions of young people nationwide about real events, has been somehow ignored and perpetuated.


William Pepper served as one of the moderators during the September 2016 conference in New York City – “9/11 Justice in Focus”. During his short address to the participants and attendees he drew a parallel between his experience and the ongoing, difficult efforts to reach the truth about 9/11. The time between the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968 and the Memphis civil trial in 1999 amounted to thirty-one (31) years, certainly a very long wait, but fortunately the truth was eventually uncovered.

The murder of MLK and the false flag terror events on 9/11 differ from the standpoint of time elapsed before truth finally becomes known. William Pepper didn’t begin the legal effort on behalf of the King family until the 1980-81 time frame, some 12-13 years after the crime. In the case of 9/11, in the first place the number of men and women who started looking into the events of that day were many, and so the push for truth was not dependent on one attorney. Second, in contrast to William Pepper’s experience, the investigative and research work began immediately, the next day on September 12, 2001.

Imagining a comparative mathematical analysis taking all contributing factors into consideration – number of people involved in investigations, total hours devoted to research, public awareness, etc. – leads one to understand the combined force or energy behind efforts to solve 9/11 add up to a vastly greater level than the power William Pepper had behind him and his associates. To put it another way, the challenges – in the form of those who planned and carried out the mass murder deception – presented to those determined to get to the truth about 9/11 are enormous and unprecedented, while at the same time moral force for justice has grown steadily, and become powerful enough now to decisively turn the tide.

William Pepper, his close friends and associates in the 9/11 Justice movement, and millions more everywhere on Earth are absolutely correct when stating 9/11 opened the way for “a paradigm of endless war”. The accuracy of the assertion has been proven repeatedly in the sixteen (16) years since September 11, 2001, continuously and unceasingly through wars and violence up until today.

Perhaps the time has come for something new on Earth: “a paradigm of endless peace” – and the manifested completion of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream.

A real investigation of 9/11 can place humanity on the truly blessed path of peace.


For more about Mr. William Pepper, please visit: www.WilliamPepper.com

(Thank you to Charles Ewing Smith at YouTube)

Peter Michael Ketcham: First Interview.

By Jerry Alatalo

eter Michael Ketcham, a professional mathematician who worked at the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for fourteen years (1997-2011), first spoke out publicly in January 2017 in opposition to his former employer’s investigation of 9/11. Eight months have passed since his explosive (pun absolutely intended) entry into the controversy surrounding events on September 11, 2001, and Mr. Ketcham has astonishingly not been interviewed – until now.

Mr. Ketcham hasn’t received any requests from representatives of America’s largest media corporation such as FOX, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post or other similarly well-known organizations. This is particularly mystifying since his stance is genuine, academically focused and sincere as an advocate for a new investigation of 9/11, the most consequential event for America – for the entire world – of the 21st century.

In his first published interview Mr. Ketcham notes that he’s seen no mention of his name, much less his story related to 9/11, anywhere in the corporate media. If the so-called “mainstream media” and its intentional choice of not interviewing Peter Michael Ketcham weren’t disturbing enough, it might be noted that independent media groups operating on the internet have not talked to him in the period January-September 2017.

The choice to ignore him by CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, etc. is not really so surprising given the enormity of the issue; were the truth about 9/11 to come out for all the world to know, the effects would transform societies today in such a powerful way that future generations would also feel the consequences. While considering Peter Michael Ketcham’s widely shared opinion that only a new investigation of 9/11 can lead to the necessary healing of wounds inflicted on the day of the events and the sixteen years since, one cannot but conclude the consequences are, despite the initial experiencing of discomfort and/or pain present in any healing process, overwhelmingly of a positive nature.

Recent 9/11-related developments offer hope to the increasing number of people around the Earth, now in the many millions, that the exposing of truth is very close. University of Alaska-Fairbanks engineering Professor Leroy Hulsey’s study concluding Building 7 did not collapse due to office fires clearly represents new information supporting the push for a new investigation.

Efforts to gain sponsors and passage in the U.S. Congress of the “Bobby McIlvaine Act” is another major and promising action. Bobby McIlvaine perished on 9/11 under circumstances clearly calling into question the official narrative contained in the 9/11 Commission Report. The proposed legislation asks for a new investigation, and was named after the son of 9/11 justice activist Bob McIlvaine Sr..

The inexplicable 9/11 position of John Kiriakou

Truthdig posted a 2-hour talk by Chris Hedges on their YouTube channel (197,000 views) where we challenged him and Truthdig on 9/11 in the comments section, suggesting they interview Peter Michael Ketcham. That led to an exchange of comments with a hostile “believer” of the official 9/11 Commission narrative.

Shortly afterward Truthdig interviewed torture whistleblower John Kiriakou and posted on YT, where among other issues he shared his opinion of 9/11.

Looking closely at (2) interviews of Kiriakou on YouTube, one from 2015 – “Why Didn’t Bush-Cheney Prevent 9/11? Ex CIA John Kiriakou” – and the Truthdig (2017) post – “CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou Answers Questions About 9/11, JFK’s Death and More!” – is a revealing and disturbing endeavor, pointing to the possibility of his being consciously involved in 9/11 disinformation.

In the 2015 interview Kiriakou responds to host Paul Jay of The Real News Network after Jay mentions explosives by immediately saying “no explosives”. He mentions Cofer Black, his CIA superior and a highest level counter-intelligence officer, as knowing “something big” was coming at a meeting Kiriakou attended before 9/11. If one listens closely to the questions from Jay and the consistent side-stepping, directional/subject changes and/or failure to directly address Jay’s specific requests for response explicit in his questions, it seems clear Kiriakou is intentionally evasive.

Illustrating only one example of many in that 2015 interview, Jay brought up the now-famous Project for a New American Century (PNAC) documents about “a new Pearl Harbor”, which Kiriakou then passed over completely.

In the 2017 Truthdig interview, after being asked if he “ever entertained the idea that 9/11 was an inside job” Kiriakou immediately responded with “No .. Nothing …The intelligence was crystal clear.” He goes on to say Building 7 should be investigated, perhaps because in 2017 there is no chance of being taken seriously if defending the Building 7 NIST “conclusions”; almost the entire world knows the report is severely flawed. Mr. Kiriakou does not volunteer his reasoning for coming to believe Building 7 deserves investigation; in particular, he does not mention explosives or controlled demolition, nor otherwise offer any opinion on the cause of Building 7’s collapse.

Regarding explosives or thermite used on the Twin Towers, his response was “a lot of that is nonsense … a lot of it is interesting and true … coincidental”.

In both the 2015 and 2017 interviews Kiriakou defers to his (former?) boss Cofer Black as the foundational truth or basis for continuing his assertion of the government narrative that the terrorist hijackers – not any “inside job” – were responsible for Towers 1 and 2. His continued insistence on denying the use of explosives on 9/11 – when 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders have watched Graeme MacQueen’s 40-minute presentation clearly showing proof of explosives use at last fall’s AE911Truth Justice in Focus event – is simply unbelievable.

Famed Iran-Contra lead attorney Daniel Sheehan addressed last fall’s AE911Truth Justice in Focus event along with Professor Graeme MacQueen, and many others. During one of Daniel Sheehan’s lectures at University of California-Santa Cruz, posted at “Romero Institute” YouTube channel, he shared with his students that he considered Cofer Black (paraphrasing) someone to watch with regard to nefarious activities carried out by the deep state.

Either Kiriakou is a 9/11 disinformation operative or he’s not. Through his pattern of asserting “no explosions on 9/11”, when clear evidence of explosions on that day is readily and easily available, a massive red flag has become raised.

Mr. Kiriakou needs to become pushed hard on 9/11. Perhaps Mr. Ray McGovern, Mr. William Binney, Ms. Coleen Rowley and other concerned truth warriors of high moral stature can act forcefully in the clearly righteous cause of seeking total clarification.

While Peter Michael Ketcham only participated in his first published interview after eight months of being fully ignored, in contrast John Kiriakou receives extensive media attention, and been interviewed many times. Comparing the 9/11 narrative of Peter Michael Ketcham to that of John Kiriakou is experientially like watching the collapse of Building 7 for the first time. Eventually people come to the realization that office fires couldn’t possibly have caused that – and conclude Building 7’s collapse occurs exactly like a controlled demolition.

Their intuitions tell them that something is very seriously wrong here.

(Thank you to April Watters at YouTube)