Would Ending Private Control Of Money Creation Improve Everything?

Posted on December 3, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

aaa-14Alphabet According to Ken O’Keefe and a growing number of men and women around the Earth, the answer is yes. Mr. O’Keefe, at The 2nd International Conference of Independent Thinkers in Tehran a few weeks ago, said that taking the massive power held now in the United States, Europe and many other nations by a very small number of private, extremely wealthy individuals and transferring that power to the people in the form of a monetary public utility would change everything on Earth – for the better – in a day.

The United States government issues 3% of the money supply in the form of coins. The remaining 97%, in the form of paper currency, becomes created by private interests through the Federal Reserve system and privately owned banks – out of thin air, by typing some numbers into a computer screen. Quite simply, such a profoundly large power in the control of a very small number of ultra-wealthy global élite must end before there is any chance whatsoever to successfully defeat centuries-old problems faced by humanity like starvation, wars, homelessness, disease, environmental degradation, wealth inequality, species extinction and more.

In a recent post we shared a video of British MP Michael Meacher speaking during a historic debate on just this issue – monetary reform – inside the British Parliament, including pro-monetary reform speeches made by both conservative and liberal MPs. Just as governments in Sweden, Britain, Ireland, Spain – and now France – have made strong statements recognizing a Palestinian state recently, the world is evolving in such an accelerated manner that monetary reform will soon become just as publicized as the people of the world rapidly grow in awareness of what is really happening, and take the actions which lead to corrections of unjust, immoral, extremely harmful events and conditions.

Let us be thankful that the world’s people are acting to finally correct the decades-long injustice experienced by the Palestinian people. Give thanks as well that men and women in every nation and region are finally acting to correct the way money has historically become created – at least since 1913 and establishment of the Federal Reserve banking system in the United States – under private control, which has been a massive societal failure responsible for the tragic cycles of global economic booms and busts – and every war.


(Thank you to Ken O’Keefe at YouTube)

Global Monetary Reform Momentum Growing.

Posted on August 13, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

aaa-42The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement grew from a widespread feeling that corruption had reached intolerable levels in America’s banking system. For good reasons. Since 2008 and the fall of the world economy generated by unaccountable, extremely risky, casino-gambling by high-rolling banksters on Wall Street, those men and women involved in OWS, and like-minded people in nations around the Earth who’ve felt the same negative economic consequences, have learned about, organized, and taken action on monetary/public banking/economic alternatives.

The number of men and women who’ve since 2008 become knowledgeable about the Federal Reserve, fractional reserve banking, and privately owned central banks like the Fed, World Bank (WB), International Monetary Fund (IMF), European Central Bank (ECB), Bank for International Settlements (BIS) etc. has risen steadily as more articles and videos have become written, produced, and widely shared. Corporate media, with intimate connections to the international private central banks’ networks has produced little to nothing in the way of reporting, but the internet has exploded with communications on alternative banking and economics.

In around six years, the growing awareness on monetary issues and banking reforms has resulted in the BRICS alliance of nations’ (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) creating the New Development Bank, marking the first time in history that the Fed, WB, IMF, ECB, and BIS will have to compete for international banking business. As more and more people have become aware of private central banks’ history and monopolistic grip on the world’s people and countries, leading many nations to severely cut budgets due to harsh austerity measures from great debt, those nations of the so-called South who’ve experienced the worst debt problems have chosen to go in another direction through BRICS.

Those who are the largest shareholders in the private central banking cartel are the kind of people who don’t really appreciate transparency or publicity when it comes to their profoundly fortunate wealth positions. Although the number of men and women who’ve come to understand the secretive, private ownership aspect of the world’s central banks – as well as the staggering money power which has been in the hands of the banking cartel owners – has grown dramatically, there are still many who have not. Thankfully, this is rapidly changing.

More people in America have come to learn the Federal Reserve is not a public institution any more than Federal Express is a public institution. Those same people have come to learn that America’s original citizens fought the British over who would control the creation and quantity of money in the new nation, and that the struggle over private vs. public control of the U.S. monetary system has occurred from the beginning of America until now in 2014.

Although tremendous power still resides with those who own the private central banks of the world, a shift beginning in 2008 and the global economic collapse has gained momentum, spurred on by greater public awareness, resentment at the virtual non-prosecution of criminals wearing white designer shirts, and perhaps the greatest wealth inequality in the history of mankind. World-shaking revelations have come to light such as 85 individuals possessing as much wealth as the world’s bottom 3.5 billions, a multi-trillion dollar, multi-location tax haven/evasion industry – directly operated by the world’s largest and most powerful accounting, legal, and banking entities for decades without a peep from in-the-know, highest level government officials, and many more.

Recent events in Germany and the “Monday Demonstration” movement, drawing large crowds in cities across Germany and surrounding nations, have been instrumental in raising awareness of the world’s banking cartel monopolies and how monetary reform of a historic nature will offer better results than history up until now has recorded. For those with eyes to see, beneficial/good changes are occurring for humanity – with many more positive developments on the horizon – and the momentum now is unstoppable.

To those private central bank owners who share the awareness and understanding of great changes coming for their historically monopolistic businesses, do not over-react to new and better ways of conducting state, national, and international finance. To be completely specific, do not resort to unnecessary, harmful economic sanctions or unneeded, human-soul-shattering war, killing, and destruction with the idea these negative actions can prevent the good changes from becoming reality.

Instead, change the way you look at the people sharing this Earth with you, resolve to peacefully work to improve the lives of all as much as humanly possible, then simultaneously work on improving the lives of men, women, and children who shall walk the Earth seven generations from now.

The United States probably won’t be joining the BRICS group of nations’ New Development Bank any time soon, but a movement toward public banking based on the state-owned Bank of North Dakota model is receiving enthusiastic support in around 40 states.


Executive Director of The Public Banking Institute Gwen Hallsmith talks to Grit TV’s Laura Flanders about the state of public banking in America.

Learn more at: publicbankinginstitute.org

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Federal Reserve History 101 And Nationalization.

Posted on June 3, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“I am one of those who do not believe that a national debt is a national blessing, but rather a curse to a republic; inasmuch as it is calculated to raise around the administration a moneyed aristocracy dangerous to the liberties of the country.”

– ANDREW JACKSON (1768-1845) 7th President of the United States

aaa-44Let me first say that the talk given by Libertarian Economist Murray N. Rothbard (1926-1995) in this post does in no way mean that I go along with Mr. Rothbard’s personal philosophy which he expressed while on Earth. The only reason his talk about the Federal Reserve’s history has been posted here is because he gives an exact account of events, persons, and purposes surrounding establishment of the privately owned United States Federal Reserve in 1913.

Mr. Rothbard graduated from Columbia University with a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics in 1945, then earned a PhD in economics eleven years later in 1956.

So, although Mr. Rothbard was no stranger to controversy while he lived, as a historian concerning the Federal Reserve his talk here is excellent and fact-filled. He delivered the talk at Jekyll Island, Georgia in 1992, three years before his death, at age 66.

Jekyll Island, Georgia is where a secret meeting was held in 1910, where representatives from the American banking/business dynasties Rockefeller, Morgan, Kuhn Loeb and others drafted the language for the Federal Reserve System, which was pushed through by Congress in 1913 and called: The Federal Reserve Act.

Since 1913, the privately owned Federal Reserve has controlled money in America and around the world, and in recent years has been the subject of much scrutiny after the worldwide economic crash of 2008-9. Many are of the opinion that the Federal Reserve’s continuance in the hands of private, ultra-wealthy owners makes certain there will be no end to the history of economic booms and busts since the entity was first established in 1913. For that reason many are calling for nationalization of the Fed, and effectively returning the massive power to control America’s money supply to the people in the form of a public utility under the control of the government.

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont calls the Fed the most powerful entity in the United States, a position shared by more and more Americans through the awareness gained from the internet. Public banking at the city, county, state – and national – levels is becoming the topic of conversation in more governmental meetings across America as the comparison is studied between public and private financing of infrastructure projects, school-building, public safety/law enforcement-firefighting personnel requirements, schoolteacher staffing, roads maintenance, and all other public expenditures.

Public banking offers government entities that opportunity to save large sums of money through greatly reduced interest expenses on projects requiring financing. Public banking offers all levels of government the ability to keep much-needed monies in their communities or regions as opposed to sending those monies to, frequently, Wall Street mega-banks whose interests are those of their private stockholders.

The same applies to the Federal Reserve. A government-run, public utility “Bank of the United States” would save Americans hundreds of billions – trillions – after its establishment. Too many Americans are unaware that their country’s monetary system has been controlled by extremely wealthy private interests, so dissemination of information about possible alternatives is the necessary first step to educate the people before any urgently required, paradigm-changing steps – monetary reform – become taken.

For that reason – educating and increasing the awareness of the American people – this talk by Murray N. Rothbard has been presented here. This is the history of the Federal Reserve in America, and successfully points out how powerful banking/business interests took control of the nation’s monetary system – a control that has existed even until today in 2014. Since 1913, those powerful interests have continued to concentrate more and more financial power, and now the world is experiencing the greatest wealth inequality in the history of man.

In order to reverse the trend toward more wealth inequality, wars fought for the benefit of the super-elite wealthiest people on Earth, economic destruction from so-called austerity measures experienced by the people in every nation with a privately owned central bank, and create a more just and peaceful world, the vast, accumulated wealth and power of a handful of human beings must be returned to the people.

What this means for Americans is nationalization of the Federal Reserve.


Thank you to LibertyInOurTime @ YouTube)

Pssst! Ellen Brown Told A Big Secret.


Posted April 27, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“Gold and riches, the chief causes of war. We are corrupted by prosperity. There will be vices as long as there are men.”

– Cornelius Tacitus (55-117 A.D.) Roman historian

Founder and president of The Public Banking Institute Ellen Brown is one of the group of men and women on Earth whose chances of appearing on mainstream American television are very, very poor. That’s because she’s no darn good at keeping the biggest Wall Street secrets – you know, the secrets of the “Big Club” that comedian George Carlin talked about toward the end of his life that “we ain’t in.”

Ms. Brown has spilled a lot of beans in her years of researching and writing about monetary reform and public banking’s obvious advantages for citizens, however the size of the bean cans seem to become bigger and more ominous as time goes on. Her revelatory writings and talks about Wall Street financial corporations’ “products of mass profit-making deception” recently make Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme fraud look like Little Johnny stealing a 1-cent Bazooka bubble gum from the low racks at the checkout counter.

For Ellen Brown is telling the world about world record-breaking financial fraud.

Apparently, those families who have made their business banking through the decades have done their homework when it comes to coming up with ingeniously deceptive ways to separate the people from their money, and those deceptive means are devised by the world’s highest paid accountants and attorneys. These are the same highest-priced accountants and attorneys who – after the money becomes transferred from the people to the major stockholders of financial corporations – engineer those ill-gotten profits to disappear in offshore tax havens, out of the line of sight of “pesky” government taxing bodies.

The thought came to mind that Ms. Brown’s next book after “The Public Banking Solution” would perhaps catch some more publicity if the title were “SCAM” or “BIG SCAM” or “Really, Really, Really – REALLY BIG SCAM”, sort of like the title of her friend Professor Bill Black’s book “The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One.” What seems apparent is that financial engineers have created in interest rate swaps is a sure-fire, impossible to lose, rigged bet with public governmental bodies, universities, pension funds, etc., all 100% guaranteed to succeed for the banksters through pre-arranged manipulation of interest rates like Libor and – Ms. Brown’s strongest allegation of financial fraud to date – Federal Reserve top management’s “enabling” through the power they hold to set their interest rates.

Simply, the world’s sixteen largest mega-banks have colluded to rig the LIBOR interest rates to correspond with emerging on the winning side of interest rate swap contracts entered into with city, county, state financial sectors, pension funds, and any other customers small to very large who can become trapped into the scam, with built-in very expensive penalties and fees to renegotiate any contract, designed to result in multi-billions of dollars essentially going from customer pockets to bank owners’ pockets.

Wall Street bank owners face an unavoidable “tsunami of blowback”

Public banking, due to recent years’ economic downturn and widespread research into Wall Street/Federal Reserve/private central banking truths, has become a topic of discussion in more American households and workplaces, as well as the homes and offices of nations around the world. Ellen Brown’s most recent disclosures on fraudulent actions by the world’s largest banking corporations will only fuel more intensity into those discussions, leading to a long-overdue push-back from the many victims of those frauds.

Because most people on Earth have no issue with fair dealing and an honest handshake in business transactions, but become very, very upset when the man or woman who smiles while looking you directly in the eye after signing the deal has been identified as crooked. This – as they say –  “ain’t gonna fly.”

Most people share the habit of reading comments on the internet, where men and women help round out the issues covered in articles and interviews. They’re like book or movie reviews from people concerned enough about the content to express their either constructive criticism or agreement. Here are a few of the comments from viewers of Ellen Brown’s interview by Greg Hunter:

“Good interview. I do not understand interest rate swaps per se. But I can see that they are a fraud, a scam by the banks to take money from the people via colleges and hospitals. Very sad indeed. There are no morals within the bankers’ souls.”

“I think you have to be a criminal to be able to understand interest rate swaps or quantitative easing or derivatives…”

“Ellen has a great idea there, this will cause an avalanche of claims and bring to mainstream attention.”

“Greg, well done yet again. Ellen Brown is an incredibly well-informed lady.”

“The government won’t prosecute because they want a cut of the action. Bank fines are nothing more than a mafia-style shakedown. Pay the fine and we will look the other way. Shame, shame.”

“Wake up. Stand up. Speak up. None of this corruption would be taking place if we weren’t allowing it. I’ve said it before… sociopaths.”

“This Ellen Brown lady has balls!!! More than most men. Please listen to what she has to say!”

“So how does this, the greatest crime in the history of the human race, end? I can’t imagine these criminals are going to get out alive.”

“Those who run the Fed are the same individuals who have produced the most destruction and bloodshed around the world. They are directly responsible for initiating and funding many, many wars for hundreds of years. It’s as though they hold a special book of matches, which ignites the fire that becomes the war. They fully believe the people will be too busy killing one another to notice who is the true enemy. These criminals won’t only get out alive, they will have us protect them with our own lives.”

“Exactly, who goes after the moneychangers after they’ve indirectly created war and famine? It’s likely not just the Fed driving these forces, but the major stockholders in the international banks and military contractors. This likely includes the Vatican, royal families around the world, various sovereign funds, the Rockefellers, and probably a number of old-money families around the world we hardly hear of. These people could all put a stop to it all if they really wanted to, instead they are complicit.”

“I liked this one a lot. She was articulate and rational.”

“Great show Greg. Ellen Brown is about the best in grassroots analysis of bankster reality.”

“…and it’s all legal…”

“Thanks, Greg, great interview. Not sure the courts are going to help. Keep up the good work. People I know are starting to wake up and ask questions.”

“SIFMA – Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association. News I can use.”

“Could have put $100,000 in the hands of each American. Mortgages would have been paid and the banks would have ended up with the money anyway, but the economy would have been free of one hell of a lotta debt. Need to start thinking trickle up, not down.”

“I come to depend on your honest news this (these) days Greg, so thanks again. You don’t compromise on your integrity and you report on your censer (sincere) beliefs. Cheap (keep) up the excellent work Mr. Hunter, we ned (need) brave and honest people like you.”

“If the people who run those banks engage in activities that put the entire economy at risk, wouldn’t they be considered enemies of the state? Isn’t this a form of economic terrorism or sabotage?”

“Nice interview Greg. You nailed it. Rant on.”


(Thank you to Greg Hunter at YouTube)