New Documentary “DIED SUDDENLY” Means “Game Over” For COVID mRNA Injection Mass Murderers.

Died Suddenly

The new gone-viral documentary “Died Suddenly” has received 5,500,000 views in the 48 hours since its World Premier on This does not include an estimated 1,000,000-2,000,000 more views via reposts on other Rumble channels and competitor internet platforms.. After watching the powerful new film produced by the Stew Peters Network, viewers would find it safe to say that the individuals responsible for skyrocketing mortality globally since the world  rollout of MRNA injections are facing a legal sledghammer – in other words, the COVID medical fraudsters/premeditated mass murderers are now similar to wild animals pushed into a corner, with no possible means of escape.

For the criminals behind the Fascist eugenicist global COVID 3-year mass murder nightmare, it is quite simply “Game Over”…

Please share the landmark documentary film “Died Suddenly” with everyone you know, and especially including city, county and state prosecutor offices across the United States of America. Fasten your seat belts extra-tight. Keep the faith. Thank you.

Cracks Are Appearing in the “Vaccines Are Safe and Effective” False Narrative — The Expose

[Editor’s note: Demands by doctors and health professionals worldwide for the complete stoppage of all (proven deadly) mRNA injections are rising to the level where decision makers are finding the demands impossible to continue ignoring.]

Amidst the bleak background of covid “vaccine”-induced harms is some light; a light that’s breaking through the cracks in the narrative. The sands are now definitely shifting, with increasing numbers who were […]

Cracks Are Appearing in the “Vaccines Are Safe and Effective” False Narrative — The Expose