Love Will Heal The Middle East.

Posted January 10, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

P1000889-1“My idea of politics is an open conspiracy to hurry these tiresome, wasteful, evil things – nationality and war – out of existence; to end this empire and that empire, and set up one empire of man.”

– H. G. Wells (1866-1946)

When Jesus Christ walked the Earth in the region today widely known as the Middle East he left some messages of wisdom for humanity. One of those messages was “love one another as I have loved you”. In the over two thousand years since his birth, the message to love one another has not been fully acknowledged, as any person who pays attention to the news is well aware.

What is very puzzling is how absent is Christ’s message in the words of political leaders in the region and around the Earth. It seems so obvious that, if the men, women, and children of the nations in the Middle East began hearing their leaders speak of love’s potential to heal the region, the overall situation there would improve. After what seems like an eternity of warring, killing, and destruction – not only in the Middle East, but around the Earth – can it be said that the politicians’ ideas and words have not met the measure of success?

Some have said that the source of the frustration leading to violence and fighting through the decades has been economic inequality, poverty, and desperation of those who have been unfortunately left out of the economic equation, in living conditions which lead to joining groups in similar straits. These are the groups which, because of their desperate state, resort to measures including violence to bring about change in their status.

Related reasons are suggested by others, including anger of populations at the actions of nations from outside their country and region, such as wars of aggression to gain access and control of valuable natural resources – stating the wars are about “bringing democracy” or “weapons of mass destruction” or in retaliation for unprovoked attacks which never occurred – a so-called “false flag”. In the spirit of George Orwell’s “war is peace” nations conduct wars because, “we are going to kill you to save you”.

In the joint spirit of Orwell and Christ’s “love one another as I have loved you” nations tell the nation they are bombing, and the people they are killing, that “we love you, so we are going to kill you”. It is baffling that in many instances those who are on either “side” of wars feel that God is on their side. Now, there are atheists, agnostics, and those who believe in a supreme being. There is a very good chance that 99.9% of humanity do not go along with the idea that God is on the side of any person, group, institution, or nation that kills other human beings.

May as well say it frankly: whether you believe in God or not, it is impossible for he or she to condone taking/ending of the lives of men, women, and children that he or she created. Perhaps the time has come for political leaders around the world to halt speaking to the media – on issues of war and peace – and turn that over to their respective nation’s spiritual/religious leaders.

Situations which contain the elements of turning violent to a small or great level hold the risk that innocent people will become maimed or killed, or will become refugees after fleeing from the violence and killing. These are situations which need the voices of wisdom – voices speaking of the sacredness of all life. So, this is a suggestion to all world leaders to turn over any questions from the media having to do with war and peace to their nation’s wisest spiritual/religious men and women for responses.

In other words, because life – all life – is sacred, when people’s lives are at risk anywhere on Earth, those who have the most knowledge and experience on the sacredness of life have to become the voices most loudly and widely heard. For those who work in the media/communications please seek out the voices of those who are working for peaceful resolution of differences through dialogue and reason. The people of the world have seen and experienced far too much unnecessary suffering – from following those who call for war – instead of listening to, and seeking out, those who call for peace.

Plainly and simply, the time is always ripe for thoughts, words, and actions which lessen human suffering. If one can imagine the political leader of every nation standing next to his/her nation’s spiritual leader, then consider which person would bring to the forefront ideas that have the best chance of bringing about peaceful resolution of differences, perhaps the point of suggestions in this writing will become clear.

“There is no such thing as the state and no one exists alone; hunger allows no choice to the citizen or the police; we must love one another or die.”

– W. H. Auden (1907-1973)

So, what messages has humanity been hearing through history? Has the time arrived for messages of brotherly love, peaceful relations, equality and sharing of the Earth’s resources, and creating a better world for all people and living things? This blog has included reports with interviews of Mother Agnes Mariam about the terrible warring in Syria. She has been interviewed to share her peace message in the alternative media, but has not been interviewed on the so-called mainstream media. Other powerful voices for peace have been ignored by the mainstream media. Why?

Why has the mainstream media neglected to interview men and women spiritual leaders who are very concerned about the human catastrophes/wars occurring around the Earth? Is it because their ratings would suffer and the media corporations would see a profit loss on their bottom lines? Who decides on who to interview when the reports are about war and peace… and why? Do media corporation owners want to make an effort through their communications to the public for war… or peace?

Do corporate media owners want to see more wars? Imagine if you owned a major media corporation and were entirely able to shape either a message of war or peace. Would you make certain that the men and women who have the greatest knowledge and study of peace, spirituality, truth-telling, ethics, and morality be given the prime time interviews?

And to the world’s political leaders: what do you think of the idea of your bringing your nation’s wisest peace workers up to the press podium to answer questions of war and peace? Please meet with your nation’s spiritual/religious leaders and discuss this suggestion – of taking action to greatly increase the volume of the voices of the world’s peacemakers. Certainly you understand that such an action would be helpful, and lead to a much higher chance for peaceful outcomes.

Let love heal in Syria, Iraq, the Middle East, and in every nation and region on Earth.


(Thanks to The Real News @ YouTube)

Women Shall Lead The World In 2014.

Ninth draft of the beginning of Tolstoy's nove...
Ninth draft of the beginning of Tolstoy’s novel War and Peace (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted December 25, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

Predictions are somewhat slippery in that the basis of them are intuitive or come from an instinctive perception. Such perceptions may be seen as a kind of “gut feeling” – a sensing of future circumstances and situations – arrived at naturally through thoughts about one’s present level of awareness of the world. Coming to find that women have a greater ability to speak truth directly, without any thoughts of transmitting information that misleads or hides or omits essential details, I am willing to predict that women’s voices will come to the forefront in the year 2014.

Women’s voices will come to drown out those of men who are accountable for the present conditions on Earth with regard to the largest problems humanity faces. These are war and peace, human rights and justice, inequality and fairness, world economics and finance, and all other issues of great magnitude and importance. There is a sense that the world is coming to a place where the historical addictions to war, greed, lack of compassion for fellow human beings, and a painfully obvious, male-led bankruptcy of spirituality shall be correctly diagnosed and treated by the women of the world.

This coming major shift in the people of the world’s perceptions will result in a planetary restoration of the highest possible, positively consequential, potential-reaching condition of balance yet existent. When one places his/her attention on what some consider an impracticable vision of a utopia or heaven on Earth, women in 2014 will lead the way toward such a world, with the main tool being speaking the truth.

Women will lead the world in making 2014 the year of truth

Most are aware of major revelations that have had an impact on perceptions in recent months and years. As time moves on to the year 2014 one can sense that a great increase in revelatory acts taken by men and women will occur, a kind of world trial where humanity is the jury, where testimonies of the world’s women are the most relevant in the juror’s minds. The location of this “world courtroom” is the internet, where everything that becomes written is a part of the testimony on the stand by men and women from all nations and regions.

Humanity has become essentially the prosecutor, striving to arrive at the truth concerning the details and facts of crimes against humanity charges, embodied in all the problems which man faces such as war, greed, corruption, and so on. The defense attorneys are those on Earth who wish to maintain the so-called status-quo, with no penalties for their clients’ actions that have led to harming of people – the common-sense definition of crime.

The world trial shall not be televised, because the defendants are the owners of the media corporations, and know that world public opinion is the jury in their “courtroom”. Those men and women who take the witness stand come as experts and knowledgeable in the arenas of major human fields, including politics, spirituality, economics, military, finance/banking, and corporate law.

Come 2014 the world jury will find that their ability to discern the “witness” testimonies has become much more excellent, resulting in wholly accurate conclusions being reached on whether various witnesses are speaking the total truth or hiding, using misdirection, omitting, and/or outright lying on the “stand”. With women – and those men who have made an effort to hold balanced perceptions – leading the way, a point will be reached where witnesses who commit perjury, giving false testimony while under oath, shall be virtually instantaneously identified for lying on the stand.

2014 is the point in history where lies are no longer acceptable – humanity will accept only the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

“But what is war? What is needed for success in warfare? What are the habits of the military? The aim of war is murder; the methods of war are spying, treachery, and their encouragement, the ruin of a country’s inhabitants, robbing them or stealing to provision the army, and fraud and falsehood termed military craft. The habits of the military class are the absence of freedom, that is, discipline, idleness, ignorance, cruelty, debauchery, and drunkenness. And in spite of all this, it is the highest class, respected by everyone… and he who kills most people receives the highest awards.”

Leo Tolstoy (War and Peace)


In the following video Nobel Laureate Mairead Maguire and Mother Agnes Mariam of Syria lead a truthful discussion about the three years long warring in Syria. They represent the profound leadership from women which shall transform the world in the year 2014.

(Thanks to Enzo Cursio @ YouTube)

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