Latypova: “I Assure You – They Were ALL Aware Of This.”

Alphabet Former consultant to Big Pharma corporations in the area of regulatory compliance, Alexandra Sasha Latypova: “We have an implemented model of Fascism – this is how it’s done.”

Ms. Latypova has become an in-demand guest on internet talk shows (while blacklisted by ALL corporate media groups) focused on getting to the truth about the (now entering four years in duration) global COVID/mRNA injection unrelenting-mass-murder crime spree nightmare.

Her recent presentation shared here goes a long way in describing/revealing the brutal truth – withheld from the people of America and people in nations all across the Earth: The United States Department of Defense – and NOT so-called “vaccine” manufacturers Pfizer, Moderna, Asfra-Zeneca, et al – has been commanding the global “response” to the global COVID pandemic, completely manufactured via unprecedented highly sophisticated society-wide propaganda, from Day ONE…

Ms. Latypova, along with her newly discovered legal research collaborator, Katherine Watt ( suppressed-shadow banned), have discovered and now possess the “receipts”, and they are determined to share their monumental, truly game-changing discoveries with all of humanity.

Please share Alexandra Layypov’a paramount-importance presentation with family, friends, and acquaintances, and most importantly, with your nearest city, county, province and state law enforcement and prosecutors’ offices.

Thank you very much…

Future generations will thank you.

Knighthoods Are Being Given to Those the UK State Wants to Protect from Prosecution — The Expose

[Editor’s note: King Charles III (aka “King Chucky”) honors individuals with criminal histories, including executives of manufacturing corporations of so-called “COVID vaccines” (gene-editing mRNA injections never before administered to large portions of the human population) responsible for immeasurable deaths, serious injury and related physical carnage among innocent people all across the Earth over the past three years. Is it anywhere written that Knighthood shields men from prosecution for historic-magnitude, heinous crimes against humanity?]

In the UK today, it seems, being knighted means you’re someone the UK state wishes to protect from prosecution for crimes against the British people. We don’t need to point to Sir […]

Knighthoods are being given to those the UK state wants to protect from prosecution — The Expose