World Suggestion Box

The World Suggestion Box was created on May 12, 2021. Consider it a gathering place where well-intending men and women from around the Earth are warmly welcomed, and have the opportunity to share their ideas on ways to make living conditions better for this generation, and the world’s generations to follow.

Please feel free to contribute your suggestions/ideas for good changes beneficial for all of humanity.

Thank you very much.


One thought on “World Suggestion Box

  1. An international investigation of COVID-19, including its origin by driving at serious evidence to determine whether it is natural or a gain-of-function biological weapon, and all-inclusive – meaning with ZERO censorship or exclusion of legitimate voices, is an absolute necessity for humanity.

    Such an investigation must be inclusive of all pertinent aspects of the unprecedented global situation, including best treatments from early onset to critical life-or-death status, potential nefarious motives of people clearly opposed to narratives from highly-respected doctors and experts, and all other legitimate – yet still unaddressed questions and concerns.

    At the bottom line is the ultimate importance for humanity to know the absolute truth, the actual facts, of what many are becoming aware as arguably the most dangerous situation ever faced by humankind in the history of civilization on this Earth.


Sober & mature comments are always encouraged. Thank you!

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