“I Consider This To Be A Historical Moment.” Andreas Popp.

Posted May 19, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“A very great vision is needed, and the man who has it must follow it as the eagle seeks the deepest blue of the sky.”


Bears-1Andreas Popp resides in Canada, apparently has become a financially independent businessman, traveled to Berlin, Germany to speak at a recently organized, ongoing weekly “Monday National Meeting” on April 21, 2014, then delivered what this writer feels is a truly phenomenal address.

In attempting to describe the address by Mr. Popp, the first thing that comes to mind is that he spoke for over 40 minutes without any notes or a prepared speech. This is interesting because every time an elected representative speaks on the floor of Congress in America, or takes his or her turn asking questions of invited panelists in committee hearings, or a press briefing on a particular issue, that man or woman reads from prepared notes.

So, that was the first thing about Mr. Andreas’ address that stood out and seemed worthy to note. Second, this was an articulation that has, until now, come closest to mirroring my own personal views on the evolution of the human race. When entering into areas with such a universal nature as “evolution of the human race”, persons are challenged in a number of ways, and the great thing about Mr. Andreas’ talk in Berlin is that he was able to meet and overcome those challenges.

Some readers may be old enough to remember the presidential election where George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton were the candidates, and Mr. Bush used the term “vision thing” in an attempt to knock down Clinton during one of their debates. It was Bush’s attempt to mock and detract from Clinton and Al Gore and their so-called “vision” for America’s future, while using his “thousand points of light” in a complete psychological manipulation of voters – worth mentioning read from a speech written by someone else. Just to be clear, this writer has no admiration for either one of these former presidents.

Bush lied to the American people when he feigned outrage about Saddam Hussein’s army pulling “babies out of their incubators” in Kuwait, a totally fraudulent story which was made up by a prominent Washington, D.C. public relations company and on the front pages of every newspaper in America, every TV news broadcast in America and, after the story was proved completely bogus, never corrected by any of those newspaper and TV companies. The daughter of Kuwait’s ambassador to the United States literally became an actress, playing a Kuwaiti nurse who observed the “babies being pulled from their incubators” in front of a congressional committee, complete with poorly blocked moments of uncontrollable emotion and faked tears, her photo then plastered on the front page of newspapers all across America.

In 1999, Clinton signed into law the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, which most certainly took the lion’s share of responsibility for the massive, deregulated frauds leading to the worldwide economic collapse. Clinton, nor his wife Hillary – seen as the Democratic candidate for president in 2016, and who, after the death of Libya’s Gaddafi, gleefully said, “We came, we saw, he died!” –  have ever made any statements of regret for Glass-Steagall’s repeal, or called for Glass-Steagall to become the law again.

Because apparently the “apple doesn’t fall far from the top of the pyramid”, George W. Bush lied to the American people – to the entire world – about “weapons of mass destruction” possessed by Saddam Hussein, as well as convincing a large fraction of the American people that Hussein played a large part in September 11, 2001 World Trade Center events. “Dubya” never mentioned Hussein’s use of Euros in oil transactions, or plans to divide Iraq’s oil between a number of “pyramid-owned” oil/gas transnationals.

After leaving the office of president and the White House in 2008, George W. Bush has never publicly stated any regrets that over 1,000,000 men, women, and children died as a result of his, Dick Cheney’s, Tony Blair’s, Donald Rumsfeld’s, and others’ actions.

The “Poppy” Bush and Clintons are the “top of the pyramid” that Andreas Popp speaks about in his astonishing talk. Neither the Bushes or the Clintons offered anything but empty “vision things” to the people of America or the world.

Now, in Ukraine, we find the Vice President of the United States Joe Biden’s son Hunter named to head the legal department and sit on the board of directors of Burisma Holdings Limited, the largest private oil/gas company in Ukraine, while Secretary of State John Kerry’s stepson’s (Christopher Heinz – heir to the H.J. Heinz fortune) college roommate (Devon Archer) sits on the same board of directors.

Some of the words spoken by Andreas Popp during the first 17 minutes of his 42-minute address:

“I feel that the traditional media are currently destructing themselves. Completely.”

“This nonsense of ‘anti-semitic’, ‘left’ and ‘right’ must finally be put to rest.”

“There is a massive increase of the suicide rate in Italy, and nobody is reporting about it. That’s why it is so important that demonstrations like this one start to journey across Europe. Because the system fears one thing: Europe. Because from Europe comes the danger of peace.”

“Everyone just wants to live with their families in peace.”

“Dear friends, this is why I’m being attacked: because I am financially independent. That’s causing them big headaches.”

“I am not attached to this state apparatus, and I don’t want to, thank God. They won’t break me. Of course there could be a guy on the roof over there, and put an end to my life. I am facing tremendous threats these days, from both left and right sides. I am scared.”

“I consider this to be a historical moment, because the mainstream media has lost all of their credibility, forall those people who think for themselves.”

“First, show your colors for peace and a good future.”

“Don’t underestimate the Ukraine crisis as a pleaded event, while in the background there are even bigger things going on, like TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). What does this mean? It means that states are merging together with corporations. And what does ‘fascism’ actually mean? That big finance, big corporations, big politics, and big media jointly suppress the people.”

“This danger is now emerging.”

“While we are focusing only on the Ukraine, they are implementing it silently, by means of the TTIP. People just don’t want it, everybody feels that, but no one cares about it.”

“Many of our parliament members from left to right suffer because they would like to change something. Let me quote from Martin Luther King whom I admire: I have a dream. A dream of a huge demonstration, through the whole of Europe.”

“And all politicians should take part in it. All firefighters, all soldiers, all people, all families, all the poor and all entrepreneurs, until somebody asks: Wait a minute, whom are we demonstrating against actually. They are all here.”

“Banksters must join in as well. The we’ll find we must question the system. It’s not sufficient to just rail against the Fed (Federal Reserve of America). Never have I stated that the Federal Reserve has to do with Judaism. By the way, the Jews suffer from the Federal Reserve too. They also must pay interest. I get emails and phone calls from people in Israel. They are sad and desperate, because they dramatically suffer from the politics of their government. I know that I am risking my life by saying this, but their politics are unsustainable. And what they do to the Palestinians is a form of anti-Semitism. This must be addressed.”

“Dear friends, here is what I’m calling on you. Firstly, boycott mainstream media. It takes a lot of money to own a media corporation. ‘Freedom of the press’ means: the corporations are free to infiltrate their worldview onto us. This is called manipulation of the masses and it is happening.”

“But it’s not really hard to switch off the TV. Come on, take yourself one month without TV. But caution: your mind will never be the same again after that, because you will be out of the matrix.”


“You only choose who is going to suppress you, not if. They take us for idiots. There’s the red and the yellow and the green and a Jamaica coalition… Hey, is this Sesame Street? It’s about war or peace.”

“The pyramid structure of power means that there is a force on top that controls. It’s not about some spooky hidden figures in the background doing conspiracies. Interestingly, meanwhile the conspiracy theorists are called conspiracists. We are all facing total confusion these days. I have already made my point. If they’d kill me now, it would be okay.”

“…monetary reform that serves the people, not just the people at the top of the pyramid.”

“This game is now over because we know how manipulation works.”

Andreas Popp then goes on for another 25 minutes in what will surely become considered a classic public address, to be read/viewed again and again for years and decades to come.  Men and women may agree or not agree with that assessment, but “high respect” is an accurate and appropriate way to describe what Andreas Popp has earned.


(Thank you to NuoVisoTV @ YouTube)

3 thoughts on ““I Consider This To Be A Historical Moment.” Andreas Popp.

  1. This kind of populist dissent is increasing, and it will continue to do so in the years ahead. Because the political-economic establishment is unwilling to address the public’s grievances, some sort of social upheaval must happen eventually. There will be dark days in our future.

    Note: Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich did finally admit that repealing Glass-Steagall was a mistake. See: http://www.slate.com/blogs/weigel/2011/11/08/clinton_and_gingrich_agree_we_miss_glass_steagall.html


    1. Robert,
      Yes, it seems more and more people around the world are waking up and demanding an end to the private central bank charade. Funny, the day after reposting “All Wars Are Bankers Wars” Andreas Popp’s speech comes around. Popp’s analysis leads to monetary reform which takes the power of money creation out of private hands. The old-family banking dynasties’ monopoly status is being threatened by nations who no longer agree to use the petrodollar, thereby taking profits away from the previously unchallenged international bank owners. So, it’s all about the money power, and unfortunately these banking families are agreeable to murderous “business strategy”, willing to kill millions to maintain their status-quo, monopolistic global market dominance.
      Clinton had Paul Wellstone on the senate floor telling him not to do it but, just as Clinton spoke about his “regret” on not doing more about the Rwanda genocide, he has no other option when asked about major, catastrophic errors/inaction but to say “sorry”, instead of the truth that he knew exactly what the consequences were but served his elite tuxedoed, polo-playing, idle-rich chums for greed. Here’s where Mr. Popp’s suggestion of no “left”, no “right” labels comes into the picture, because none in the “Uniparty” of America challenge the people at the top, the decades-old tax haven industry, and especially the private central bank owners. With regard to dark days in our future, perhaps the historic/present dark days will motivate that “critical mass” necessary to prevent any more darkness. Humanity is rising to the occasion. 🙂


  2. rogerglewis

    Reblogged this on My Blog and commented:
    https://letthemconfectsweeterlies.blogspot.se/2016/01/the-iron-law-of-oligarchy.htmlEven as such a reactionary speaks, or is read, or watched – as he invades PC discourse – the politically correct can feel their life draining away, can sense the world receding, can perceive the delusional world crumbling, the void yawning.

    Hence the viciousness, the panicked attack using anything to hand which might work: ad hominem inventions (immediately believed as facts), fantasied motivations, lies of any and every kind and even violence (at second hand – regretted, maybe, but not condemned).

    For the PC it is vitally necessary to control discourse, to exclude all hostile communications if possible, immediately to stop them if they break through. There can be no delay – effective dissent must be shouted-down, mocked, vilified, shut-up; the politically correct must switch-off, turn-away, gabble and gossip to drown or silence the hostile discourse; instruct, direct and unleash the mob – then begin again to rebuild the thought prison of PC discourse by their own words, in their own image.


    The venom of the politically correct is the venom of a person faced by the extinction of those pleasurable distractions upon which they rely utterly to keep themselves going: the ever-expanding choice of favourite food; the anticipated holidays anywhere; the pleasures of seduction without restrictions; the unbounded potential novelties of sex, picking and mixing among an un-endingly growing, whirling and recombining of cultures and ideas; the experimentation with drinks and (maybe) drugs; fantastic hopes for these to be facilitated by world peace, harmony, abolition of poverty, blendings: in sum, the infinite possibilities of the future, and the hope of pleasures so overwhelming and utterly absorbing as to extinguish all concerns concerning meaninglessness or lack of purpose: strong enough to delete self-consciousness.


    The more extreme, the less realistic, the greater the delusional psychoticism of the PC dream – the greater its fragility and the greater the loathing of anyone who threatens to shatter it.
    Against such reactionaries anything is permitted – restrained only by the danger of evoking such an extreme of self-disgust, of demoralization, as to shatter the dream oneself.
    This is the danger faced by the intellectual elite – that one day they will behave such that they will destroy their own delusions of themselves.
    Then there will be nowhere for them to turn.
    Nowhere at all.

    The irrationality of PC
    Logic is extremely dangerous to political correctness, since its basic survival mechanism is one of continual revolution, continual attack, continual ground-shifting.
    Logic, by contrast, presupposes an eternal and unchanging standard.
    Political correctness hates that kind of thing…


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