Historic Moment Of Truth At United Nations.

By Jerry Alatalo

393Alphabet Peacemakers around the Earth can feel some increased level of hope an end to the nearly five years of devastatingly destructive war in Syria is finally within reach. The recent military intervention of Russia at the request of Syria’s government has, although unfortunately necessary for ending terrorist mercenary violence, greatly accelerated the peace process – in particular with regard to revelations of the truth surrounding financial facilitation of ISIS’ continued war operations and existence.

Former U.S. Army terrorism financing expert Scott Bennett believes failure of the United States, Turkey and other nations’ highest diplomatic, government and military officials to comply with United Nations resolutions mandating the sharing of information/intelligence between member states about terrorist group financing could represent one of the most significant transforming developments in the 70-year history of the international organization.

Russia’s Ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin has recently stated that U.N. Security Council Resolution 2199, which bans financing of terrorist organizations, has become violated by Turkey, the U.S. and other nations through their silence on/omission of, what has become described as, “industrial-scale” oil-smuggling operations by ISIS of stolen Iraq/Syria energy resources. In addition to Resolution 2199, Mr. Bennett believes violations of 1267, 1373 and 1526 have occurred, and suggests those need similar serious attention from the Security Council.

Furthermore, Mr. Bennett believes the U.S. Congress has a constitutional duty to investigate into whether terrorism-related Presidential Executive Orders 13224 and 13382 were similarly violated. While in his position as a terrorist financing expert, Scott Bennett discovered Swiss bank accounts which have been used by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Gulf states to funnel money to ISIS/Daesh and other terrorist groups, and as early as October 2012 sent reports on those disclosures to hundreds of U.S. lawmakers, high military officials and the Obama administration’s Departments of Justice, State and Defense.

According to Bennett, his attempts to disclose the information resulted in stonewalling by those hundreds of recipients ever since he first transferred the findings in late 2012. In other words, besides the historic moment of truth about to occur in the United Nations on the international level, a simultaneous and transformation-generative truth event in the United States Congress may be predicted to come about in the very near future.

That the world’s most important matters of war and peace will now possibly become resolved through discussion, reason and ideas conveyed across the table instead of on battlefields will come as no small civilization-wide evolutionary step for those men and women around the Earth who work and wish for peaceful settlement of international disputes.

For the millions of harmfully affected, internally displaced and refugee Syrian men, women and children whose only wish since war began in their homeland in March 2011 has been a return to “how it was”, perhaps they’ll find some much-needed comfort in knowing rapidly unfolding positive events bring closer that day when their wish comes true.

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U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard: ‘Why Are We Trying To Go To War With Russia?’

By Jerry Alatalo

Galaxy1Alphabet Hawaii’s Representative Tulsi Gabbard has warned the American people and the world about possible nuclear war between the United States and Russia. In a December 1 interview on CNN, Ms. Gabbard explained her view that risking world war over Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad’s remaining in power or not is “crazy”.

Considering the mind-numbing fact that nuclear war between the United States and Russia would most likely destroy the creation, her perception that ignoring such a possibility is “crazy” should become heeded and forcefully acted upon to prevent world war. Ms. Gabbard has become known and appreciated in America as one of the very few in either party elected to Congress speaking truthfully about the current dangerous situation in Syria and the Middle East.

It’s interesting to note that during the December 1 interview she was questioned about a warning given by former Defense official Michael Flynn of a “matter-of-time”, “Paris-style” terrorist attack coming to America, and that days later the event in San Bernardino, California occurred. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer seemingly wanted to end the short interview on the topic of a possible terror attack on U.S. soil, but Tulsi Gabbard to her credit ended by emphasizing the far, far greater danger: potential world war.

Eyewitnesses have described the mass murderers in San Bernardino as “three white men, athletic, and tall”, which has created controversy because it contradicts the narrative of a husband and wife carrying out the massacre, in particular the wife’s physical feature of weighing 90 pounds. Fortunately, Ms. Gabbard has a good sense of putting first things first, and shifted the discussion at the end of the interview from potential terror attacks in America – as important as those concerns are – to her much more worrisome concern about potential war between the United States and Russia.

It would be very wise that Americans, Russians and people from all nations around the Earth fully comprehend the urgency to heed Tulsi Gabbard’s dire warning, turn their focus away from possible “Paris-style” terror attacks, and turn all attention toward the far more devastating potential of a world war becoming ignited in Syria.

Thousands of men and women around the world are looking very closely at the terror events in San Bernardino, Paris, etc. with the determination to expose any evidence of them being “false flags” meant to achieve consent from citizens for otherwise objectionable agendas. Whether eventually proven real terror events or false flags, the truth of those events will become revealed shortly.

Unfortunately, the American peace movement has lost much of its potency since Barack Obama won election in 2008. Americans felt a sense of relief when Mr. Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize shortly after becoming President, but have since had their optimistic outlooks altered by the failure of the American leader to keep his campaign promises, in particular those which related to foreign policy and military operations overseas.

Whatever the source of conflict in Syria, Iraq, the Middle East-North Africa region and elsewhere, if it’s the vast quantities of natural resources, the petrodollar, desire for personal wealth and power through accumulated profits from sale of those resources – or some combination of these and/or other factors, the self-extinguishing of life on Earth through nuclear war absolutely trumps everything.

Peace advocates in North America, Russia, Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and around the world must rise up with all available spiritual power, unite, and carry out what has become necessary here at the end of 2015: the literal prevention of a world war. For the sake of humanity, all life, future generations and continuance of the creation, ensuring peace on Earth must become manifested as this holiday season’s greatest gift.

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Will World Leaders Declare ‘Erdogan Must Go’?

By Jerry Alatalo

OKEEFEAlphabet In a world-shaking development, the Russian Ministry of Defense holds it has provided evidence of massive, “industrial-scale” oil smuggling from Syria and Iraq into Turkey by terrorist group ISIS. Equally shocking is the assertion it’s been done in collusion with Turkish President Erdogan and members of his closest family.

Before the Russian Ministry held a news briefing to officially tell the world of its findings, and after the worrying event of a Turkish shoot-down of a Russian jet on the Turkey-Syria border, claims of oil smuggling by Turkey to finance ISIS were challenged with Erdogan’s promise to resign his leadership position if Russia could prove it.

At the same time, Turkish journalists making the same claims are finding themselves facing up to 45 years in prison for “treason” or related crimes. It’s safe to say that today Mr. Erdogan might be wishing he were anyone else on Earth but himself. However, as much as Turkey’s president wishes he hadn’t become the bright center of the world’s media spotlights, no amount of wishing this historic revelation away is possible.

If what the Russian news briefing presented and asserted is true, the leader of Turkey faces a whirlwind of consequences, the most severe being accountability for financing the terrorist group ISIS – allegedly behind the recent Paris attacks that jammed the world’s media outlets when they occurred. Among the world leaders whose response to the Russian oil-smuggling-for-ISIS presentation will be of particular interest is French President Hollande.

Other high officials who now have no choice but to weigh in include Obama of the United States, Cameron of the United Kingdom, Merkel of Germany, the King of Saudi Arabia etc., as well as every current candidate for President of the United States – Clinton, Bush, Sanders, Trump, and all the rest. Undoubtedly, every world leader (or those aspiring to become one) and humanity is experiencing what is truly a history-making, paradigm type shift/time.

What revealing oil-smuggling for ISIS financing has made possible in the arena of international relations includes the ISIS terrorist phenomenon becoming the last “false flag”, state-sponsored terror operation of any significant size that humanity will ever again experience. If it comes to pass that Turkey’s Erdogan ends up in the International Criminal Court (ICC) then behind bars for the alleged crimes, the movement for universal, mandatory membership in the ICC at the United Nations will become unstoppable.

Once every nation on Earth signs on for ICC jurisdiction, war as humanity has experienced it through history will have essentially come to an end. The days of war criminals carrying out actions causing unimaginable harm to innocent people with impunity will end. In other words, because of this astonishing revelation, the potential for creating tangible world peace for this and future generations is now closer than at any historical moment to becoming reality.

Terrorism without money is an animal without teeth

In the news briefing/conference, Russian military officials proposed an estimated $2 billion figure as the annual income to ISIS for selling stolen oil from Iraq and Syria. Those ill-gotten $billions are the chief source of terrorist financing, and the presentation identified three major routes out of Iraq and Syria into Turkey: 1) one headed northwest to Turkey and the Mediterranean, 2) one headed north to refineries and installations inside southeastern Turkey, and 3) one from northeastern Iraq northward, again across the Turkish border.

One wonders how the American-led coalition hadn’t made the same revelations while carrying out so-called “anti-terrorism” operations for more than a year before Russian air strikes started degrading ISIS in Syria. The U.S. has equally effective satellite intelligence and technologies as Russia – perhaps more advanced and impressive. This raises questions beyond those centered on Turkey’s leader Erdogan.

One Russian satellite image alone captured a scene with 1,722 parked semi-trucks for hauling oil, while others showed long lines of them on highways in various parts of Iraq and Syria headed toward Turkish borders for, apparently, unimpeded entry, travel and final delivery.

World observers might rightly perceive that in the Middle East war on terror and ISIS something has definitely “hit the fan”. Not your ordinary run-of-the-mill fan – but the really, really big one. Today Mr. Erdogan understandably wishes he were somebody else, but at this remarkable stage of world history it seems clear he’s in a situation where escape has become impossible.

A quote from one of the Russian Ministry of Defense presenters:

“… A big number of mass media here, many courageous people who perform their duty honestly. We are sure that the truth would make its way to the surface. We know the price of Erdogan’s words, because Turkish journalists showed his lies already, and for this the journalists went to prison. The Turkish leaders would not retire; Mr. Erdogan would stay on, even if his face would be tarnished with stolen oil and actually our friends died from Turkish militants”.

“You see what they do, they went to the other country and steal it, and if someone is in the way he has to be destroyed. So retirement of Erdogan is not our goal; this is for the Turkish people to decide. Our purpose is to close down financing of terrorism by mutual efforts. We shall continue to present the facts of this stealing, how Turkey steals, robs its neighbors”.

“Control over this stealing business may be given only to the closest ones, and nobody in the West has asked the question why the President’s son heads one of the leading energy companies, and his son-in-law is the Minister of Energy. What a wonderful family business. Is this possible somewhere else? Such affairs cannot be given to anybody but the closest ones. So far, Western media doesn’t provide any assessment of this situation…”

“If this (oil-smuggling) is not there, let the journalists go and see for themselves. Today, we present only part of the information about (the) monstrous crimes of Turkey and its directly financing international terrorism. We think that any sensible journalist should fight against this crime of the 21st century. The objective journalist may be an efficient means in combating financial and corruption schemes”.

“We call for our colleagues to conduct journalist investigations to review financial schemes to finance terrorism. The stolen oil goes to other regions; the Minister of Defense of Russia will continue to inform you about supplies of oil to other countries by terrorists, and about our airstrikes in Syria. So, let us unite our efforts. We would destroy the source of financing of terrorism in Syria, and you join this work outside our ministry”.


Will the world’s leaders, America’s 2016 Presidential contenders, and all concerned people on Earth join with one voice and declare: “Erdogan must go”?

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U.S. ‘Moderate’ Rebels Hard To Find.

by Jerry Alatalo

 WE THE PEOPLE (photo: hill-kleerup.org)
(photo: hill-kleerup.org)

What does it say about United States foreign policy in the Middle East when it has a hard time recruiting ‘moderate’ rebels to fight ISIS? According to recent reports, while the Pentagon had plans to train 5,400 rebels per year, less than 100 volunteers have stepped forward. Scott Bennett, the former counter-terrorism finance analyst who wants to testify before committees of the Senate and House of Representatives about Swiss bank accounts funding ISIS, believes nobody in the Middle East is going to fight for the United States.

In an interview by Press TV, Mr. Bennett shares his view that U.S. policy of intervention in the Middle East has cost trillions of dollars, unimaginable loss of life through war and bloodshed, and ruination of the United States’ reputation around the world. His recommended course for eliminating ISIS is U.S. coöperation with Syria, Iran, China, Russia and all nations in the Middle East region, with a heretofore-absent, serious and effective plan of action.

Scott Bennett believes the U.S. and its allied nations in the Middle East – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel among others – are essentially using ISIS as a mercenary force to destabilize Syria and Iraq. If the U.S. were serious about eliminating ISIS, says Bennett, the U.S. would reverse its policy of using ISIS to destabilize the Middle East, because:

“This latest plan is complete ignorance, and I think it’s going to fall apart. I hope the rest of the world can help educate the United States politicians very quickly so that we gain a more egalitarian, pragmatic view of politics and seek out friendship with Iran, friendship with Russia, seek out closer ties with China to focus on that problem, and stop going the salafist, Wahhabism alliance with Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Oman and Kuwait that have funded those people, is funding those organizations.”


For more about Scott Bennett, see: https://onenessofhumanity.wordpress.com/2015/06/26/swiss-banks-terror-finance-scandal-july-4-topic-of-the-day/

Scott Bennett’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdrEY5DKNF82EHb4uGCNx5A

Support Scott Bennett, John Kiriakou, Susan Lindauer and other whistleblowers in their efforts to testify and speak truth before the United States Congress, and to the American people.

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