NATO Ready to Attack a Nuclear Plant to Ethnically Cleanse Russians From Ukraine – George Eliason

The recent in-depth discussion between George Eliason and Vanessa Beeley on the reality in Ukraine will shock ands disturb you….

The Wall Will Fall

I interview independent journalist George Eliason based in Donbass for shocking insight into the predatory nature of NATO member states.

What Chernobyl looks like now. Photo: Philip Grossman

“Why is Zelensky shelling a Nuclear plant? The war will end and money stream will dry up. If Ukraine sets off a Nuclear explosion (3 times that of Chernobyl) funding opportunities increase and are guaranteed for 100 years during clean-up operations. This IS the thought behind the process. Bankrupting EU and US while ensuring disappearance of Russians and Russian speakers in the region.”

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Mysticism and War: A Profoundly Relevant Discussion between James Tunney and Jeffrey Mishlove.

effrey mishlove is a psychologist who has spent decades interviewing an immense number of men and women academic and practitionerss, with a particular focus on parapsychology and spirituality. He originally named his discussion program “Thinking Allowed” but after a number of years he changed the show’s name to “New Thinking Allowed”.

Some of his more well-known guests have been psychedelics-as-medicine pioneer Terrence McKenna, Mathew Fox from the field of religion, neurosurgeon Eben Alexander, famous for his book “Proof of Heaven” about Alexander’s amazing near death experience, Native American spiritual leader Rolling Thunder, and many more, all catalogued at the website

Covering topics such as Eastern and Western philosophy, comparative religion, the spiritual quest, psychedelics, shamanism, the paranormal, science and metaphysics, the meeting of science and spirit and many other subset fields of intellectual studies, Mr. Mishlove has compiled an outstanding library for freely perusing by searchers for individual and collective truth the world over.

While this writer has watched, listened and appreciated a more-than-average number of Mr. Mishlove’s discussions with guests, his profound 3-hour long talk with Irish lawyer James Tunney has made it our choice as the most extraordinary, important, timely and relevant of them all by Jeffrey Mishlove.

Here is my comment after watching the entire 3-hour outstanding discussion non-stop:

“Human beings might not have invented superlatives for describing this extraordinarily powerful, relevant and necessary discussion between James Tunney and host Jeffrey Mishlove. This manner of profound communication is how humans will talk to each other once the human race comes to its senses and takes practical steps to end the unnecessary warring in Ukraine, and in the process writes future history books where generations of students yet unborn will learn about “Ukraine: The Last Stupid War on Earth”….

Peace. ”

We cannot recommend “Mysticism and War” highly enough; the hard truths revealed in the talk between Mr. Tunney and Mr. Mishlove may indeed make an extremely strong contribution to rapidly-growing efforts across the world to end the ongoing human history nightmare chapter spanning the last more than 2 long years.

(Thank You to New Thinking Allowed channel at YouTube)