COVID Psyop Has Been Exposed, Ukraine’s “Defensive” Bioweapons & USAID Caught In Ukraine Fake News — The Last American Vagabond

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COVID Psyop Has Been Exposed, Ukraine’s “Defensive” Bioweapons & USAID Caught In Ukraine Fake News — The Last American Vagabond

Anna DeBuisseret: “Have Hope, People – Because We WILL Win This.”

Anna Lawyer

Alphabet A United Kingdom military veteran and now lawyer, Anna DeBuisseret, is a leader in fighting the legal battle against the current global pandemic dystopian social restrictions, especially mandatory injections (vaccinations), with a particular focus on offering legal assistance to the people of the United Kingdom, and while maintaining close continuing communications with equally determined, like-minded lawyers from around the Earth.

Ms. DeBuisseret spoke to a journalist from the media group Resistance GB recently, and the following are some of the more relevant excerpts of what she said during their outdoor discussion.

“But I also wanted to give people an update on the legal situation. What’s happening is that we lawyers around the world, more and more of us have been coming forward, and doing the legal analysis. We’ve been holding meeting after meeting with world experts in various fields to gather their evidence, compare it to the legal definitions of what’s happening, and, you know, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: every lawyer I’ve spoken to says this is crimes against humanity, as defined in the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

“It is genocide, again, according to the definition. We’re still considering whether it’s biowarfare, because there’s so much evidence coming out about these various means of harming people.

“…So, that’s the view from all of us around the world. When I say that – these are lawyers from Australia, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, Malaysia, Taiwan, South America – from all over the world.

Asked for her message to lawyers, she responded:

 “Well, the first thing is, please stand up and speak out, because, you know, silence is a war crime, and at this stage of the so-called (bleeped out) lawyers who claim that they don’t know what’s going on will be held accountable – as per the international military tribunal judgment against the judges and lawyers of the Nuremberg Trials. So, any lawyer who’s staying silent, I would invite you to read that Tribunal judgment. It’s very important, because the excuses lawyers gave at that time was that they didn’t know what was going on.

“And the judgment said: ‘Well, you did, because you had the word on the street and you had those transistor radios.’ Well now we have the internet and we have the word on the street from all around the world – so the idea that nobody knows what’s going on is ridiculous. So speak out please. Please come forward because we need all hands on deck. These are the biggest crimes against humanity ever committed. The legal work from this is going to be vast, and it’s going to go on for years, so we need lawyers to step up.

“The message I’d love to give to the people is that when us lawyers have gone through the analysis, we’re all saying that the problem is the vast majority of people don’t understand the law; they don’t know the law. They don’t understand the law, therefore they’re not upholding it, which is why we’re in this crisis. So, we’ve decided to issue a declaration of human rights which cites all of the rights we have as civilians, in peacetime and in wartime, and in public emergencies. 

“We’re going to issue that to the public so that everyone can see what their rights are. But the main message to people is: you have inalienable, fundamental, God-given rights that cannot be derogated from, even in times of war, even in times of emergency. One such right is your right to life. The second such right is your right not to be tortured – not to have degrading, inhumane or cruel treatment. The right to privacy; the right to get married.

“Now, these right cannot be derogated from, even in times of war, other than lawful acts of war.

“…When you look at the war conventions, many of the means and methods of warfare that are currently being deployed against the nation – including campaigns of terror, which you cannot do even to an occupied country, you cannot do that to prisoners of war. You don’t get to experiment on prisoners of war, which is what people are doing to the civilian population.

“So, please people, know your rights. Know that you have the right to bodily integrity, including psychiatric integrity. Nobody gets to breach that. It doesn’t matter if they’ve said it’s a mandate; it doesn’t matter if they even created a law. They don’t have the right to do that. So, hold the line, stand firm, stand in your sovereignty, say ‘No’, and it’s only a matter of time before these policies are deemed illegal. They are already deemed illegal around the world, and people are fighting back. So, take a stand everyone.

“…I cant’ remember which politician it was who said (in response to legal actions): ‘Oh, this is disgusting! This is outrageous!’ … No, it’s not. These people are committing crimes. People are dying. We have the right to redress; we have the right as individuals to hold other people in society accountable for their crimes! So the idea that this is harassment or that this is unfair, or that this is wrong… No, no, no – politicians. This is what individuals are having to do to stop these crimes from happening.

“…This is military-grade psychological warfare that’s being conducted on the population; that’s the evidence of our expert psychiatrists and psychologists who’ve analyzed the media messaging, the propaganda. Some people are victims of that military-grade psychological warfare and they can’t see the wood for the trees; they’ve bought the narrative hook, line and sinker.

Speaking to members of the military, Anna DeBuisseret said:

“You are not entitled to follow unlawful orders. Again, international military tribunals at Nuremberg… We all know you don’t get to say, ‘I was following orders.’…

“Have hope. More and more people are waking up every day. Once people are awake, they do not go back to sleep. 

“…We are going to win this battle for our rights. We have full precedent; we owe it to our ancestors. Rights are taken away at the drop of a hat, as we’re witnessing. Stand up for yourselves; stand up for everyone else; stand up for future generations, and respect what your ancestors did for us. They did it to keep us free. 

“We’re not going to allow a group of authoritarian nutters to try and rule the rest of us – seven billion people on the globe – by their psychopathic agendas. We don’t want it. Most people don’t want this. So have hope, people. Because we will win this.” 

Anna DeBuisseret is precisely the kind of strong, wise and fearless lawyer which humanity desperately needs at this profoundly troubling point in world history.


(Thank you to Resistance GB at YouTube)