Pray For ALL People.

Posted September 18, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

“All the philosophers of the world who had a religion have said in all ages: ‘There is a God; and one must be just.’ That, then is the universal religion established in all ages and throughout mankind. The point in which they all agree is therefore true, and the systems through which they differ therefore false.”

VOLTAIRE (1694-1778) French philosopher

Peace On Earth Becomes Reality As War Becomes Extinct.

by Jerry Alatalo


Chief Joseph

“Tell General Howard I know his heart. What he told me before, I have in my heart. I am tired of fighting. Our chiefs are killed; Looking Glass is dead; Too-Hul-Sote is dead. The old men are all dead. It is the young men who say yes or no. He who led on the young men is dead. It is cold, and we have no blankets; the little children are freezing to death. My people, some of them, have run away to the hills and have no blankets, no food. No one knows where they are – perhaps freezing to death. I want to have time to look for my children, and see how many of them I can feed. Maybe I shall find them among the dead. Hear me, my chiefs! I am tired; my heart is sick and sad. From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever.”

– Chief Joseph (1840-1904) Nez Perce leader


Alphabet The title of this post may seem to some as a kind of koan, in other words a “puzzling, paradoxical statement” or verbal exchange related to Zen Buddhism. To say that peace on Earth will arrive once war is absent is like saying 2+2=4, or that once an alcoholic stops drinking their substance abuse problem disappears. There are simply times when one views the world with its continuing acts of war and violence and wonders when an effort to eradicate war becomes the greatest collective focus of the human race.

Through history, an incredible amount of words have become written and spoken about wars, their causes, their consequences, possible ways of diminishing their occurrence, and so on. It is amazing to consider the grand total of war and peace efforts, thoughts and actions of men and women through the centuries and millenia beginning even before communication records were available. Taking some moments to consider life in the broadest of contexts – the “what’s it all about, Alfie?”, “what does it all mean?” place of philosophical perceiving – cannot but leave one absolutely astonished at the mysterious nature of the creation.

Various forms of philosophic/religious/spiritual thought have focused on the big questions all the way through until today. Why were wars made optional for human beings by an omnipotent Creator/God? Being omnipotent (having all power), couldn’t he/she have created the world without the causes and eventual conflicts igniting from those causes? American philosophical writer Dagobert D. Runes asked a similar question: “If God could make angels, why did he bother with men?” There are so many more similar questions which truth-seekers and philosophers have tried to answer, and their considerable findings can be found in untold numbers of books.

What has prevented humanity from taking/distilling the very wisest discoveries coming from history’s philosophers and spiritual icons and applying that wisdom to bring war to extinction? One would think that it’s a “slam dunk” choice for mankind when given the options of either continuing to fight wars with all of their heart-breaking consequences or living in universal peace with all that choice offers in joy-producing, positive consequences. Observing the clear, unambiguous, superior wisdom of choosing peace, one can only ask: “then, why isn’t peace being chosen in every situation?”


Sir Thomas More

“They detest war as a very brutal thing; and which, to the reproach of human nature is more practiced by men than any sort of beasts; and they, against the custom of almost all other nations, think that there is nothing more inglorious than that glory which is gained by war. They should be both troubled and ashamed of a bloody victory over their enemies; and in no victory do they glory so much, as in that which is gained by dexterity and good conduct without bloodshed.”

– Sir Thomas More (1478-1535) Lord Chancellor of England, Author of “Utopia”


“Utopia” has been defined as: “n. 1. an imaginary island described as having a perfect political and social system; subject and title of a book written by Sir Thomas More in 1516. 2. any place, state, or situation of ideal perfection. 3. any visionary scheme or system for an ideally perfect social order.” One of the many philosophies for living articulated up to this point in history perhaps coming closest to “Utopia” is that of the “seventh generation”. Adherents of the philosophy hold that every potential action must be given rational, careful thought about how – if that action becomes carried out – it will affect the health and well-being of people born seven generations into the future. Seventh generation philosophy is distinct from others as the concept travels a much greater distance further down the road of future consequences.

As an example for what is occurring now on Earth, if the seventh generation philosophy were an essential factor in discussion and debate on Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Nigeria and other regions of conflict, violent actions would have never occurred in the first place because careful thought would have led to the conclusion that people born seven generations from now may hold residual animosities only leading to further violence. The same thinking would apply if one took current-day examples involving wealth inequality, dislocation from ancestral homelands through financial/legal manipulations for natural resource extraction, as well as other lesser-to-great examples for illustration.



“A brighter morn awaits the human day, when poverty and wealth, the thirst of fame, the fear of infamy, disease and woe, war with its million horrors and fierce hell, shall live but in the memory of time.”

– Percy Shelley (1792-1822) English poet



So, it seems there is no getting around the idea that there will always exist an impossible-to-grasp aspect of mystery to life, describing the meaning of the term created for Creator/God of “The Great Mystery”. Combining the concepts of a three-letter word “ego” that causes separation between human beings, the four-letter word “love” which joins people together and makes it impossible to harm, and the five-letter word “sacred” – considered by some as the eternal, ultimate reality of all people, all life, and all things – may offer one synthesized philosophy that creates a vision and path forward toward peace on Earth.

Albeit the condition on Earth has yet to become one where war is absent and extinct – despite the profound efforts of those millions of peacemakers through history – let it be stated that war’s extinction is certainly within the realm of human possibility. A wise seventh generation philosophy adherent, an advocate of striving for political and social perfection, and perhaps history’s greatest poet perceived that peace on Earth was possible.

Peace on Earth becomes reality as war becomes extinct. A puzzling and paradoxical statement that Zen Buddhists refer to as a koan. The greatest achievement in the history of the world – universal peace – is as complex, simple, incomprehensible, and easily understood as that. 



World Bank Challenged By International Consortium Of Investigative Journalists.

by Jerry Alatalo

whitekeys4-1Alphabet Thus far, more than 50 journalists around the Earth have signed on and are participating in an investigation of the World Bank, sponsored by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). The name of the international project is “Evicted and Abandoned: The World Bank’s Broken Promise to the Poor”.

Upon hearing word of this important and revealing global effort by ICIJ, one immediately wondered if the effort will be enough to break the historical chain of events starting 500 years ago in North and South America, when genocide of indigenous people of unimaginable proportions was undertaken for wealth acquisition.

Since 2004 World Bank actions have led to displacement of 3.4 million mostly poor people. How many of those people, forced to flee from the land of their ancestors by violence, hunger, and/or extreme poverty, have become the subject of greater numbers of refugee/migrant media reports – in particular about hundreds perishing while trying to cross the Mediterrean?

Structural adjustment (austerity) programs pushed for decades by the World Bank and other giant, privately owned international financial organizations has resulted in nations of the global south collectively losing 500 billion dollars per year during the 1980’s and 1990’s. Trillions of dollars over the years have become transferred out of poor, developing nations to investors and stockholders outside those nations, mainly through the World Bank’s facilitation of extractive industries, combined with the aforementioned “structural adjustment” programs.

Mr. Alnoor Ladha told the host of the Real News Network during his interview that the World Bank has been “…highly successful at trickle-up economics, not a conspiracy theory because the track record speaks for itself”.

Americans won’t learn from standard school history texts about the genocide of Native Americans – posited by many as the most horrific genocide in human history. “Sanitized” versions of history do not give American high school history students the truth, and they will only find the truth in books by historians who possess(ed) a conscience, such as “People’s History of the United States” by the late Howard Zinn. The men and women journalists collaborating on ICIJ’s “Evicted and Abandoned” project are essentially doing the same work that Mr. Zinn undertook, the only difference being that their intent is bringing the truth about this generation to millions around the world.

Will ICIJ’s noble and moral efforts be enough to stop centuries-old/historical exploitation of human beings by other human beings?

President Barack Obama explained his administration’s decision to improve relations with Cuba – whether one believes in the benevolence of the action or not – by saying “after something hasn’t worked for 50 years, it’s time for a change”.  What over 50 international journalists, well-known media groups, and independent citizen journalists/volunteers working with ICIJ are saying is something close to Mr. Obama, but much more significant and universal: “after something hasn’t worked for 500 years, it’s time for change”.

Instances of genocide since 500 years ago have decreased in direct inverse proportion to humanity’s advancements in the ability to communicate over longer and longer distances at continuously increasing speed. Those generational, ever-present individuals who have shared the same insatiable desire for riches at the expense of others – from genocide, illegal wars, secretive financial dealings, bribery, corruption, manipulations for profit, to massive frauds –  are today finding it much more difficult to operate with malevolent intentions because of nearly instantaneous communication by people the world over on the internet and honorable journalists/media groups like those coordinating with ICIJ.

Humanity’s ability to communicate faster may have reached its zenith. Today’s technology, as it relates to speed and talking to people on the other side of Earth, quite possibly is as good as it’s going to get. So, humanity probably now has achieved the greatest ability to communicate in history, thus enabling the best opportunity ever for ending exploitation of our fellow human beings.

The sole remaining question for consideration is how well men and women the world over are going to exercise that immense ability.


(Thank you to TheRealNews at YouTube)


(Thank you to ICIJ at YouTube)

For more information on ICIJ’s ongoing, superb global investigation of the World Bank and its track record of actions negatively affecting the lives of poor people around the Earth, please visit:

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Noam Chomsky’s Perception Of World Events.

by Jerry Alatalo

Book3Alphabet After decades of being known the world over as a highly influential intellectual, dissident and social activist Noam Chomsky, now over eighty years old, keeps going. While reading some of his books and listening to a good number of his addresses and interviews through the years, one thing about Mr. Chomsky that has stood out is his strict, consistent adherence to the “study plan”, so to speak. In other words, it is extremely rare to see the man showing his emotional or spiritual side, as he plays those cards very, very close to the chest.

The only two instances in memory of seeing him even approach letting his personal guard down were when he responded to a young college student’s question “why do you do it?” with “a person has to look in the mirror every morning”, and a recent appearance on Democracy Now where he almost cracked a full grin when Amy Goodman mentioned that he had just gotten married. For persons reading this – many who have, like Chomsky, spent time reading and researching for truth that is, after coming upon it, seemingly too-often painful to discover –  it is understandable how a person could become protective of their personal feelings. Especially in the case of Chomsky, who has undertaken such an almost-masochistic intellectual effort rigorously for decades.

That’s not a judgment on Mr. Chomsky, but only an observation. Maybe it just comes with the scholarly territory, and, because Chomsky has worked his scholar/academician muscles harder than most, perhaps, as athletes and hard physical workers who eventually wear out their bodies from prolonged, intense competition/work, one could excuse Noam Chomsky for suffering any form of burnout.  At any rate, after recalling advice from a book about healers given by a Native American medicine man on how he dealt with similar issues of stress on the mind and spirit – and body in the case of medicine men and women – he relieved stress by balancing through reading old western novels, his favorite writer being a man famous for western novels whose name escapes at the moment.

Stress-management and observations aside Noam Chomsky deserves a lot of credit, along with his friend the late Howard Zinn, for bringing the truth to millions of men and women worldwide through many years of dedicated struggle and effort. During his interview on RT’s “Going Underground” one can almost sense a rare occurrence of optimism coming from Mr. Chomsky’s voice when he describes – agreeably – changes in Latin America, Greece and Spain. It’s good to see that married life, along with world events showing signs that humanity is in some regions moving in a positive direction, have given Noam Chomsky the reasons for optimism and increased hope that he so richly deserves.


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Next Time You Consider Getting A Flu Shot…

by Jerry Alatalo

Book2Alphabet Because of having purchased a few of Dr. Gary Null’s health-related books through the years and appreciating his stance on more-natural, non-pharmaceutical ways people have available to them for staying fit, as well as his discussions with interesting guests on geopolitical issues during his radio program at Progressive Radio Network, a project he’s working on is the focus of this post.

(Update/correction after posting this: I had presumed that Dr. Suzanne Humphries was going to join in discussion with Gary Null on his show, but apparently for now – until Mr. Null interviews Dr. Humphries at some point in the future – Gary Null is playing the audio from Dr. Humphries’ YouTube presentations – not talking to her directly on consecutive editions of his radio show. I apologize for my less-than-accurate apprehension. This error on my part does not subtract from admiration I have for both doctors and their efforts on the issue of vaccinations. Jerry)

In Dr. Null’s hour-long radio show, he usually spends the first half-hour or so on the topic of health, sharing with listeners any new information on studies proving the benefits of certain herbs or vitamins, the dangers of certain pharmaceuticals, effective new treatments for certain diseases, etc. In one of his recent shows he announced that he and Dr. Suzanne Humphries were going to join up for a number of shared discussions on the topic of vaccinations. (See correction)

After writing down Dr. Humphries name to research/find out more about her, going to YouTube it was good to see she had a channel there, so one of her videos is presented in this post. Most people are familiar with YouTube’s page setups where to the right side of the video you’re watching has related videos, and, while listening to Dr. Humphries, a related video was a 1-hour 48-minute film about vaccinations made by Gary Null. So, both Dr.’s Humphries and Null are experts on the issue and science of vaccinations.

As someone who hasn’t received a vaccination of any type for a very long time, personal experience of adverse side effects from them are something I obviously can’t speak to. Vaccinations and their possible dangers is a topic that the writer has only minor awareness of, but since thinking about posting on the issue memory of the sudden death – without a medical cause discovered – of a woman in-law of a relative came to mind. This woman had retired along with her husband, in seemingly good physical condition for her age with no chronic disease, and suddenly ended up in intensive care for a few days before passing away.

So, the thought came to mind if it was possible that perhaps the woman had been vaccinated with a flu shot in the previous weeks before passing. Whether or not trying to contact her husband to ask about that possibility comes to pass is touchy because it’s a very personal subject. If men or women reading these words have personal experience of family, friends or acquaintances who have become sick or suffered physical problems shortly after receiving vaccinations, please share details in the comment section. Thank you.

For those who go ahead to learn more from Dr.’s Humphries and Null about what they perceive are the dangers of vaccinations, if what they present makes sense and you have personal relations with nurses, doctors or others in the health profession, please don’t hesitate to share any information you believe it’s important for them to become aware of. Dr. Humphries’ presentations are complex at times, using language only those trained in the various fields of medicine would understand, yet her clearly evident in-depth research – research perhaps she alone has undertaken – warrants dissemination of her findings to as many health-care professionals as possible, in my humble opinion.

Not being someone who’s received any medical training, but someone who has read more than the average person on the topic of alternative health/medicine, the fuel for this post is possibly sparing people from potential adverse side effects of vaccinations – especially young ones who’ve just entered the world. Some hold the position that vaccinations are part of an evil conspiracy to de-populate the planet by real-life practitioners of eugenics, but the reason for pushing vaccinations seems much more about making money.

Dr. Humphries in her video states that the World Health Organization is a business, and that physicians receive little to no training during their university studies on vaccinations. Intuition, for lack of medical training to make a serious assessment of Humphries and Null’s perceptions, says that these two doctors have something important to say on this – unfortunately and unnecessarily – controversial issue. Check out what they have to say. It might make a big difference the next time you or people you care about get ready to head off for a vaccination.


Dr. Gary Null’s Progressive Radio Network about page:

The 34-minute trailer to “Silent Epidemic: The Untold Story of Vaccines” (September 2013) directed by Gary Null:

(Thank you to Gary Null at YouTube)


Dr. Humphries video below is Part VI (2015) of a series available for viewing at her YouTube Channel.

Dr. Suzanne Humphries’ YouTube Channel:

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