The Overview Effect.

Originally posted on June 26, 2013 by Jerry Alatalo

galaxy22Alphabet Contemplation and observation of Earth from the profound perspective of space literally changes a human being. From that viewpoint, any ideas having to do with separation leading to disharmony – whether separate nations, regions, spiritual traditions, races, political philosophies, wealth/classes or power levels – become absolutely meaningless. Seeing the Earth in this way helps give an idea of the fundamental vision and genesis of this blog – The Oneness of Humanity. If – when – the human race fully understands the concept of oneness between all people, all life, and all things,  it will mark the closest civilization has approached to achieving its greatest evolutionary movement. Some react to the idea of establishing heaven on Earth by saying it is simply and clearly impossible, unrealistic, waste-of-time, Utopian thinking.

While viewing The Overview Effect men and women may find themselves experiencing moments of deep spiritual understanding that Earth is heaven, that humanity has always owned the real opportunity to choose such a way of perceiving, and awareness of universal oneness that truly makes all the good difference in the world.

Oneness – Earth Overview


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All Existences in the Self, and the Self in All Existences

Jerry "Peacemaker":

Something to think about from Sri Aurobindo.

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The seeker of the integral Yoga has as an initial aim the attainment of Oneness with the Transcendent, Eternal, Infinite Brahman. Yet this aim is not disassociated from the life in the world; rather there must be a recognition that the world is real, and that all of the beings, forms and forces in the world are also that One. With the tendency to see things as “either/or”, the human mind wants to reject the world in order to achieve the Eternal. Sri Aurobindo points out that this “cutting of the knot” is not actually a complete understanding of the truth of our existence.

“When we have once got rid of our confinement to this lower status, we are apt to seize on the other side of the same erroneous relation between self and world; we tend to regard this eternity which we increasingly are in which we live as…

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O’Keefe: ISIS Means ‘Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.’

By Jerry Alatalo

aaa-32Alphabet People familiar with Ken O’Keefe know that in public appearances he doesn’t pull any punches. His recent appearance on Press TV to discuss the Paris terror event is no exception, and time will tell if his explanation of ISIS as ‘Israeli Secret Intelligence Service’ equaled a form of knockout punch.

For some people, Mr. O’Keefe’s intensity or righteous indignation during public debates is hard to accept, most likely because media commentators typically restrain themselves emotionally. For others, his style is exactly what’s required to get to the truth of events negatively affecting millions of human beings.

Is righteous indignation in response to continual lies and corruption at the highest levels of global power surrounding the terrorist group ISIS perfectly reasonable?  Considering over the last four, going on five, years the nation known as Syria has become literally destroyed/torn apart by paid ISIS mercenary terrorists, perhaps the question should become: “how is it possible that Ken O’Keefe is seemingly alone in standing up and expressing the one moral and philosophically correct response – righteous indignation?”

It’s possible that if opponents of unchecked terrorist financing behind the horrific war in Syria had responded with righteous indignation years ago the conflict might have already ended. Persons who express righteous indignation more than likely know the truth about situations causing them to become indignant, so for that reason Ken O’Keefe’s message must become considered very, very seriously.

In late 2015, humanity is experiencing a historic transformation – a planetary moment of truth. And what is that truth? It’s spiritual wisdom Mohandes Gandhi described as “old as the hills” – that every human being is directly related as brothers and sisters to all others in the human family. Those whose actions aren’t based on that wise spiritual foundation have broken both international and universal (spiritual) law, and are fully responsible for the overwhelmingly tragic, clearly observed consequences.

Now is the time to hold accountable the people behind wars of aggression and intentional violence, because such soul-shattering actions are directly opposite to actions of spiritual wisdom founded on, aligned with, the sacredness of all life.

On matters of unjust wars and bringing intentional harm and suffering to our innocent brothers and sisters in the family of man, righteous indignation is not just the logical, reasonable, spiritual response. Righteous indignation is truly the only response.

(Thank you to Ken O’Keefe at YouTube)

World Can End ISIS In Days.

By Jerry Alatalo

“It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.”

– VOLTAIRE (1694-1778) French philosopher

HighwayDoes anyone remember that shortly before violence erupted in Syria in 2011 that Iran, Iraq and Syria signed a $multi-billion natural gas pipeline deal to move Iran’s natural gas resource to sell in Europe – and that Syria’s government had rejected a similar pipeline deal proposed by Qatar, which has access to the same huge natural gas field as Iran?

The question is important because the pipelines issue is the source of the humanitarian catastrophe innocent Syrians have suffered in the five-year war. It was shortly after Iran, Iraq and Syria agreed and signed a massive pipeline deal to build infrastructure for transporting natural gas to the tremendous European market that violence erupted in Syria. Terrorist/mercenary groups financed by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and western nations became tools for toppling Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Would a compromise of two pipelines, one carrying natural gas from Iran and the other from Qatar, built to Syria and joining there, then metered after becoming a single pipeline to Europe, with a 50/50 guaranteed split of profits shared between Iran and Qatar – offer a solution and real chance for peace in Syria?

It’s worth noting and remembering that former NATO Supreme Commander General Wesley Clark told the world that the United States had a five-year plan to overthrow the governments of seven countries, Iraq, Libya, Syria and “finally” Iran among them. The other three nations targeted were/are Lebanon, Somalia and Sudan. In case some readers are still unaware of, or forgotten, Mr. Clark’s bombshell revelation:

(Thank you to FacelesswithEyesOpen at YouTube)

The wars in the Middle East-North Africa (MENA) region, with their overwhelmingly tragic consequences for the people living in those countries, have all been about oil, natural gas and other valuable resources – in particular who controls and profits from their sale. In case some readers have the idea that “false flag” operations are just the result of overactive imaginations possessed by “conspiracy theorists”, perhaps a certain Mr. Patrick Clawson, Senior Fellow at the Washington Institute of Near East Policy,  can convince you otherwise:

(Thank you to TNSONSOFLIBERTY at YouTube)

Ask yourself why in around a month Russia’s air campaign against ISIS and other mercenary terrorist groups, who’ve destroyed untold lives and property in five years in Syria and Iraq, has done more to effectively battle the mercenaries than the United States’ “coalition” has in over a year. Keep in mind when pondering that the United States spends more on defense (intelligence and the military) than the rest of the world combined, and that the U.S. military because of that world-leading expenditure is the most powerful force in world history.

Ask yourself how it is that, since the “coalition” began its campaign against ISIS over a year ago, the terrorist group remains operational – in other words, the most powerful military in world history has not been able to defeat, or crush, ISIS out of existence. Ask why you see no “success stories” in the war against ISIS reported about prevention of ISIS’ selling stolen oil on the world market, no six o’clock news lead stories showing arrest, detainment, prosecution, trial and conviction of those involved with buying ISIS oil, or no newspaper headlines announcing revealed scandals that include oil buyers, bankers, and others whose intentional actions have helped sustain ISIS.

Is it impossible to investigate and find who supplied the bright, shiny-new fleets of Toyota pickups? Is it impossible to find where ISIS obtained their money and weaponry, where and by whom they received training, who has supplied their necessities, or any real facts surrounding ISIS’ remaining a “going (and growing) concern”?  No, it’s not impossible to investigate these matters related to ISIS. But if those who tell the world how important it is to defeat ISIS fail to investigate – in effect engaging in a giant cover-up – it may as well be impossible.

When ISIS began its rampage of war and destruction in the summer of 2014, this writer urged the world’s leaders to organize a multinational military force to take the terrorist group down. Well over a year later, ISIS has gone on to kill more innocents and destroy more homes and property, Europe faces a profound refugee crisis, while someone has provided them the weapons, money, equipment, necessities – and cover – to continue. The lives of millions are shattered, and the guilty facilitating ISIS are known when their words are absent sincere concern, empathy, compassion or resolve to end the immense suffering those innocent millions are experiencing. They are known when their words do not include “peace”.

It’s now overwhelmingly clear – well beyond any reasonable doubt – that those who’ve aided and abetted ISIS mercenary terrorists are war criminals and must face punishment in the International Criminal Court for their truly heinous actions. Very soon, the people of the world will know the truth.

(Thank you to Press TV News Videos at YouTube)