End The War On Syria.

by Jerry Alatalo

whitekeys4-1Well known peace activist Eric Draitser told viewers of Press TV that resolving the refugee crisis in European nations necessitates an end to the war on Syria.

Mr. Draitser is the host of a weekly news talk radio program “Counterpunch Radio” available on the internationally popular alternative website Counterpunch.org. For those interested in learning more about the real situation in Syria, program #9 featured Middle East analyst Sharwine Narwani and Syrian-born Australian peace activist Reme Sakr:


Powerful men and women world leaders can speak out and take the steps required to end the over 4-year war on Syria, bring stability and security back to the nation, and transform conditions to the extent that all refugees can return to the land of their birth.  At this time, however and unfortunately, those powerful leaders have not stepped forward with complete, truthful accounts of what’s caused the refugee crisis, and some are even calling for more warfare and violence to bring about its resolution.

Now is not the time to escalate violence. Now is the time to end violence.

The message from Eric Draitser to men and women everywhere concerned about the plight of refugees – the innocent people fleeing to stay alive from war-torn Syria, Libya, Iraq and other lands where terrorist mercenary groups have become unleashed to carry out violence and destruction – is organizing a worldwide truth and peace campaign powerful enough to force an end to global leaders’ silence in the face of immense human suffering.

…And ultimately an end to the war on Syria.

(Thank you to PressTV News Videos at YouTube)

Swiss Banks’ Terror Finance Scandal: July 4 Topic Of The Day.

by Jerry Alatalo

 WE THE PEOPLE (photo: votecitizens.org)
(photo: votecitizens.org)

Alphabet Men and women loyal to the truth must at times wonder if lies, scandal, corruption, accumulation of wealth and power-seeking are the world’s perennial, unchanging, indestructible condition. Whistleblower Scott Bennett’s astounding story is a case in point. Mr. Bennett has appeared on many independent media TV/radio programs in the past year, and his interviews have been heard by tens of thousands of people. Yet, although his description of events sounds entirely plausible and compelling, pointing to corruption at the highest levels of political, military and intelligence officialdom in the United States government – plus at least one of the world’s most powerful banks, Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) – he has not been called to testify before the U.S. Congress. In open session.

In basic summary, Scott Bennett was a counter-terrorism financing analyst working for Booz, Allen, Hamilton, the same corporation Edward Snowden worked for. Mr. Bennett came to meet Union Bank of Switzerland whistleblower Brad Birkenfeld while both were in the same Pennsylvania prison, where Bennett learned of UBS accounts, controlled by the monarchies in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman etc., being used for financing terrorist groups – including ISIS. Mr. Bennett produced a detailed report then sent it up the military and intelligence community chain of command, as well as more than 150 United States Senators and Congressmen/women. Since then – May 2012 – there has been no Congressional investigation.

Recently, Mr. Bennett has called the offices of many U.S. Senators leaving detailed, lengthy accounts with staff  demanding action – an investigation where he and other whistleblowers testify in front of responsible committees and the American people. He has recorded those phone conversations and videotaped them, then posted the videos to YouTube at his channel: ArmyPsyOp Scott.

While following up on Scott Bennett’s efforts to expose this scandal, his latest video upload (June 26) at YouTube is of an interview by Susan Lindauer, whose treatment as a whistleblower parallels Scott Bennett’s, and their discussion lasts 1-hour and 42-minutes. With apology to men and women who follow this blog and many other blogs for such a long video, please record “Interview with Susan Lindauer June 2015” for entry into YouTube’s search engine to view and listen later if time constraints apply. The information presented in Ms. Lindauer’s interview of Scott Bennett is important, because the United States Congress has not taken steps to investigate the matter. The purpose behind posting the lengthy interview is to disseminate the information so that more Americans become aware, contact their elected representatives, and Congress starts an investigation.

The interview provides a more thorough understanding of what is at stake with regard to Scott Bennett’s knowledge about these events, and why the Congress clearly must investigate – on the level of Watergate, Iran-Contra, and Church Committee investigations of recent history.

Here is an excerpt from Mr. Bennett’s interview:

“We’re not going to Congress asking them politely if they have time on their schedule and they can introduce our subject between the ‘green tree frog’ and the ‘little old lady’s cat that got run over’ on their busy agenda of things to tackle. We’re asking them, if not telling them, ‘Look, member of Congress, men and women in uniform are dying because they’re getting blown up and hurt and maimed, and they’re coming back to traumatized families, and they’re going into the VA full of drugs and sleeping pills and all sorts of badness. This is happening to them because terrorist operations are being financed by Swiss banks – and you’re not doing anything about it’ “.

“We want you to have the whistleblowers and this issue brought forth front and center, because the people who’ve been involved with this have been covering it up. That includes Roger Zakheim, Dov Zakheim, Lanny Breuer, Eric Holder, Covington & Burling, Booz-Allen-Hamilton, Brad Birkenfeld, Union Bank of Switzerland, Hillary Clinton… The list of people is there; everybody needs to be examined. So, if they (concerned citizens) contact the Whistleblowing Committee – phone # 202-224-4751 – and send hundreds of emails to whistleblower@ronjohnson.senate.gov, that’s how they (you and everyone you know) can play a part. That’s how they can protect their future sons and daughters and stop a war that’s gone way out of control, and get in and fix the government apparatus that’s corrupt, that totally needs to be examined”.

“We called Rand Paul again, and he’s a contender for the presidency. Well, let’s let him put his money where his mouth is – and I applaud him for what he’s done; I applaud him for the good he’s done. I stand with anybody that stands for our constitution and freedom, and is against any police state or government tyranny of the bureaucrats’ intelligence community lording over the regular population. Rand Paul seems to be about that. So let’s give him this issue and let him be the centerpiece. He’s on the committee; he’s on the majority side of this committee… so, Rand Paul’s on the Whistleblowing Committee so let’s let him lead this and demand that Susan Lindauer, Scott Bennett, John Kiriakou and others come forward and tell their story, and see where it leads”.

“We’re not telling it for our own sake. We’re telling it for the American people because we know it can only get worse if it’s not stopped and corrected”.

“When you know of intelligence you report it. You report it loudly, you report it fearlessly, you get into people’s faces, you put your finger in their chest and say ‘Hey, wake up! There’s an issue here you need to pay attention to, because there are kids getting blown up. Do I got your attention, Congressman? Senator? Here it is’. Oh, you’re getting paid by this bank? You’ve got a Swiss bank? You’ve got a Union Bank of Switzerland account? You’ve got an HSBC account? Well, guess what? You’re out of this room. You’re off this table. I want men who don’t have corrupt bank accounts and don’t have financial connections to those parties, and you’ve sworn an oath to the constitution – you damn well better take this front and center and make it your issue”.

“I’ve had people who were on the phone who were saying ‘Well, I’ve got to run to another meeting’, and I say ‘No, you don’t have to run to another meeting. This is the only meeting you need to be in, because this is the only meeting that can stop kids from getting killed! Do I have your attention?’ And I go on with the briefing. So it takes about an hour to get it all out, but I want it out and I record it so it is on the record as a legal document that your office, Senator, was advised. What did you do with it? And that’s where those guys are going to stand up and be leaders, faithful to the constitution, or they are not. And if they are not, then we have the choice to live in a corrupt tyranny or we can clean them out by replacing them – either through impeachment or recall or just not voting for them again and new people taking their jobs”.

“But this is the chance, this is the D-Day invasion of the beach. We need to draw attention to this, and bang these drums as loudly as possible, and get into the face of John McCain, of Bob Portman, of Claire McCaskill, of John Tester, of Heidi Heitkamp, of Tammy Baldwin, of James Langford, of Rand Paul, of Michael Enzi, of Kelly Ayotte, of Corey Booker, of Gary Peters, and Ben Sasse, and Jodi Ernst. Jodi Ernst, who’s an Army officer, she should be furious about this. We’ll see where she stands. But all of these people… If you call yourselves Senators on the Government Affairs and Oversight Committee and you’ve got a whistleblowing email, and a whistleblowing dimension to you, then you damn well better have Susan Lindauer, Scott Bennett, John Kiriakou and a few other whistleblowers appear at your next session”.

“…those are the guys who’ve been persecuted; they had a number of problems. I feel for them; I’ve been there. But what we’ve been through Susan is even worse because we’ve been bloodied. And what they’ve bloodied us with they can do to any American citizen – any other American citizen can go through what you did… kick down your door”.

“This whole Covington & Burling thing is the pustule that will soon burst, out of which will come all sorts of smelly poison, and you see that Eric Holder and Lanny Breuer, the top law enforcement officials, worked at Covington & Burling, this big law firm in D.C. UBS whistleblower Brad Birkenfeld comes forth and says ‘Here’s all the bank account information; here’s all the cellphones; here’s the hotels; here’s the emails; here’s everything you need to track’. You know what their response to him was, Susan? ‘We can’t track that. You watch too much TV’. As if to say ‘we don’t have the technological capability’… And I wrote that in my report. That is a flat-out lie”.

“Of course we have the technical capability to track his bank accounts. Of course we can track that. Anyone who says the opposite is hiding something. That’s what they said to him, and then they stab him in the back when he wouldn’t stop. He goes to the IRS, he goes to the SEC, he finally gets into the Senate – and maybe the Senate was told ‘get this guy inside so we can shut him up’ – and he goes into the Senate and testifies to Carl Levin, and Senator Barack Obama was on that committee, and a variety of other colorful characters on the Senate Permanent Committee on Investigations. He gives them all of this information and then they prosecute him with it, send him to prison, and Oh! … And then he meets me”.

Ms. Lindauer seemed to suggest at the interview’s end that members of the military took the actions which led to Brad Birkenfeld and Scott Bennett being sent to the same prison. She seemed to imply that their meeting in prison had become arranged in order to get the scandal out. There are so many more details involved which will need investigating, but nothing such as that will occur until an investigation actually begins. If you have been in the military, take the action you think necessary. If you have family, friends or acquaintances who’ve served in the military, know an elected representative or public safety official, know men or women in the media, please share this information with them all.


All clarifying, additional, and/or corrective comments on this issue are appreciated. Thank you.


(Thank you to ArmyPsyOp Scott at YouTube)

Turkey’s Support For Middle East Terrorists.

Posted on December 5, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

whitekeys4-1Alphabet Even before the war in Syria began in March 2011, refugee camps were constructed and in place in the southwestern Turkish town of Antakya, on Syria’s northwest border. According to a just published short documentary – “The Glass House” by PressTV – those camps became erected for foreign-backed Takfiri terrorists who have since gone on to kill thousands of men, women, and children in Syria.

The residents of that Turkish town have demonstrated in the streets in increasing numbers and intensity, calling for the stoppage of the terrorist camps in their region, and for the removal of the terrorists who have inhabited and been operating out of them. What is important to note is that nobody has been given access to the camps – including local residents, elected Turkish politicians, or members of any news organizations.

In all candor, because it seems this terrorist camp has been operating for many months with the full awareness of the town’s residents leading to their strong opposition, it is surprising that this report/film has taken so long to surface. One could imagine a terrorist camp on American soil placed on the border with Mexico, where terrorists are crossing the border to massacre thousands of residents of Mexico for many months without any media reporting, extremely upset Texans who demand the camps and terrorists leave, Texas politicians joining their constituents in angered demonstrations, and one senses the situation in Antakya, Turkey.

Whatever the reasons for this news story taking a long time to emerge, it has emerged and needs to become widely known. Add to this the fact that Russia’s Vladimir Putin, who supports the current government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, has only recently agreed with Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan on a multi-billion dollar natural gas pipeline deal where Russian gas will come to Turkey – while probably aware of the terrorist camps in southwest Turkey from which mercenaries have crossed over to Syria and brutally killed thousands of Syrians – and one finds him/herself ever more challenged in coming up with an accurate analysis of the situation in Syria, Iraq, and the Middle East.

With recent reports of a massive natural gas field on Syrian soil, could it be that Erdogan had plans to use terrorists to capture that massive field, and that Putin – in a similar manner to the actions which resulted in Syria’s agreeing to eliminate its chemical weapons and preventing a United States/western air-bombing campaign on Syria – made the deal with Turkey to prevent and/or stop Turkish support of terrorists, thereby bringing about de-escalation of violence in Syria?

In the film, Turkish politicians are seen joining the crowds of demonstrators and talking over loudspeakers to their fellow citizens about how absolutely wrong it was for those terrorist camps to exist without the permission/vote of Turkey’s central government. Just exactly how large a story this will become, nobody can predict with certainty.

However, there is one thing for sure that people around the world can take away from words spoken by the people of Antakya, Turkey: they want peace, the terrorist camps in their community shut down, and the terrorists who’ve been carrying out their brutal atrocities in Syria from them permanently shut down as well and gone.

(Note – April 21, 2015: While editing posts, we noticed the film “The Glass House” at Press TV Documentaries’ YouTube Channel had become unavailable. We are unaware of the reason(s) for this. The 2-minute trailer for the film is still posted on their YT channel, but until we research further there is no good explanation why and our apologies for this.)


(Thank you to PressTV Documentaries)

Iraq’s Nouri al-Maliki On Genesis Of War Against ISIL.

Posted on November 29, 2014 

by Jerry Alatalo

OKEEFEAlphabet Former President of Iraq Nouri al-Maliki was recently interviewed on Press TV’s “Face to Face” about ISIL, why and by whom it is supported, the effects of coalition airstrikes, the role of Iran, and other aspects of the terrorist war in Iraq, Syria and the Middle East.

One more submission for “The Global 100 Questions Project” is “why hasn’t Mr. al-Maliki been interviewed on American television?” For that matter, why are so few leaders of nations interviewed on American television in general? Perhaps after reading some of Nouri al-Maliki’s interview comments then viewing the second half of his appearance, people will have a good feel for the answers to those questions.

Nouri al-Maliki: “The terrorist group (ISIL) was not created out of nothingness, but rather it was born in an extremist region and more specifically in the State of Saudi Arabia, and the region has witnessed it… That’s why when the world wants to find the roots of this event, it gets to the ideologies that has resulted in this extremism, and Saudi Arabia knows very well that this ideology, which has a kind of financial and administrative independence within itself, is now spread to all across the Muslim world”.

“This group has its own research centers, books, and it carries out research. They regard all Muslim and Islamic sects as takfiris. ISIL, no matter who created it, was used as a tool to topple the Syrian government in the first place, and it was used as a tool to execute the political plans and ideas by some countries in the region, as well as the major powers in the world. Now, the problem is, politics should not be hinged on murder, violence or hostility among Muslims in order to achieve certain goals for certain countries”.

“…and this is quite natural, this is a rule in societies, that ‘he who plays with a snake will be bitten’ and all those who were in contact with ISIL felt the bite by the group. That’s why when ISIL and al-Qaeda slipped out of control and the organizations and institutions of those countries were exposed to threats, some coalitions were formed to counter the terrorist groups. They have openly admitted that a day will come when ISIL will be fighting on the streets of London and Paris”.

“That was the time when attacks against ISIL were launched by the coalition and yet there are those who think that ISIL shouldn’t be uprooted completely, but rather it should continue its activities under control – it means keeping it under control without defusing the crisis”.

How has ISIL been funded?

“ISIL receives support from rich individuals as well as some organizations which are disguised as charity organizations. There are also some political figures who advocate sectarian ideologies and back this terrorist group. These groups funnel the funds to ISIL under the cover of charitable organizations. Certain countries also supported this group and prepared the ground for them. But I think the big chunk of the support for ISIL was provided by rich individuals with radical views and the so-called charity organizations which follow sectarian and religious ideologies”.

“This terrorist group is also supported by some countries and gets military support and arms supplies. For example, ISIL was provided with weapons in Iraq and Syria by certain countries. Or after the Qaddafi government was toppled most of the weapons which were being traded on the Libyan streets were purchased by two countries and they were sent to Iraq and Syria as well. Therefore, besides the charity organizations, some other countries which were at odds with the Syrian government also supported the ISIL”.

“They didn’t even stop the al-Nusra terrorist group which is a terrorist, heinous and criminal group, and didn’t stand in the way of other armed terrorist groups. Based on the reports those countries were receiving, they concluded that the Syrian government wouldn’t last more than two months, and they thought after the fall of the Syrian government, they would also conquer Iraq within months and they would put an end to the political system in Syria”.

 “Right from the beginning, we said that the Syrian government won’t be toppled in 2 years, 3 years or even more, and the political system in this country will remain in place. This issue has sectarian, regional, and international aspects. What’s more, no sane person would keep silent after replacing the Syrian government with Nusra criminals and their expansionist goals as well as the expansionist goals of the supporters of the terrorists”.

“For this reason, the situation in the country is still complicated after three years and it has spilled over into the other countries in a dangerous way. The developments have made them so worried that they feel their plan to topple the Syrian government is threatening their own organizations”.

“The Iraqi army failed to defeat ISIL, but political differences led to the collapse of the Iraqi army in such a way that Mosul fell without any armed conflict. If the armed forces has fought with ISIL, they could defeat the group as well as its supporters. But political opposition parties spread rumors and labeled the Iraqi army as the Safavid army, sectarian army, or the Maliki army and they called on people to rise up against this army or abandon it”.

“Therefore, when these issues were raised by a few domestic and foreign parties, the Iraqi army didn’t fight in Mosul and it retreated as it was ordered. If I knew that you’d raise this question, I would bring some documents and evidence in which the feuding political sides had emphasized that in case of an ISIL attack, the army should retreat. The opposition make up about 35 to 40 percent of the army in Mosul. Usually when five to ten percent of an army retreats, it will fall apart. I don’t want to get into the details, but according to the commanders in that unit, about ninety percent of the army retreated”.

 “The Iraqi army dissolved like salt in water”.

“This army didn’t fall apart because it didn’t have enough powers, but the armed forces laid down their arms and left the battlefield because of some political orders. That’s what happened in Mosul. This plot was to be implemented in other parts of Iraq as well, because it was a major plan to topple the system. In some regions such as Diyala, Samarra, and the areas in the vicinity of Baghdad, there were cases of retreat and some commanders who had sectarian mindset had ordered the soldiers to retreat, and had told the soldiers that ‘everything is over’ “.

“However, we made an emergency decision to form popular militias and replaced them with those soldiers who had fled the army. When sectarian and ethnic feelings spread into an army, the army is in its worst condition. This might also happen within a society, but when it happens to an army, it cause defeat for the army. Those who fed the sectarian thought into the army are responsible for it. In general, all over the world, when an army gets into a war, all parties support the army and put aside the differences. But it’s not the same in Iraq”.

“The army fights, but the soldiers and armed forces are exposed to accusations and in the end they sap the military personnel’s morale. I’ve tried very hard to boost their morale and support the armed forces and this support led to major victories in 2008 and 2010 and restored relative order and stability to Iraq. There were some other plots which were based on sectarian ideology. But with the grace of God, we managed to help form the popular militias and make up for the loss to protect Baghdad. They were talking about the fall of Baghdad”.

“But we stood up against their plots and we knew that some things were going to happen. I warned two and a half years ago that a black storm with sectarian ideology would enter Iraq from Syria”.

“The army was targeted by the sectarian ideology and religious differences and there was no way other than forming the popular militias. Thank God it worked, and thank God we moved forward to support Baghdad, Diyala, Tuz Kharmato, and Amerli. This operation was going on and, thank God, the popular militias along with the army gained numerous victories against ISIL”.

“As I have said, Iraq will be the graveyard for ISIL. I have no doubts that we’ll get back every inch of the Iraqi soil from ISIL. The terrorists are defeated every day and they flee from one place to another”.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey support for ISIL?

“For sure, those countries have stood by the terrorist groups in Syria and supported them by putting pressure on the Arab League, and the international community and the United Nations Security Council. And they were thinking that toppling the Syrian government is a victory for an axis with deeply sectarian policies. If we want to discuss the role of these countries, we have to start with the position of these countries on Syria. The terrorists and their weapons were infiltrated into Syria from all over the world. These countries facilitated the influx of terrorists, ammunition, and weapons to the Syrian territory”.

“…Turkey got involved in many problems in Iraq, Egypt, and Syria. I hope Turkey will take the entire region into consideration. I hope after all the unrest and hostilities, a real resolution will emerge from the (regional) heads of state to stop the fire”.

Speaking about Iran, Nouri al-Maliki noted: “Iran has had a crucial role in the survival of the region, and I hope those efforts to establish, maintain, and advance positive ties between the regional countries will continue. Iran has paid a heavy price to prevent plans to divide the region; to destroy the region”.

He said about Israel: “It is in the interest of Israel to break up the region and dissolve Syria and Iraq into three smaller countries”.

On U.S./coalition airstrikes, al-Maliki admits they have been of some help but do not possess the capacity to end the conflict. According to Nouri al-Maliki, the only forces which have that capacity are the Iraqi army and the popular militias.

Is it fair to suggest that those – no matter their high political position or extreme wealth – who have and continue to support the truly barbaric crimes of ISIL are war criminals and should become identified then brought before the International Criminal Court?


(Thank you to PressTV News Videos at YouTube)