U.S. Election System: Worst In Developed World.

By Jerry Alatalo

“When the people is master of the vote it becomes master of the government.”

– ARISTOTLE (384-322 B.C.) Greek philosopher

ocean44Alphabet Risk exposure… Every student of accounting comes to learn about risk exposures and ways to eliminate them. Risk exposures represent defects in accounting systems which, if left uncorrected, allow criminals in organizations to steal money, products from inventories, critical information and all forms of valuable assets. Therefore, eliminating risk exposures is one of the important tasks and challenges for persons designing accounting systems, whether for a mom-and-pop business, medium to large, complex corporations, or public entities such as schools, public safety agencies, Defense Departments, etc. of all sizes.

Every student of accounting familiar with the term risk exposure and its meaning will, when considering electronic voting machines, optical scanners and automated tabulators of vote counts, immediately recognize the risks of such system “tools” for stealing votes. Simply put, it is impossible to guarantee that voter preferences in elections where electronic means become used are accurately recorded, 100% verifiable, and/or reliable. It doesn’t matter when talking about glaring defects in America’s voting system whether one “voted” for Clinton, Johnson, Stein or Trump in the 2016 U.S. presidential election – this matter is important for people of every political ideology without exception; the point is that risk exposures exist in the current election system because there is no way of knowing if election theft occurred or not.

Those risk exposures can and must be eliminated. Accountants at the world’s largest corporations and public institutions have designed systems which handle massively complex and numerous transactions, involving billions of dollars, while successfully eliminating virtually all possible risk exposures. Certainly a much stronger election system, where the voting “transaction” process carries far fewer variables – consisting of much less complexity – should offer no serious obstacles to those tasked with designing a theft-proof satisfactory reform.

Hand-counted paper ballots, using the old-fashioned selection of preferred candidates using pen or pencil and simple filling in of the box, provides the best alternative moving forward for obvious reasons, including that close, contested races become easily decided through recount. Electronic voting makes recounts nearly, if not absolutely, impossible; because the program language built into electronic machines are “proprietary” – the intellectual property of the corporations and their owners which manufacture them – no government officials responsible for managing elections can check to make certain no theft occurred.

Public elections officials tasked with running a clean vote have no control over that portion of the voting process using technology which is privately owned and secret. Continuing to allow private companies and their owners – potentially vulnerable to bribes and other forms of voluntary or coercive corruption – to control the most critical aspects of the voting process only invites high levels of persistent suspicion, doubt, apathy and non-voting among the people at best – or high levels of election theft at worst.

Making voting easier by designating election day a national holiday, perhaps on a Sunday as opposed to workday Tuesday, is another reasonable and simple-to-establish reform worthy of serious consideration. Such a simple but profound change would result in an easier process for citizens and a far larger voter turnout.

Professor Mark Crispin Miller has written extensively on the U.S. election system and its very real risk exposures, including as author of books focused solely on this most important of all democratic processes. He offers simple, fundamental, yet powerful reforms which – once enacted – hold genuine promise for greatly improving the fairness, accuracy and trustworthiness of elections in the United States of America.

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Dick Cheney, 9/11, Extreme Democracy and Peaceful Revolution.

by Jerry Alatalo

mountain3Alphabet Robert David Steele wants Americans to take action and save the country. During Mr. Steele’s interview by Sean Stone on “Buzzsaw” recently, he asserted that the unemployment rate in the United States is no less than 23%, probably more like 30%, and that means the US economy is in “desperate shape”. Given Robert David Steele has reviewed more non-fiction books on Amazon than anyone on Earth his accumulated knowledge is significant, and the far-ranging interview shows it. The main reason for sharing the talk between Mr. Steele and Mr. Stone, besides the astonishing truth revealed, is that it touches on solutions to persistent major problems.

He believes that conditions in America align with historical moments when revolutionary change becomes unavoidable, including great concentration of wealth, isolation of those on the receiving end of that increasing wealth inequality, a growing distrust of the press and politicians, and so on. Because of current societal conditions, Mr. Steele sees that American “democracy is comatose”. He believes – in contrast to activist Chris Hedges, who advocates “terrifying the elites” – that confrontation isn’t the wisest route to needed change, but that non-violent revolution is both urgent and possible.

Mr. Steele’s perspective is that the first and most essential goal is passage of “The Electoral Reform Act of 2015”. He will support Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders for president on one condition: that Bernie Sanders introduces legislation for “The Electoral Reform Act of 2015” on the floor of the Senate before the summer recess. The legislation would reform elections by:

allowing ballot access to all parties’ candidates

eliminating private campaign contributions and publicly financing elections

giving free media time to all candidates

allowing every candidate to enter debates

eliminating electronic voting through paper ballots/hand counts

establishing instant run-off, where voters choose their first, second and third preferred candidates

requiring candidates to post legislation they would pursue if elected online, in advance without secret provisions

overcoming unconstitutional opposition/blockage by Congress of an Article V Constitutional Convention, as requirements of 34 states calling for one have already been met

On the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Steele sees the secretive trade deal as a coup d’état, a betrayal of public trust, and goes so far as saying President Barack Obama should be impeached for offering it. He views the current political climate as “millions of people trapped in a bad system, screwing 99% of the public 99% of the time”.

Turning to foreign policy issues, Steele said “(The) United States government is best pals with 42 of the 44 dictators on the planet. We sponsor dictators; we sponsor obscene criminal activities against the foreign publics that have every right to think of us as the shining light for democracy – in fact we’re not. Our government is in constant betrayal of the public trust and in constant betrayal of the constitution and in constant betrayal of the principles which this country was founded upon”.

“It’s an honor to be an average American; it’s not an honor to be a corrupt politician selling the country out”.

Steele sees the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy as the point where America started its moral decline, as Kennedy was endeavoring to cut back on banks, end nuclear smuggling to Israel, control organized crime, wanted to fire long-time FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, along with other measures which upset the plans of many. Steele criticizes the FBI for “not doing their job to find ideological, financial and religious traitors in the United States government” and that is “the 1st thing I’d change if I had anything to say about the future of the United States”.

His perception of the world’s “power pyramid” is 12 families at the top, then under those the next, slightly less-wealthy 300 families, then the interlocking boards of directors of banks and corporations, then the “servant” class of kings, queens, presidents and prime ministers. along with their political appointees – all who “feed at the trough”.  He sees most men and women who enter political office as good people having good intentions who find out once “inside” that they’ll be killed if they don’t do what the real power-holders want. Mr. Steele notes that he’d heard that former President Jimmy Carter “cried his heart out” when he “got the conversation in the White House”.

His main message is that no relevant, issues of real concern will become seriously addressed until the American people get rid of what he calls the two-party tyranny. Passage of The Electoral Reform Act of 2015 in the next 90 days is critical, and, once passed, a subsequent “coalition government would not be bound to two-party tyranny”.

“If we have an honest government, that does two things: 1) it restores the concept of making decisions on the basis of ethical, evidence-based decision support, and 2) it restores the voice of the public – not just on election day, but every single day. And if you have these two things, I’ll tell you what, I can put Monsanto out of business overnight. Just by educating the public. That’s what’s not happening now. The education of the public is what follows from an honest government”.

After Sean Stone asked Steele about false flag terrorism, he replied “We’re not the policeman of the world, we’re the terrorists of the world. Martin Luther King was not killed for leading black people out of slavery, he was killed because he said the United States was the world’s greatest purveyor of violence. MLK was killed by an Army sniper on detail to the FBI”. According to Mr. Steele, JFK was assassinated by a cabal that included elements of the CIA, elements of the New York banks, elements of Texas money, Cuban crime families, and Israel.


“I believe 9/11 was funded by Saudi Arabia and was intended to be executed by a variety of terrorists, funded by Saudi Arabia with Saudi Arabian passports, but they were from many different countries. I believe that 13 different countries are on record as having warned the United States months in advance; I believe that Dick Cheney scheduled a counter-terrorism exercise 3 months in advance of 9/11 so that he could control the day. The FEMA disaster response tent was completely set up on the piers of New York on the 10th of September, the night before 9/11”.

“I believe that all three of the World Trade Center buildings were brought down by controlled demolition. I’m pretty certain the Pentagon was hit by a missile that we fired ourselves. And last but not least, the one thing that I’m absolutely positive about is we need a new 9/11 investigation that’s honest. And I would like to see in my lifetime Dick Cheney face a truth and reconciliation commission and not be allowed out until he tells the truth”.

“I think that Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United States all agreed that 9/11 was needed and that murdering 3,000 mostly US civilians was a small price to pay. I think Dick Cheney personally authorized and oversaw the murder of 3,000 people in order to get his excuse for invading Iraq. We’ve created a swath of destruction all the way down from Afghanistan through the Middle East and North Africa, all the way down to Yemen and Somalia and Niger and Nigeria – both of which have oil. What has been done in the name of the public at public expense in my view justifies multiple people being arraigned before an international tribunal for war crimes”.

After pointing out that political corruption may be even more destructive on the state and local levels than the federal level, Robert David Steele reiterates his main goal: “What really matters to me is the whole idea of restoring transparency and integrity to how we govern ourselves. I believe that our citizens have become abject sheep; they’re delusional when they think that one man can change anything. These are the same people that fell for Barack Obama and they’ve learned nothing”.

“If Bernie (Sanders) does that (introduces The Electoral Reform Act of 2015 in the next 90 days), he has my vote. If Bernie does not do that, he’s an inauthentic fraud. This is real simple – time to cut to the chase. If you implement electoral reform, this means among other things that you cannot run in the general election unless you first appoint a coalition cabinet and there are cabinet level debates – for example, defense and state and homeland security – which I would abolish. And you produce a balanced budget that states very clearly what your priorities will be for spending the tax dollar if elected, and you’re held to that”.

“And, last but not least, I would recommend to any president that I was supporting an automated financial transaction tax imposing a fractional tax, like .00006%, on every transaction – including currency and stock transactions that are now not taxed. And the beauty of the tax is that it prevents elective wars because the tax rate is set by the public, not the government. You wanna’ go to war? You gotta’ get the public to agree to raise the tax rate to pay for it”.

“We don’t have representation. Look, let me tell you where Congress went wrong. Kennedy was the death of the executive. Congress was killed by Newt Gingrich. Newt Gingrich set out to destroy Speaker Jim Wright, and then Newt Gingrich turned Congress into a partisan establishment in which every member is required to vote the party line, and this was the beginning of the two-party tyranny selling voting blocs to the highest bidder. There are 46 billionaires that own the two-party tyranny and, truth be told, the two parties are much closer together at the top in relation to doing the bidding of the billionaires than they are opposed to each other”.

Robert David Steele’s message to Americans is that:

“They have essentially ninety days from today in which to decide whether they want to take back the power – legally, ethically and non-violently”.

“It’s great to be an average American. I love this country, and I want to see this country save itself”.


Mr. Steele praised MoveOn.org co-founder Joan Blades and her democracy-focused initiative “Living Room Conversations”. For more information, please visit the website:


Robert David Steele’s website:


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Voting For Stolen Democracy.

by Jerry Alatalo

Electronic Voting Machine (photo: cpwv.org)
Electronic Voting Machine
(photo: cpwv.org)

Alphabet Years ago in Wheaton, Illinois there was a sandwich shop called “John’s Corner Deli” where I’d go for lunch every so often. One day there was an older fellow, John and myself in the place, and the older customer mentioned Diebold to John as a stock for purchase, kind of like an insider-trading tip to John for making money from a growing company. The older fellow must have been somehow involved in government in DuPage County, Illinois and knew about a large purchase of Diebold voting machines through his public job, plus probably an awareness that voting districts across the country would soon be purchasing them in large quantities.

Electronic voting machines have caused a lot of controversy since coming on the scene in America because the machines have been proven easily hacked or manipulated, oftentimes do not provide a paper trail, and audits/recounting by hand to confirm the machines’ tabulation totals are very rarely conducted. In the following fascinating 2-hour discussion on voting fraud in the United States, panelists describe a severe problem with the way elections become carried out around the 50 states, and strongly suggest the need for Americans who care about democracy to become informed on what has happened for generations.

One of the woman panelists is the daughter of one of the brothers/authors James M. and Kenneth F. Collier who wrote “Votescam: The Stealing of America” in 1992 about their experience in Florida politics. Not having purchased/read the book, from reading the reviews it looks like information in the book could become relevant for Jeb Bush’s presidential ambitions. One of the reviewers writes about George H.W. Bush granting a pardon to a convicted-by-his-peers cocaine dealer who apparently gave Jeb Bush $700,000 in campaign contributions. The book is available on Amazon at the following link:


Also on the panel is the author of “Code Red: Computerized Election Theft and the New American Century” (July 2014) Jonathan D. Simon. His anger and passion come through during the discussion, and, along with the other panelists and members of the audience, the message becomes loud and clear that election reform will come about or democracy is in continuing danger of being lost. Apologies for the over 2-hour length of the video as most readers have other blogs to read and keep up on, but, even though there are no American elections coming up soon, the important point is that democracy is impossible if votes are not counted correctly.

Jonathan Simon’s book at Amazon:


Paper and pencil ballots, counted by hand with easily constructed accounting based procedures guaranteeing accurate totals offers the best system of all for conducting free, clean and fair elections. This discussion focuses on fraudulent vote rigging and how urgent is making Americans aware of it. In addition, election reforms such as holding elections on the weekend or making federal elections a national holiday, and overturning Citizens United would strengthen democracy in America. The discussion raises genuine concerns that need serious address if democracy is to rise from the ashes, survive and return to its fullest potential. Because voting in America is in deep trouble.


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Jesse Ventura, Cynthia McKinney Running In 2016?

Posted on October 31, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to my conscience, above all liberties.”

– JOHN MILTON (1608-1674) English poet

Book2Alphabet Would it be presumptuous to predict that Jesse Ventura and Cynthia McKinney will become the next President and Vice President of the United States of America? From what Mr. Ventura said in his recent interview on “Breaking the Set” with host Abby Martin, it looks like a Ventura – McKinney run in 2016 is a distinct possibility. For the rapidly increasing numbers of men and women around the world frustrated with the lack of truthful debate and discussion on major world issues, the prospect of a man and woman dedicated to truth running for perhaps the most powerful political positions on Earth creates a buzz of invigorating excitement.

There are a number of reasons why Jesse Ventura and Cynthia McKinney need to announce their plan to run as quickly as possible. First is the precarious situation the world is in now, primarily caused by an emerging, previously non-existent competition between formerly monopolistic private central banking institutions such as the Federal Reserve, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Bank for International Settlements, etc. and recently established financial entities of the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa).

This potentially very dangerous competition is occurring around the world now, as those dynastic families at the top of historic monopoly power pyramids have decided to go on the military offensive to keep and add as much international financial/business power as possible before the world’s people decide to no longer deal with them. At the heart of today’s conflicts around the world is the evolution from a unipolar to multipolar world system, a transition which is most effectively articulated by Mr. Ventura, Ms. McKinney, and a growing number of political leaders in regions across the Earth.

Another equally important reason for Mr. Ventura and Ms. McKinney to announce their candidacy as soon as possible is that their voices – along with the voices of those who share their vision – are absolutely needed now, not later. While media-driven propaganda wars push politically unaware populations toward acceptance of major military escalation, truth provided by Ventura, McKinney, and a growing number of others offers the only counter-balance which can prevent or stop such potential military escalation with possibly catastrophic consequences for humanity.

John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Robert F. Kennedy, Paul Wellstone and others in the United States became the victims of political assassination for their efforts to bring about peaceful, cooperative change in the world, and both Jesse Ventura and Cynthia McKinney know the extreme risks of following their paths. JFK became President of the United States, his brother probably would have become president if not murdered while campaigning for that highest office, and Paul Wellstone was on virtually every list of potential presidential candidates for 2004.

When running for President in 2008, Barack Obama use Martin Luther King’s term, “the fierce urgency of now” to successfully attract great numbers of supporters who voted for him and anticipating King-like completion of the “dream”. Unfortunately, those many once-inspired supporters have experienced profound disappointment after illusions and promises of change proved to be false. Just exactly when Barack Obama became fully aware of the extrajudicial consequences of walking in the footsteps of JFK, MLK, RFK, Paul Wellstone and others is not certain.

It may have been before announcing his candidacy for President, during the campaign, or after he took the oath of office for the first time in 2008. But without concern for exactly when that extreme risk awareness occurred, it is obvious Barack Obama has at some point made the conscious decision not to follow the courageous, self-sacrificial, visionary paths of America’s assassinated leaders. A little known fact is that John F. Kennedy and then Soviet Union leader Nikita Khrushchov were having secret meetings between them during the Cuban missile crisis, and that, if JFK had lived, relations between the United States and the Soviet Union were on the road to greatly improve.

In stark contrast to JFK and Khrushchov, before the United Nations 69th General Assembly Barack Obama named Ebola, Russia, and terrorist groups like ISIS as the three most important world threats, giving conclusive evidence of his conscious decision to avoid the path taken by America’s murdered visionaries – particularly intentions and actions focused on reducing international tensions while improving communication and increasing understanding and cooperation. Mr. Obama’s UN address further emphasizes the need for Mr. Ventura and Ms. McKinney to announce now, thus enabling their truthful, reconciling message to offset/provide a de-escalation balance to the current provocation-laced, dangerous debate.

To Jesse Ventura and Cynthia McKinney: don’t wait any longer to announce your decision to run in 2016. Unlike Barack Obama’s uncommitted, politically motivated use of Martin Luther King’s philosophical words, act in the true spirit of MLK’s phrase – “the fierce urgency of now”.

In the history of the United States, Ross Perot as an independent candidate for President came closest to winning election. Before Ross Perot, John Anderson was one of the few independent candidates allowed to participate in presidential debates with Democrat and Republican nominees. Ralph Nader, during his number of runs for president, was completely blocked each time from participating in televised debates. Would the team of independents Jesse Ventura and Cynthia McKinney be given the opportunity to share their message during what has been the exclusive “property” of the two-party system/duopoly: presidential/vice presidential debates?

If allowed into the debates, would their ideas resonate more deeply with American citizens? Only evolutionary developments in the areas of political free speech and democracy from now until the 2016 presidential election allow an answer to that question.


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Editor of freecriticalthinking.org, Mr. Clive Menzies, delivers an excellent, wide-vision analysis of global economic and social conditions, which one could safely estimate corresponds to, and expounds upon, views held by Jesse Ventura, Cynthia McKinney, and many, many other critical thinking men and women around the Earth.