War Crimes Far Beyond A Reasonable Doubt.

Posted on August 9, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“There is one thing and one thing only, which defies all mutation: that which existed before the world, and will survive the fabric of the world itself – I mean justice.”

– EDMUND BURKE (1729-1797) British statesman

medicine1Israel’s ongoing, over 30-days long “Operation Protective Edge”  has led to millions around the Earth calling for a war crimes trial. As astonishing as it is, there have been men and women in public discussions asserting that Hamas is responsible for the obscene destruction and death toll in Gaza. The Palestinian political group uses civilians as “human shields” so that, according to U.S. Senator Ayotte of New Hampshire, they can use photos and grim statistics to “get what they want”. The Senator’s logic, similar to her colleagues in the U.S. Senate, could be used to assert that Palestinians in Gaza over the last 30-days have been intentionally killing themselves to “get what they want” – in the world’s first ever “self-genocide”.

In a recent Press TV edition of “The Debate” a woman guest blamed Hamas for the 1,900 deaths in Gaza because Hamas “should have built bomb shelters for their people”. According to this irrational, twisted logic, which rhymes with Senator Ayotte’s, one could blame the Vietnamese people for the immeasurable harm they experienced from massive bombing by the United States during the Vietnam War – five times the explosive power of bombs dropped during the entirety of World War II – because the Vietnamese didn’t build a bomb proof dome over the nation of Vietnam.

Americans weren’t responsible for millions of Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Laotian deaths – they should have known to protect themselves from massive bombing campaigns. Israel isn’t responsible for close to 2,000 Palestinians dying, because the Palestinians should have known that when you “snooze instead of building bomb shelters, you lose.”

To be honest, it is remarkable that any man or woman would knowingly use language on air or in their writings, seen and heard by the public, which is the opposite of reality to paint false impressions in the minds of whoever were hearing their words. This kind of deceptive practice would be more easily tolerated if the subject wasn’t literally the life and death of many thousands of innocent human beings. If men or women go on the air or write in a deceptive way about another’s stealing a bag of candy when they were 11 years old or having an extra-marital affair that’s one thing.

Covering for people who have committed the worst crimes possible in this world is truly heartless, vile and – philosophically – as heinous as the war crimes committed.

Law Professor Marjorie Cohn’s article – “Tallying Israeli War Crimes” – organizes in legal form evidence men, women, and children around the world are witness to. Evidence that is overwhelming:


To those who hold on to their false belief that there is any legal argument to overcome evidence of Israeli war crimes: realize your efforts are futile. The evidence is overpowering, crushing, beyond obvious, and indisputable. Give up because there is no chance of “winning” this time; spend a long time searching your hearts, and see if there’s a need to change your perception about the infinite value of every single sacred human being.

Take the time to search your soul, then see if your soul is one with every other soul in this world. If at first the feeling of oneness with all people does not enter, search again.  If you so choose.


(Thank you to breakingtheset at YouTube)

Time For Absolute Truth. For The World’s People.

Posted on June 28, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“Humanly speaking, let us define truth, while waiting for a better definition, as a statement of facts as they are.”

– VOLTAIRE (1694-1778) French philosopher

aaa-10Every Friday Thom Hartmann hosts “Brunch With Bernie” where Bernie Sanders talks about the current issues in Washington, D.C. then answers viewers’ phone calls. In this show from June 27, he addresses the problems at the Veterans Administration (VA), gas prices, climate change, Republicans’ mystery agenda, media disregard of issues important for average Americans, privatization, and the need for an American political revolution.

Typically in these weekly talks on Thom Hartmann’s show, the discussion focuses mainly on domestic American political issues, as opposed to foreign policy. Bernie notes that the problems widely publicized at the VA have their genesis in the increase of Afghanistan and Iraq veterans entering the system, and that there are not enough physicians, psychologists, nurses, etc. to deal with the rising numbers of soldier/patients.

In a previous post, the point became made that problems at the VA associated with long waiting periods for treatment would not have come about if the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were never fought. Those who are responsible, those who voted for those wars, have no right to point fingers of blame for problems at the VA. They must look in the mirror if they are looking for someone to pin the blame on.

Whether Bernie Sanders runs for president in 2016 or not, his is a voice that unfortunately is almost alone in Washington, D.C., and Americans would be well-advised to figure out why. Because, according to the first words in the Constitution, elected representatives serving in the U.S. Congress work for “We the People.”

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont has received mention, and he has considered running, as a candidate for President of the United States in 2016. When one thinks about Hillary Clinton, the woman who most feel is the front-runner for the Democratic nomination, her response to the killing of Gaddafi of Libya: “we came, we saw, he died!”, and especially the unbelievably glee-filled emotion she said it with, it becomes difficult to figure out how she has become seen as a “front-runner” for what is correctly perceived by a wide majority of people as the most powerful position on Earth.

Libyans, under Gaddafi, enjoyed the highest standard of living on the African continent. His vision of a new monetary union of the African continent, out of the orbit of private central banking dynasties, sealed his fate. Libyans now live in a failed state where none of the positive economic circumstances they had before the 2011 destruction of the country, that high standard of living, have remained in place. Apparently those who’ve attended any of her book signings recently, or the running series of TV interviewers, don’t find the Libyan people’s transformation to hard, hard life important enough to bring up in the question and answer periods.

And what about Vice-President Joe Biden? He’s the fellow who, while he was still a senator, proposed that Iraq be divided into three smaller independent nations: one each for Shia, Sunni, and Kurds. With the tragic situation in Iraq, with the mercenary killers Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) causing massive destruction in that war-torn, oil-rich nation, the vice-president has escaped any questions about the army of jihadists financed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other Middle East monarchies, aided by the United States, Turkey and Israel among others, and the real purpose for ISIL’s murderous actions: the overthrow of recently elected Nouri al-Maliki, and perhaps an implementation of Mr. Biden’s “three-state solution.”

Joe Biden has also escaped any major, hard-hitting investigative journalists’ questions about the February 2014 “Kiev Massacre” which was reported by mainstream German media, and widely on the alternative media, as a violent coup ousting Viktor Yanukovich. Nor has he agreed to an interview to discuss the controversy surrounding his son’s landing on the Board of Directors, and becoming head of the legal department, at Ukraine’s largest private energy corporation. The chemical attacks in Syria in August 2013, which almost resulted in the United States attack of that nation if it weren’t for worldwide reporting by internet/alternative media the attack was a “false-flag” event to provide a pretext for war, has never been straightened out by Mr. Biden.

It’s not enjoyable to discuss these kinds of facts about the leaders of one’s own country of residence. Far, far from it.

On the other side of America’s 2016 presidential “uniparty” race thinking, Jeb Bush is viewed by many as a possible Republican contender. He’s the brother of George W. Bush, the president who literally lied the American people into believing that Saddam Hussein pressed the button which destroyed the Twin Towers with “weapons of mass destruction” on September 11, 2001, that Hussein hung out with al-Qaeda terrorists at nightclubs for wild partying/”New Pearl Harbor” planning, and that Hussein was the mastermind behind the Twin Towers’ destruction.

Because of Jeb Bush’ brother’s Machiavellian lies, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, and near 5,000 American soldiers died.

Jeb Bush is the son of George H. W. Bush, the man who while president expressed his “outrage” at Saddam Hussein’s soldiers’ “tearing babies out of incubators” in Kuwait, a completely bogus story that was concocted by a Washington public relations company to convince Americans to approve Iraq War I. This cooked up PR campaign featured a young Kuwaiti “nurse” testifying before Congress about the “babies torn out of their incubators” and “thrown on the cold floor to die.” She, along with other counterfeit “witnesses” who testified before the Congressional committee, was able to bring a realistic acting performance complete with tears, sniffles, and devastating sadness over what she “observed.” Her face was on the front page of every American newspaper, on the 6-o’clock news at every corporate media company, and she was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States. A total lie.

So, of course, Americans see these people as presidential material, and would vote for one of them if the election were held today. Bernie Sanders sees this scenario. He has to run.

Would Bernie Sanders find perverse, sick enjoyment upon seeing a world leader killed? Would he be OK with his son’s placement in a major corporation intimately involved in natural-resource business in a country that was just transformed by the violent overthrow of a democratically elected, albeit corrupt, president? Would Bernie Sanders be OK if his brother lied the American people into what many consider the most tragic foreign policy blunder in the history of America?

Would Bernie Sanders approve of today’s billions trillions in the case of George W. Bush/Tony Blair/Dick Cheney’s Iraq War II – in taxpayer dollars going to foreign countries to create catastrophic war and inhumane harming of innocent men, women, and children, especially while Detroit residents are having their life-sustaining drinking water shut off? He has to run.

Until Bernie decides, there are world events occurring which need some very high levels of intellectual, spiritual, and reality-based effort to deal with. The world’s people must now join together in great numbers. Those efforts, to become effective and prevent violence in wide-scale, horrific, potentially unthinkable destructive acts of war, will require humanity’s full agreement to face truth in an unprecedented measure. In other words, on matters of war and peace on this Earth now in 2014, there is no – there can absolutely be no – place in the discussions for liars.

The human race is now face-to-face with a moment requiring truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.


(Thanks to thomhartmann @ YouTube)