Outgoing Trump and Incoming Biden – What it Means for Syria — The Wall Will Fall

(Editor’s note: World affairs journalist Vanessa Beeley summarizes historically the ruthless decade-long state-sponsored terrorist war against the people and government of Syria. In the spirit of the greatest American military leader in the nation’s history, Major General Smedley Butler (1881-1940), the use of terrorist mercenary killers covertly ordered by American-coalition commanders makes brutal mafia figures like Al Capone look like choirboys by comparison. The unbelievably cruel and heartless criminal military-economic war against the innocent Syrian people must – finally – be brought to a close. Please share far and wide. Thank you. Peace.)

The madmen are handing over to the lunatics.

Outgoing Trump and incoming Biden – what it means for Syria — The Wall Will Fall


Israelis Rally To Demand Netanyahu’s Resignation.

he 1st day of August saw thousands of Israelis demonstrating in Jerusalem, calling out for the resignation of the nation’s corruption-crippled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (Images courtesy of Sputnik)

Many have raised real concerns that Netanyahu will start a war to salvage his sinking-fast political career, highlighting a major worldly deficiency of international relations which seemingly allows so-called “leaders” to carry out deadly wars for shallow ego-driven political purposes. A potential Netanyahu resignation would certainly change the Middle East’s political landscape in a major fashion, – and for some providing a new, more positive and hopeful situation for the region’s long-suffering, victimized, war-exhausted innocent people. Peace.