Citizens Of Maui, Hawaii: Petition To Ban GMOs Ceremony.

Posted April 17, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“The exact measure of the progress of civilization is the degree in which the intelligence of the common mind has prevailed over wealth and brute force; in other words, the measure of the progress of civilization is the progress of the people.”

– George Bancroft (1800-1891) American historian

ocean77On April 7, 2014, the citizens of Maui County in Hawaii turned in their over 11,000 signatures calling for a ballot referendum to ban genetically modified organisms (GMOs) from their region. The first speaker at a ceremony to mark the occasion noted that Jackson County, Oregon overcame $500,000 spent by genetic food manufacturers to pass a ban on GMOs in that region. He tells the men, women, and children in front of their government building that, since GMOs and their pesticides have come to Maui, the people’s disease rates have increased, and people are dying in higher numbers from cancer.

Another academic points out that he has never been asked to sign any consent form to allow GMOs and chemical pesticides in Maui County, just as every person who receives a flu shot does. He tells his fellow citizens that “we have the right to be heard on this.” An elderly doctor tells the people of Maui that after decades of poisoning the land, “at some point you have to stop poisoning the soil.” His view is that releasing life-forms into the environment is “an extremely risky experiment”, and that “we are coming to realize that we are that experiment.”

He says that scientists around the Earth – from South America, China, Europe, Russia –  are producing and publishing studies showing the harmful consequences of eating genetically modified foods. In those and other regions, men and women are becoming more and more aware of the negative impacts of GM food products; of genetically living modified organisms.

A local Native Hawaiian organic farmer speaks to the gathering: “Today we cleanse the land so that tomorrow plants will grow, and it will be a new day – a new beginning. They’ve brought us into this corner to awaken us – for us to say ‘enough already.’ We have earned the right to go to battle; they will bring us all of these documents, they will throw money. It ain’t about money. It ain’t about greed. It is about doing what is right.”

The film provides an inspirational example of what people are capable of when they take action to do what is right. The song by the young man has lines which point to the importance of understanding the idea of societal movements advocating for the majority of people and not just the few. He doesn’t mention if he wrote the song, but whether he did or not, it is music that speaks in an anthem-like way to current social justice, economic fairness, and peace initiatives which are growing worldwide.

Congratulations to the people of Maui!


The doctor in this short film (The Petition Turn-in Ceremony – The Day Everything Changed On Maui) mentions that scientific GMO studies from around the world are being posted on the organization’s website.

That website is:


(Thank you to ShakaMovement Maui at YouTube)

The Uber-Cartel: True Or False?

Posted March 20, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“They say that knowledge is power. I used to think so, but I now know that they mean money.”

– Lord Byron (1788-1824)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYesterday we posted an interview of retired head of U.S. Army Strategic Intelligence, Major General Albert Stubblebine. In that interview Mr. Stubblebine, the highest ranking U.S. military person to publicly state that the official 9/11 Commission Report was false, shared his experience of having his entire world perception shaken to the core. With the ability he developed from 32 years in the U.S. military, with a particular emphasis on photographic analysis, his study of the damage done at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 led him to believe that the official government story was wrong.

Now, for a man with Mr. Stubblebine’s military experience to publicly state that the government was in effect lying about the events of September 11, 2001 is at the very least disturbing. If any person reading this has researched Albert Stubblebine and can share your opinion here, please do so in the comments. I have only just discovered his interview and would greatly appreciate your honest opinions.

Since posting the 19-minute interview of Albert Stubblebine yesterday, I have found one other interview that was slightly over an hour. The comments after that interview were varied but perhaps 80-90% seemed to express the belief the Mr. Stubblebine is truthful, and that what he is saying about September 11, 2001 is what he believes is true. He is over 80 years old, an elder, that segment of the population many spiritual traditions hold in the highest respect because the elders have attained wisdom.

So, it is difficult to believe that a man over 80 years old and moving closer to the great transition commonly called death could falsely contradict the government and people that he spent decades serving. In the over hour-long interview he notes that he has decided to decline interviews with any person but person(s) that he trusts, because interviewers broke promises to let him watch interwiews before publication. He shares in that interview his experience of removing the “blinders” and “earmuffs” – after he retired from the military, he talks about “waking up”.

Alfred Stubblebine seems like an honest man who, because of his public statements contradicting the official story on September 11, has received blows to his reputation and honor. And would an octogenarian make a choice to intentionally lie and cause confusion? In other words, either Alfred Stubblebine is telling the full truth or he missed his calling as a dramatic actor. When one considers his age of over 80 years, his 32 years of military service, and the way he speaks in what seems like without pretense, it becomes hard to conclude but that he speaks truth. Once again, please either agree or disagree here, including details about why you agree or disagree, to provide clarification for myself and readers. Thank you.

Please share any opinion or knowledge you may have of Major General Albert Stubblebine’s wife, Dr. Rima Laibow, who in the following video gets interviewed by “We Are Change” and Luke Rudowski. Luke Rudowski is a fellow who I admire for his guts and courage in confronting the powerful. Dr. Rima is a woman I’ve listened to just today after looking for more interviews of her husband. Just the same as her husband, I listened to another over one hour-long interview of Rima Laibow and find her as intelligent and credible.

Having only just found this husband and wife and their astonishing messages in the last few days, without researching them, one finds it hard to remove the last feelings of doubt about the truthfulness of what they are sharing and asserting. With regard to Rima Laibow, there is a certain amount of agreement based simply on my reading of naturopathic books in the past.  So, I concur with her on the subjects of pharmaceuticals (she says she has never prescribed them to patients), vaccinations (not because of any scientific knowledge I have but I sense that they are not good), GMO because of my modest research, and geoengineering (although no governments have even admitted it is occurring, or why), with thousands of homemade videos of planes spraying extended contrails around the world for view on the internet.

Her connecting of pharmaceutical, agribusiness, medicine/health, and chemical companies through interlocking directorates, and her use of the term “Uber-Cartel” seems understandable from the standpoint of having read Ben Bagdikian’s book “The Media Monopoly”, where he explains the interlocking directorate scenario of media conglomerates.

The most difficult aspect of Rima Laibow’s assertions to deal with is her claims about eugenics or depopulation. Is it possible that those in the Uber-Cartel have plans to reduce the number of human beings by 90%? Frankly, it’s hard to even type the question, as it suggests a level of diabolical thinking that is in many ways – in all ways – unthinkable. Based on the sense of honesty in Albert Stubblebine’s voice, one would think that if he’s honest so is his wife.

So, with regard to Major General Albert Stubblebine and his wife Dr. Rima Laibow, there is no doubt that what they have and are saying is nothing but astonishing. Is it overwhelmingly false or, God forbid, overwhelmingly true? I sincerely ask for comments on these folks from you, because, if their information is false I have to take down their interviews – this blog is intent on posting only the truth. Either Mr. Stubblebine and Dr. Laibow have no problems with leading people on the wrong, dishonorable track of lies and disinformation or…

What comes after “or” is beyond humanity’s worst nightmare.


(Thank you to WeAreChange at YouTube)

Percy Schmeiser: Octogenarian Warrior For Future Generations.

Posted March 9, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

Lead stories on most news programs these days are about the situation in Ukraine. Because Ukraine is correctly described as the “breadbasket of Europe” due to the country’s huge agricultural production, one can’t help but wonder what giant transnational corporations like Monsanto see and plan with regard to Ukraine’s endless food growing fields.

Without any knowledge about Ukraine’s agricultural sector but for the fact that it is huge, an initial perception is that Monsanto, the largest owner of seeds on Earth, would logically see those endless fields as a potentially lucrative market which can be gained. Now, to what extent, if any, Monsanto has placed Ukraine into its strategic market development plans is a matter of speculation. Given the history of Monsanto’s legal tactics designed to place their corporation in the driver’s seat against farmers who strongly oppose genetically modified organisms (GMO), combined with the power obtained in the United States government, would lead one to perceive correctly that Ukraine is on Monsanto’s radar.

Percy Schmeiser, the 82-year old Canadian farmer who has waged a decades long war against Monsanto and is a genuine hero, mentions in the video that Poland’s president recently vetoed a bill sent to his desk that would have approved GMO crops in that nation. Could it be more than coincidence that Poland borders Ukraine, and that the Polish president ended any opportunity for Monsanto to gain markets and profits in Poland? The vast farmlands in Ukraine represent a large, large market for companies like Monsanto to sell seeds, chemicals like Roundup (the largest selling herbicide on Earth), as well as obtaining legal compliance from farmers/growers through virtually one-sided contractual legalese those growers agree to/sign off on when purchasing Monsanto GMO seeds.

Mr. Schmeiser has become an icon for his family’s fierce legal battles with Monsanto, his sharing of agricultural knowledge, and his negative experiences with Monsanto around the world – gained through decades of farming in Canada.

When GMOs were simultaneously approved in 1996 by the Canadian and American governments, the biotech corporations touted GMOs as “savior” plants which would lead to higher yields (farmers will make more money), less need for chemical inputs (saving farmers money), and reductions in world hunger and starvation. After more than 17 years, every claim made about the superior “nature” of GMOs – that GMOs were “essentially equivalent” to historical crops with regard to nutrition, claims about GMOs being safe for human and animal consumption, claims that GMOs would not contaminate organic farms (essentially that GMO would not be carried by the wind, birds, insects, or transport), etc. – have all failed miserably.

GMOs have been a complete failure. Unless you own stocks in a corporation like Monsanto.

The Schmeiser family’s experiences with Monsanto are highly disturbing, and Mr. Schmeiser’s sharing of actual events drive to the core of the worldwide negative consequences of GMOs. His personal experiences, combined with his extensive knowledge of farming and the dangers of GMOs, are in effect “ground-zero” on the controversial issue of patenting life forms. He believes and states that Monsanto and other biotech companies have less concern for humanity’s health and well-being than the drive for total control of the world’s food supply. Monsanto has spent $billions to buy up traditional (and organic) seed companies, and then taking those seeds off the market leaving GMO seeds as the only option for farmers.

The families of the Ukraine who are in agriculture would be wise to fully learn from and understand experiences of the Schmeiser family from Canada. Theirs is only one of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of real-life badly ending farm family stories due to legal battles with Monsanto. Mr. Schmeiser tells the audience here that hundreds of farm families in Canada alone have suffered total financial ruin from legal battles with Monsanto.

Percy Schmeiser is now 82 years old; his wife is 81 years old. Mr. Schmeiser points out that he and his wife don’t know how much time they have left on Earth. Speaking with the spirit of all genuine heroes who have lived on this Earth, Mr. Schmeiser conveys that “We’re going to go down fighting!” He shares an experience in South Africa, where after speaking to an audience there about GMOs and Monsanto, he met face-to-face with a Monsanto representative outside the hall who shook his fist in the faces of Percy and his wife, “Nobody stands up to Monsanto! We’re going to get both of you, somehow, someday – and we’re going to destroy you both!”

In the video he states, “I don’t want to sound doom-and-gloom, but seeds that have evolved and been around for thousands of years are going, and going fast.”

Mr. Schmeiser points out that in Europe, because national governments have passed laws requiring the labeling of GMOs, transnational companies like Monsanto have backed off somewhat on efforts to push their seeds and chemicals/inputs like Roundup. He points out that if Monsanto and other biotech corporations are so “proud” of their GMOs, there should be no resistance to labeling them, instead of spending $millions for advertisements to convince citizens to reject state labeling/ballot initiatives.

God bless Percy Schmeiser and all men and women who in essence simply want good healthy food for their children and grandchildren – for everyone’s children and grandchildren. Some view GMO labeling laws, and publication of independent peer-reviewed scientific GMO studies, as necessary first steps on the road to banishment of science which has not only been an abject failure, but has resulted in very substantial, real harm to the environment and the health of human beings, animals, insects, and all living things.

Others hold the view that labeling GMOs is certainly pushed for benevolent purposes, but that labeling fails to remedy the essential problem(s) associated with GMOs let loose in the environment. This analysis shows people that labeling allows for a continuation of GMO planting and cross-pollination, gene drift through the winds, the waters, and other ways in which seeds and their physical makeup/constituents have migrated since the beginning of time itself.

Those who push for labeling GMOs have earned respect and honor for caring about the health and well-being of their fellow human beings and the creation. Labeling could be seen as reaching for the moon. Banishment of GMOs from the face of this Earth is the result of reaching for the sun. The question “would you be in favor of GMO labeling or GMO banishment?” offers the most intense insight into what is truly at stake.

Everyone old enough remembers the TV commercial that says, “you don’t mess with Mother Nature”. When GMOs became approved by Canada and America in 1996 without any environmental/health impact studies from independent scientists, the largest-scale assault on life commenced – the greatest assault the world has ever seen – and a literally monstrous technology got turned loose on the planet.

The GMO monster continues to replicate and combine. The destruction has to stop. For the sake of future generations. Please do not underestimate Percy Schmeiser’s absolutely urgent message.

Nobody has the right to patent – to own – life itself.

Ban genetically modified organisms from the face of the Earth.


(Percy Schmeiser speaking at “The World vs. Monsanto”, organized by the Green Party of Canada, in Saskatoon, Canada – May 22, 2013)

Hawaii Island GMO Ban Heard Around The World.

Satellite view of Hawaii archipellago (USA). F...
Satellite view of Hawaii archipellago (USA). Français : Vue satellite de l’archipel d’Hawaï (États-Unis). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted December 19, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

On December 6 Hawaii Island Mayor Billy Kenoi signed Bill 113, banning GMO crops from the island. News of the legislative action by the Hawaiian people quickly led to positive reactions from an increasing number of men and women around the world who have awakened to the problems and dangers of GMO foods.

Passage of Bill 113, originally drafted by Hawaii councilwoman and attorney Margaret Wille, is an example of true democracy in action – in a process that began in May 2013 culminating in the GMO ban. The citizens of Hawaii Island have given people around the world encouragement in their efforts to maintain a healthy and nutritious food supply on the Earth, and will no doubt lead to similar legislation becoming written, debated, and passed in cities, counties, states, and nations around the world.

One of the strongest reasons for passage of Bill 113 on Hawaii Island, with its 12-month growing season, was the preservation of organic farms’ pristine certifications. If an organically certified farm becomes contaminated through cross-pollination of GMO from a neighboring farm, there is a very good chance the organic farmer will lose his certification as “organic”, jeopardizing sales to consumers and nations who want organic food only.

With the increasing worldwide trend by countries and food consumers toward labeling or outright banishment of GMO foods/crops, along with a higher demand for organic, Hawaii Island firmly decided to protect what will become an increasing share of the world’s agricultural sales – non-GMO, organic food. So, Bill 113 protects both the health and well-being of Hawaiian citizens in insuring good food, while looking out for the economic future paradigm shift toward organic.

There are strong indications pointing to a severe downturn in sales of GMO foods/crops around the world moving forward. Biotech industry suppression of the truth regarding the negative health effects humans and animals experience from eating GMO foods has become ineffective, as recent long-term studies have shown rats fed GMOs suffering from a variety of very serious health problems – including cancer.

All nations and regions around the world would exhibit wisdom by requiring GMO labeling, long-term studies by independent scientists, and moratoriums or outright banning. This is a wisdom that first, and most importantly, looks out for the health and well-being of citizens, animals, and all life forms, and second, looks at the devastating negative economic consequences of decreased future sales in the world’s agricultural marketplace.

One can look at the passage of Bill 113 in Hawaii as the proverbial “canary in the coal mine” for those who have been pro-GMO. Perhaps the most direct way to say this is as follows.

You may want to seriously consider selling any stocks you own that read Monsanto.


The following video is of a short speech by Bill 113’s author, councilwoman and attorney Margaret Wille from May 25, 2013. Thank you Ms. Wille and all the men and women from Hawaii who showed the rest of the world what true democracy looks like.