Exposing the Real Deep State

Tony Cartalucci contends the idea that President Donald Trump and his administration are somehow waging war against America’s “Deep State” is a delusion.

“Ultimately, sidestepping the crass, unsophisticated but highly provocative and alluring strategy of tension created around the Trump administration and the alleged “deep state” it is supposedly fighting, is essential in identifying and confronting the real deep state that is orchestrating both sides of this charade.”

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March 13, 2017 (Tony Cartalucci – NEO) – Many both within and beyond America’s borders labor under the delusion that US policy is determined by the nation’s elected representatives amid a careful balancing act between the judicial, legislative, and executive branches of government. In reality, the inner workings of US policy resemble nothing of the sort.

In reality, an unelected deep state controls the United States, its resources, government, and people. However, the term “deep state” has been overused and intentionally abused, particularly since the election of US President Donald Trump in an effort to continue concealing the real deep state and divert public attention away from what is becoming an increasingly obvious continuity of agenda from one presidency to the next.

Uncovering and understanding the nature of the real deep state is in fact elementary, but essential in understanding the genesis and perpetuation of US policy. It…

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Standing Rock Smoke Signals.

By Jerry Alatalo

Header8Alphabet Veterans for Peace has sent out the call to its membership across the United States to support the water protection efforts at Standing Rock, North Dakota. Thousands of men and women veterans from the United States Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy have already arrived or are on their way to the camp, where some 11-12,000 people of all races have gathered to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Arrival of the veterans has created in the minds of many images recalling the atrocities of Wounded Knee where hundreds of innocent Native Americans became victims of mass murder by U.S. government/military forces – leading to calls for restraint and caution to avoid any repeat of that or other historic tragedies. The most remarkable and disturbing aspect of the months-long events in Standing Rock has been the excessive use of violence against those opposing the pipeline’s construction, with opposition efforts carried out using Gandhian-style peaceful protest – prayers, unified purpose, wisdom, and non-violent civil disobedience.

The land on which the thousands protesting the pipeline have gathered was promised by treaties made with the U.S. government in the 1800’s to the Lakota Sioux/Standing Rock tribe. The specific language in those treaties said, “for as long as the sun shines…”. The U.S. Congress in 1954, depending on one’s interpretation, either took possession of the land beneath the camp by “eminent domain” or stole it, with the intended purpose of flooding it as part of a hydroelectric dam project. The dam project never materialized.

The standoff will have to become resolved in the courts, and the water protectors are working to avoid unnecessary violence if law enforcement personnel receive the orders on December 6 to clear the camp and its thousands of residents – now, including a large contingent of U.S. military veterans standing in solidarity for support of the environment, morality and legal justice.

While those who call for the pipeline’s construction have told the American people the project will benefit “all” as part of the nation’s drive toward “energy independence”, apparently the project, if completed, would result in 100% of the fossil fuels transported through those pipes being exported to foreign countries for profit. Millions of taxpayer dollars are being spent with law enforcement operations to clear the way for private investors to profit, jeopardizing the environment in the process – in particular the drinking water for millions of citizens whose sole source is the Missouri River and/or massive Oglala Aquifer.

U.S. Marine Corps-Korean War veteran and member of the Lakota Sioux tribe, 80-year old Buzz Nelson, has been closely associated with events at Standing Rock; his grandson is the chairman of the Standing Rock tribe, David Archambault. He recently sat down for an interview with fellow Marine Dan Shea, veteran of the Vietnam War, to share thoughts, concerns, and reasons for optimism surrounding the historic events in North Dakota.

For more thorough, in-depth information on the legal situation in North Dakota and effective ways to support the men and women of Standing Rock, please visit: www.LakotaLaw.org

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The Collateral Consequences Of Hillary Clinton.

By Jerry Alatalo

“In public life, instead of modesty, incorruptibility, and honesty – shamefulness, bribery and rapacity hold sway.”

-SALLUST (86-34 B.C.) Roman historian

aaa-9Alphabet The Wall Street documentary expose’, “The Veneer of Justice in the Kingdom of Crime”, was written, produced and directed by Mr. John Titus. In the film he makes a strong case that the Obama administration Justice Department under Attorney General Eric Holder (the top law enforcement official in the United States), Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer and others from the department protected executives of Wall Street global giant Goldman Sachs from prosecution for major financial fraud – and prison.

For those men and women who view the film, it should become readily apparent the real reasons for Hillary Clinton’s firm resolve and still-persisting refusal to show the American people the transcripts of her three (3) $225,000 speeches to Goldman Sachs. At the same time, the level of concern over Ms. Clinton’s nondisclosure and total lack of transparency should rise exponentially, in a natural response seeing she’s, thus far, the favorite to become the next President of the United States.

Unfortunately, Mr. Titus’ outstanding film is a documentary based on facts – and not a work of fiction. The American people are reasonable in expecting a President Hillary Clinton to appoint the same caliber of legal minds to her Justice Department as Barack Obama, illustrated by Clinton campaign advertisements featuring Eric Holder giving her his “strong” endorsement. That Mr. Holder, Mr. Breuer and other Obama Justice Department attorneys now work at the Wall Street law firm Covington & Burling representing Goldman Sachs and other major “too big to fail/jail” banks should cause Americans to stop and think.

Americans might think again about Hillary Clinton, because in the eight years of Obama’s administration not one Wall Street executive went to jail, despite what many expert observers have concluded was major, epidemic financial fraud committed in the years leading up to the economic crash of 2007-8. The people of Britain recently voted to leave the European Union in what everyone has come to know as the “Brexit”. Considering Ms. Clinton’s unyielding secrecy over her $225,000 Goldman Sachs speeches combined with the film’s Goldman Sachs-specific revelations as associated with Obama’s Justice Department officials, the American people might start looking around for the nearest “Clexit” (Clinton exit).

At first glance, an analogy of “Brexit” and “Clexit” might seem somewhat silly or even ridiculous. But after further thought, both the British and Americans share the challenge of dealing with a handful of extremely wealthy, politically connected people operating from positions of massive centralized power, able to completely escape accountability from constraining legal or democratic means. In a real sense, Americans’ electing Ms. Clinton President of the United States is the precise opposite of Brits’ voting to leave the European Union – further concentration of power versus decentralization.

As Mr. Titus’ film points out, Eric Holder, Lanny Breuer and their Justice Department colleagues arranged for Goldman Sachs to commit crimes with impunity, conjuring up the excuse of sparing employees, the U.S. and world economy, etc. from negative “collateral consequences”. Holder and Breuer simply made up the “collateral consequences” argument to protect their friends at Goldman Sachs from going to prison.

However, the negative collateral (parallel) consequences of a Hillary Clinton presidency would be all too real, multi-faceted – including matters of war and peace, and cause for great concern internationally – only possible through attainment of one of the most powerful positions on Earth.

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Sanders, Clinton And Foreign Policy ‘Red Meat.’

By Jerry Alatalo

Veterans For Peace








Alphabet Professor of Media Studies at New York University Mark Crispin Miller helped bring together peace activists Scott Ritter and Ray McGovern to talk about the differences between Senator Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton days before today’s New York state Democratic primary. It’s unfortunate that the presentation wasn’t organized earlier. Ritter and McGovern tell viewers of The Real News Network and other media the facts about each in such a way that an earlier effort could have made a Sanders victory in New York more certain.

In the months, weeks and days preceding the George W. Bush administration’s commencement of “shock and awe” – the 2003 war on Iraq – Scott Ritter, a weapons inspector for the United Nations in Iraq, worked seemingly alone in efforts to prevent the 2003 Iraq War. Despite the largest protests in world history before the outbreak of war and violence, millions around the Earth on the streets demanding no military attack on Iraq, the U.S. administration of Bush/Cheney with complicity from British leader Tony Blair and others carried out what has come to be perceived/described as America’s worst foreign policy decision in its history.

During the 1st Gulf War against Iraq in the early 1990’s President George H. W. Bush Sr. signaled through Middle East administration spokesperson April Glass to Saddam Hussein, giving the green light to Hussein, that invasion of Kuwait would not compromise America’s national security interests. Giving the green light to Hussein was part of an elaborate plan to convince the Saudi royal family, upon warnings of Hussein’s “plan” to attack Saudi Arabia after Kuwait – delivered by then Defense Secretary Dick Cheney, to agree to large, permanent U.S. military bases on Saudi soil.

Part of the propaganda was the appearance by the daughter of Kuwait’s U.S. ambassador before a hearing in Congress, where she faked her identity as an eyewitness to Iraqi Army atrocities in Kuwait involving “babies in incubators”, shedding false tears while describing the babies abandoned on the cold floor – left to die. The false story was broadcast across the United States, Bush Sr. expressed outrage in speeches about “..tearing babies from their incubators!”, and the lie became repeated over, and over, and over.

Scott Ritter was fired on the spot from the military after telling the truth about so-called scud missiles of Saddam Hussein, falsely reported on U.S. media every day as being “successfully” destroyed – that there were no scud missiles in Iraq, and that satellite images were of oil tankers.

Try though he did to tell the truth and prevent unnecessary war and violence during the 1st Iraq War under Bush Sr. and the 2nd, more catastrophic Iraq War under Bush II, Scott Ritter suffered brutal persecution and attacks against his character. Ritter attempted to meet with his U.S. Senator in New York immediately preceding the crucial 2003 vote authorizing war against Iraq – Hillary Clinton, but he was ignored and Clinton voted for war. It is uncertain whether Ritter’s efforts to stop Iraq War II had any influence on Bernie Sanders’ voting against the war resolution in Congress.

Both Ritter and McGovern point out the lies told about Libya and Syria which followed the pattern set in Iraq: 1) first painting Gaddafi and Assad as “brutal dictators”, involved in “state-sponsored terrorism”, 2) falsely accuse them of killing their own people, 3) assertions of possession of weapons of mass destruction, then 4) calling for Libya and Syria sanctions and 5) applying no-fly zones on those countries. The pattern is all about interventionism and regime-change, to which Scott Ritter asserts America has become addicted. Both assert that Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State was the architect of deception leading to major warfare and violence in Libya and Syria, and that if Hillary Clinton were to become president, for the American people and the people of the Middle East it would be more of the same.

These are days of profound civilization-wide historic change.

Scott Ritter and Ray McGovern are two heroic, truth-telling human beings who join with an increasingly larger segment of the world’s population in calling for an end to criminal wars and deceptions carried out by malevolent-minded people bent on maintaining and increasing control, power and wealth at the price of millions of innocent other people sharing this Earth. War, killing, destruction and massive harming of fellow members of the human family are no longer acceptable as means of conducting worldly “business”.

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