Knighthoods Are Being Given to Those the UK State Wants to Protect from Prosecution — The Expose

[Editor’s note: King Charles III (aka “King Chucky”) honors individuals with criminal histories, including executives of manufacturing corporations of so-called “COVID vaccines” (gene-editing mRNA injections never before administered to large portions of the human population) responsible for immeasurable deaths, serious injury and related physical carnage among innocent people all across the Earth over the past three years. Is it anywhere written that Knighthood shields men from prosecution for historic-magnitude, heinous crimes against humanity?]

In the UK today, it seems, being knighted means you’re someone the UK state wishes to protect from prosecution for crimes against the British people. We don’t need to point to Sir […]

Knighthoods are being given to those the UK state wants to protect from prosecution — The Expose

Confidential Pfizer Docs & Official Gov. Reports Confirm Covid-19 Vaccination is Destroying Immune Systems, Killing Hundreds of Thousands & Causing Infertility, Stillbirths & Cancer — The Expose

[“And it is why hundreds of thousands of people are dying on a weekly basis all over the world, with 2022 being a record-breaking year for deaths.

But it’s not just people suffering or dying that the world needs to worry about. Because confidential Pfizer documents and real-world data confirm Covid-19 vaccination has an adverse effect on fertility in both men and women.

Couple that with the proven increased risk of losing a child during pregnancy, the increased rate of stillbirths, and the critical increase in newborn deaths, then it’s not beyond the realms of possibility to conclude that Covid-19 vaccination is currently causing mass depopulation at an alarming rate.”]


There shall be NO AMNESTY for the mass murderers behind the past three years of unleashed global nightmare crime spree.

In 2020, your freedoms and liberties were taken away because of an alleged pandemic. You were then told that the answer to regaining those freedoms and liberties was to take an experimental […]

Confidential Pfizer Docs & Official Gov. Reports confirm Covid-19 Vaccination is destroying Immune Systems, killing Hundreds of Thousands & causing Infertility, Stillbirths & Cancer — The Expose