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[Editor’s note: As one of this generation’s wise and always directly-honest journalists, Professor Edward Curtin can be counted upon to examine humanity’s great and important issues time after time after time, in a manner comparable to a consistent home run hitter in the game of baseball. Read Mr. Curtin’s latest article “It’s About Time”, and you may agree he’s belted a bases-loaded grand slam (game-winning) homerun for humanity – the home team, with home meaning planet Earth… Peace.]

Edward Curtin Audio Version New Feature! Isn’t it always? With the start of World War III by the United States “declaring” war against Russia by its actions in Ukraine, we have entered a time when the end of time has become very possible.  I am speaking of nuclear annihilation. I look down at my great-uncle’s…

It’s About Time — OffGuardian

REVIEW: “States of Emergency” — OffGuardian

[Editor’s note: From the introduction to “States of Emergency: Keeping the Global Populations in Check” by Kees van der Pijl: “The psychological shock of the proclamation of a pandemic, like the purpose behind torture, is intended to induce acceptance of a ‘new normal’ and to turn off critical judgment. This state of mind is achieved by withholding information about what is really going on, through the extremely one-sided information by politicians and mainstream media. Divergent views by often highly qualified experts are not mentioned or are dismissed as ‘conspiracy theories.’ This can be compared to the sensory deprivation in psychological torture. . . .We are dealing with a biopolitical  seizure of power, initiated at the level of global governance and reaching deep into the sovereignty of the individual, a seizure that involves a  whole range of forms of violence.”

The long global crimes against humanity nightmare must be brought to an immediate end. The same Fascist forces behind the COVID mass murders are also the forces insanely pushing humanity precariously closer to nuclear war, as they understand their truly wicked global agenda is falling apart at the seams. Worldwide knowledge of Kees van der Pijl’s bombshell book on the COVID Deception/greatest crime in Earthly history, along with the equally important and explosive book “The Real Anthony Fauci” by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., have the capacity to bring about that absolutely necessary and urgent stop.]

Edward Curtin Edward Curtin reviews “States of Emergency: Keeping the Global Populations in Check” by Kees van der Pijl. This book is a brilliant and comprehensive analysis of the Covid-19 crisis and the worldwide states of siege instituted under its cover. 16 more words

REVIEW: “States of Emergency” — OffGuardian