Gonna Have To Serve Somebody.

English: Photo from Bob Dylan's April 28, 2006...
English: Photo from Bob Dylan’s April 28, 2006 concert appearance at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival (aka “Jazzfest”) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted August 19, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

While searching for interesting, relevant information on hydraulic fracturing I came across this video of Phil Driscoll and friends. In the studio they deliver a most excellent version of Bob Dylan’s “Serve Somebody.” These fellows, and the gal on piano, look like seasoned music veterans who are sure of what they are after while playing their instruments, and we can agree that they achieved their goal.

So how did I go from trying to find information about fracking to Phil Driscoll and his friends laying it down on Serve Somebody? We can leave that for later. However the lyrics that Bob Dylan wrote are related to the fracking issue. Frankly, I would have to spend a lot more time researching hydraulic fracturing to give an informed opinion of the presence or absence of dangers to people.

There are men and women on Earth who can give humanity an informed opinion-these are the people who must come together now to arrive at wise decisions going forward. There are various reasons for all those involved in hydraulic fracturing, for and against, to get in the game. Some are in it for a paycheck or to make a killing or to help people via reduced energy bills. Some are in it because they see polluting of aquifers as nothing less than polluting the people and animals who drink from those aquifers.

Bob Dylan was able to greatly simplify things with Serve Somebody. Could it be that, for all those involved in fracking, as well as every issue of importance to humanity: 

“You can serve the devil, you can serve the Lord, but you’re gonna have to serve somebody”?

Fracking. Part 4.

The dome on the Illinois State Capitol in Spri...
The dome on the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield is taller than the dome on the United States Capitol. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted August 19, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

In states around America many groups have joined together to express concerns and use legal means to stop fracking in their communities. In Illinois a bill is up for vote to place a two-year moratorium on the practice, with the hope of more extensive health and scientific studies becoming available in the near future.  Governmental bodies from city, county to state across the nation have taken actions to slow or stop fracking in their regions.

The man and woman in this talk are obviously in the group of people from Illinois who are not in favor of fracking. If there is anyone reading this who can point to persons who have, or documentary films which contain, persuasive arguments for fracking, please enter such persons or films in the comments below.

This writer wants to hear all sides of this issue, as this allows for people to have more information to make up their minds. All viewpoints which are explained in a respectful, thoughtful way are welcome. This is a large issue with tremendous consequences that cannot be dismissed or ignored.

The major concern for citizens is the safety of drinking water supplies. I have said it before but it has to be repeated: water is life.