United Nations Offers Record Reward For Information On Syria Chemical Attacks.

The UN headquarters in New York
The UN headquarters in New York (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted August 26, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

The United Nations has announced they are offering an unprecedented one-hundred million dollar ($100,000,000) reward to any person who, or group of persons that, has information or evidence which leads to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the chemical attack murders in Syria.

The previous statement is obviously fictional, but should this proposal be seriously considered and implemented?

Think seriously about this for a moment. The first question which we should ask: “why has no-one on this Earth stepped forward with the truth about who was behind this tragic attack?” The murders occurred, and there are people who know who is responsible.

What is the possibility that one of those who know what happened, who is responsible for this heinous crime, told a family member or family members, a trusted friend or friends? Perhaps $100,000,000 plus an iron-clad guarantee of physical safety for the rest of one’s life would lead to the truth being known on who did this.

For the United Nations to offer such a reward would be no risk and only gain, in the form of tips and rock-solid information surrounding this tragedy. For many hundreds of years humanity has used cash rewards as an incentive for witnesses to come forward, to solve crimes. Right now the chemical attack in Syria, which resulted in the deaths of hundreds and injure to thousands, is the largest unsolved crime on this Earth.

I am on record here, saying that this is a serious proposal that would possibly work to determine who the murderers are. I am asking all who read these words to consider this proposal deeply, use your logic to determine if it is a good proposal or not, and act in whatever manner you find necessary.

To repeat, this mass murder is the largest unsolved crime on this Earth. Extraordinary criminal events require extraordinary measures to solve them.

The capture and arrest of the perpetrators of this, the most horrendous unsolved crime on Earth, will only be accomplished through using every law-enforcement tool available, including this proposed multi-million dollar reward. I am requesting that this proposal be quickly communicated to, and authorized at, the highest levels of the United Nations, and that the world press be notified immediately.

If any person reading this comes to agree it is a worthy proposal please do what you deem necessary to bring to the attention of the United Nations, so the reward will be arranged quickly, then widely publicized and known by all people on this Earth. 


All Wars Are Bankers Wars.

Reposted on May 18, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

blogger7-1The following documentary produced by radio talk-show host Michael Rivero – “All Wars Are Bankers Wars” – will astound and open the eyes of many who view it here. Thank you to Michael Rivero for making this important film.

Perhaps many of you reading this possess an awareness of the messages conveyed in this documentary. Banking documentaries represent a genre that doesn’t have that many participants. The film “The Secret Of Oz” by Bill Still, who interviewed financial journalist Matt Taibbi at a Public Banking Institute event in June 2013 in an earlier post, is one other excellent film of this genre.

Given the serious situation occurring now in the country of Ukraine, it was important to include “All Wars Are Bankers Wars” in a visible repost in order to reach as many men and women as possible. Please share this with as many people – in as many countries around the Earth – as you possibly can. Please work for peace in Ukraine. Thank you.