Fracking. Part 2.

Posted August 17, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

mountain44After Josh Fox made the documentary Gasland,  it sparked the national debate in the United States around the controversial practice called fracking. Similar debates have begun in other nations around the world as more information becomes available for citizens.

There are legitimate concerns for people who live in the regions where fracking is taking place. Many people, including scientists, have become convinced underground aquifers supplying drinking water for many families around the world have become polluted by chemicals used in the process, as well as large amounts of methane.

As Josh Fox mentions in this interview on the news program Democracy Now, methane is many times more potent as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. His documentary film Gasland received a nomination for an Academy Award and here he discusses Gasland 2, his follow-up to the original. Gasland described the personal stories of those who have felt the negative consequences of fracking.

In Gasland 2 Josh Fox delves into the forces on both sides of the issue: the oil and gas corporations on the one hand, men and women who feel great responsibility for the health and well-being of their families and friends, on the other. At the center of  the debate lies the inescapable fact that water is life.

To those of you who have viewed  either Gasland and/or Gasland 2 please share your impressions on the issue of fracking. Any addition of awareness on this consequential phenomenon is valuable, and allows for more informed discussions between people. This helps lead to decisions which reflect the best interests of all people.