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Posted August 8, 2013 by Jerry Alatalo

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Heaven On Earth. Part 10.

Hemp maze (industrial hemp) at the "Späth...
Hemp maze (industrial hemp) at the “Späth’schen Baumschulen” (tree/plant nursery), Berlin, Germany, 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hermann Scheer 2005
Hermann Scheer 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

August 8, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

As we move toward closing this series we have decided to share our concerns with you on some issues. We will touch on a variety of human activities that are occurring and offer opinions. These opinions are the writer’s and we will try and be as honest and straightforward as possible. I hope to come across in a way that is positive and thought-provoking.

The following section will concentrate on changes to current conditions in areas where there is debate on options. We will give you our honest opinion on these issues. There is that possibility that the information we have come in contact with does not match completely what is occurring; conditions may have improved. I hope conditions have improved but use your discernment and perhaps your experience and knowledge will allow you to clarify any error(s). Whether you agree with my observations or not we can at least guarantee to you that my opinions are honest.

Fluoridation of water. I  assert that adding fluoride to water supplies for human consumption is an activity which should be examined to decide if the practice was better discontinued. The simple observation that fluoride is a main ingredient of rat poison should produce enough concern to re-think the safety of fluoride for humans. Some theorize that fluoride is inserted into water supplies to pacify those who consume it. Just as the use of drugs on so-called hyperactive children is to calm them down, perhaps fluoride is added to calm down the adults.

Evidently fluoride is a neurotoxin and physically dangerous for the human brain. Fluoride evidently is a waste byproduct of certain manufacturing processes. There is debate as to whether the Nazi regime under Hitler added fluoride to the water consumed by those held prisoner during the second world war. There are those who assert that this practice was done to pacify the prison population with the effect being increases in docility.

As the questions about safety surrounding fluoride are seemingly legitimate, the practice needs to be re-examined to make the wisest choice. Many cities, towns and villages have discontinued fluoridation of their water supplies, and we reiterate that this issue needs a serious examination.

Alternative energy. The examples provided by the countries of Brazil and Germany are illustrative. Brazil has come to a point where almost all the energy to run automobiles comes from alcohol, produced in Brazil. It seems that the production and use of alcohol from organic plants as an alternative to gasoline, similar to producing whiskey, vodka etc.,  has a potential which has been intentionally minimized. To learn about the tremendous potential of alcohol energy production we will suggest that you find David Blume online. David Blume is a leader on alcohol to power cars. Go to

Our guess is that the small amount of information on the tremendous potential for alcohol to power vehicles comes from those who find the present oil and gasoline situation to their liking. When average men and women can use available technology to produce alcohol energy for themselves and their neighbors as a business, it would compete with historically dominant energy interests.

We share this information on the tremendous potential of economic activity surrounding small-scale business in alcohol production as there seems to exist a monopolistic situation. The other neat thing about using alcohol to run cars and trucks is the price per gallon is lower than gasoline. We would suggest as many as possible investigate the tremendous potential for average folks to get into producing alcohol energy. There are a number of positive consequences for human economic and physical health. Producing alcohol for energy is a very promising sign that men and women can compete with extremely powerful interests.

The potential, especially for average men and women and business ventures, is tremendous and makes one very optimistic.

Germany has made great strides in renewable energy, especially solar, and gives a good example of what is possible. In Germany one finds solar installations on homes and commercial buildings everywhere, thanks to Hermann Scheer, who was instrumental in legislation being passed which opened up renewable energy growth. Find information on Hermann Scheer, who was a world leader on solar energy, what he called the “energy of the people”, until he passed away in 2010.

Industrial hemp. Just as information on the tremendous potential of small-scale production of alcohol energy for cars and trucks is hard to find, the same suppression exists when the topic is industrial hemp. As small-scale family run alcohol production’s potential is a threat to monopoly in the energy field, so industrial hemp farms are a threat to monopoly in the lumber and paper sectors.

So we are seeing a pattern of control here. The simple, and only, reason the farmers in America cannot make money by growing industrial hemp is because they would make money. Yes, the previous sentence was typed on the computer correctly. If farmers in America grew industrial hemp they would be taking part in the ending of lumber and paper industry monopoly. So we know the reason that industrial hemp is against the law to farm is money.

No longer would there be a need to cut down forests that are the lungs of the Earth, and provide oxygen for all living things. Many useful products come from hemp including paper, building products, textiles, food and healthy omega rich oils. It seems time to end the charade surrounding industrial hemp and allow anyone to make money from growing it. It grows rapidly anywhere in any climate. There is a tremendous positive potential for humanity with industrial hemp farming. It is time to end the charade about industrial hemp farming.

Single payer non-profit health care system. We suppose a place to begin here would be to consider why men and women enter the health care field. The major reason in the decision would be the helping of others. Those in healthcare fields who actually are the difference for people with the work they do, have the making of money down on the list of reasons they do what they do. We would observe that insurance corporations have as a first motive profits. Those in management positions of health related corporations have received training in their university studies that maximization of profits is pretty much what business is all about.

When there is this collision of maximization of profits and decisions on the health and well-being of patients, there is a problem. Those responsible for maximization of profits have to answer very difficult questions of morals and ethics. We do not envy those folks. Some in high management positions at health related corporations must make the choices that result in life or death for their customers. Some have made their corporations extremely good profits and been rewarded tremendously.

It seems that the health and well-being of human beings is sacrificed by organizations whose main motive is profit maximization. This is why we believe that a single payer non-profit health care system similar to every industrialized country in the world should be implemented in America. We do have empathy for all those whose employment would come to an end at for-profit health corporations.

One has only to consider that no other nation in the industrialized world has changed their system to one like in America, and you will come to understand that America is behind in this important area. Elimination of waste and increased ability to treat patients would be an improvement, if patients are considered more important than profits.

Financial sector regulation. The academy award-winning documentary “Inside Job” from Charles Ferguson cuts to the chase for those of you interested in learning what happened leading up to the financial crisis of 2008. The recent economic crises which reared its head in 2008 (the effects of which are still being felt world-wide to this day) leads one to suggest that very tight regulation is needed in the financial industry. There seems a variety of complex financial instruments that would be in need of review to find their effects, and whether or not the negative effects of certain instruments call for their banning. This is just the writer’s opinion, but how is it ok to bet that an entity will suffer a downturn?

It just never made sense to me, because betting on a stock losing value opens up all kinds of situations where chicanery is practiced. Chicanery has become the rule, not the exception. For example, there have been people who bet that a beverage or medicine stock will go down, and then placed poison in products with the purpose to cause that stock to go down, and gain in the process. This is one example of loose rules in the financial sector that allow unscrupulous people to manipulate for gain. The casino atmosphere on Wall Street and other centers around the world needs to be eliminated.

The harm done to economies, because of this casino environment in the financial sector, has been enormous and many people have been hurt. It is time to clean up the financial sector and end any opportunity for criminal, immoral and unethical conduct. We would suggest eliminating certain complex instruments, after a thorough review of their negative and positive value to the citizenry of the world. All activities of an immoral or unethical nature need to be eliminated, and now it seems there are plenty.

Tax fairness. Let us start here by imagining a man who works for a company and makes $32,000 a year, pays 28% tax, standing next to a man who made $20,000,000 last year on capital gains and paid 14% tax. Now with this picture in your mind you can come to no other conclusion but that there is something wrong with this picture.

At this point we thought that moving on to the next issue and leaving tax fairness at that would be a dramatic choice.

However we must say a few things here. The inequitable nature of the tax system in this example of the $32k/28% working man and the $20 million/14% capital gains guy, makes this hard to upset writer, upset. Those who defend the low tax on capital gains make as their argument that the capital gains guys are going to invest in and therefore improve the economy. Using simple logic why wouldn’t the $32k/28% guy invest his tax savings (at the same 14% as the capital gains guys) in the economy and therefore improve the economy? Perhaps he could use his tax savings to start a successful business venture and hire employees.

Frankly this inequitable taxation is a bad joke. There is no difference between one man and another on this Earth.. The wrongness of this inequity is so overwhelmingly obvious that there will be no further comment.

Election reform. There are a number of changes we would suggest to increase the power of democratic elections to express the will of the people. First there is the need for a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court decision on the Citizens United case. Evidently a constitutional amendment is the only way to overturn that decision. You have all seen the tremendous number of advertisements paid for by super-pacs. To give those who have the most money the ability to buy elections is nothing more, and nothing less, than allowing those who have the most money to buy democracy.

Perhaps the American people should rise up and demand that money be banned from the election process. When the decisions made at all levels of government from town council to State Houses to the United States Congress, Senate and President have consequences for citizens, we believe that money has no place in elections. We would like to see money banned from the election process to the point where lawn signs and bumper stickers are banned.

We see an election system where candidates’ only form of persuasion is the power of their ideas. There would be lengthy debates in newspapers, online, on television and radio through free time for debates. No longer will those who have the best advertising agency and the most money for advertising be at an advantage. Citizens will base their votes on ideas only. Those who have the most sensible ideas will win election more often and democracy will be more alive. The banning of “polls” will also be part of the reform as the owners of media have no right to manipulate the perceptions of the people.

Another positive result of banning money from the election system is that those who earn the seat will have no need to raise money for the next election. Then, all those in government can devote all of their time to solving problems.

Debates need to be very lengthy and there needs to be many more of them. Every candidate from a recognized political party will take part and none will be left out. Questions will come directly from the people through debate question lotteries. There will be no rigging of questions for debates, but real, tough questioning from the people. When money is eliminated from the process, then candidates will have much more time to debate, as they will not have need to attend fundraisers. The odds are greatly increased that true democracy will become a reality.

Electronic voting will come to an end and paper ballots will make certain there is no tampering with the results. There is a paper trail when recounts are called for.

No longer will elections be held on a Tuesday but on Sunday, or both Saturday and Sunday. The reason Tuesday is election day is that it makes working people less inclined to turn out and vote. Only those who have the money and time can afford to go to the polling place and vote. This was the reasoning when years ago Tuesday was marked as election day. Think about it.

The electoral college system needs to go in favor of popular vote count in Presidential elections. More people will show up to vote when they realize that it will count. Many stay home when their state is obviously going to one candidate or the other. If one candidate gets 80 million votes and the other get 80 million plus one then the candidate with 80 million plus one wins.

Election/campaign reform is long overdue.

A real 9/11 investigation. The events of September 11, 2001 changed society and conditions on Earth in a very significant way. This writer has come to believe that the official 9/11 Commission report failed to answer many questions that needed answering. The smoking gun event that occurred on September 11, 2001 was the collapse of building 7 of the World Trade Center complex. Building 7 was not even mentioned in the official 9/11 report.

Building 7 was slightly damaged on the morning of September 11, and around 5:00 p.m. that afternoon the entire 47-story building fell straight down in its footprint, signifying a certain, controlled demolition. Many groups have formed since that day calling for a real investigation while compiling unquestionable facts that need examination in a real investigation. You probably have done your own search for the truth about what happened on 9/11 and have discovered that a new investigation is needed.

We will take a risk here and say that we find the work done by Dr. Judy Wood is very interesting. Her book has the title: “Where Did The Towers Go?” Find her online and you will see information she puts forward in explaining what happened that day is very convincing and extremely important for humanity. The energy weapons she describes points to free energy technology that could be used by the human race to increase freedom everywhere on this planet.

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth is another group with information that points to the need for a new. real investigation.

Do I have the truth about what happened that day? No.

There are a number of theories about what happened on that day. All credible people concerned about what really happened must be allowed to take part in a new, real investigation, where no fact or evidence is excluded. Wherever the investigation leads, it has to be done. This event has to be investigated so thoroughly that no person has an unanswered question when the investigation is done. The truth simply has to be reached about this event.

$1,000,000,000 maximum wealth. Gore Vidal once said about the aristocracy in America that they are very good at remaining unnoticed. The idea behind a maximum $1 billion wealth is that such a proposal would even the playing field. There are folks out here that have made enormous amounts of money in a year. Think about the people on Wall Street who make money with hedge funds. We have heard accounts of people making in the billion dollar range for a year.

At risk of sounding full of envy, the amounts are in some cases obscene. This describes the motivation of many on Wall Street. To make the killing and the big score. This is problematic as we have seen the big bets taken by people in the financial sector. Win the bet and you are like Gordon Gecko in the Oliver Stone movie “Wall Street.” Lose the bet and, if it is a large enough bet, then the entire economy is hurt.

A $1 billion maximum wealth would end a large percentage of the criminal, immoral and unethical behavior that exists at present. There have been a number of excellent books written by those who have seen these type of activities.

Wealth distribution has been up to the top for a long time. The Walmart Walton family has as much wealth as the bottom 40% of Americans. One family has as much wealth as 40% of the American population. As those with the wealth and power continue to accumulate a larger percentage, it is time to install some fairness. Oh, but that is class warfare or redistribution of wealth, those at the top will say. When folks have hundreds of millions or many billions of dollars, one has to think about the poverty and starvation that afflicts so many.

If you had more than one billion dollars would you share some to reduce human suffering?

Do you think your family could “get by” with one billion dollars of wealth?

The reality that we are all the same on this Earth has been forgotten. It is now time to remember.

Genetically modified organisms/(GMO) food. Find any of a number of documentaries on GMO’s to get a fuller grasp of this most important subject. The first documentary to view, if you have interest in learning more, would be “The World According To Monsanto.” The genetically modified organism, especially foods and crops, is such an overwhelmingly terrible creation. To threaten life on this Mother Earth in the name of profits is in this writer’s mind, evil. Labeling GMO food is a start, but seriously folks, GMO’s must be banned now.

First evil fact. Monsanto developed what is termed a terminator seed. This seed kills itself after one season so that the God-given practice where farmers save seeds for next year’s planting is impossible. Farmers now must buy seeds every new planting season from these corporations, who have gained control of seed companies and want to control the seed market. We do not apologize when we state that this state of affairs is evil.

The spread of these seeds by wind, transport, birds or other means going to happen and threatens the entire ecosystem. This is no exaggeration. This issue strains to the limit one’s belief in the need for forgiveness. This is an issue that has to be addressed with the highest level of maturity, and soon, because it is a life and death issue of planetary dimensions. Let there be no misunderstanding here. This matter is of the gravest importance for the entire human species.

If you do not believe that there is evil in what we are describing the following statistic cannot fail to convince you.

Second evil fact. GM cotton farmers in India have been financially squeezed from rising seed and chemical costs to the point where many have lost their farms. We hope you will use your highest spiritual strength to deal with the fact that between 200,000 and 250,000 farmers in India have committed suicide in the last fifteen years.

Find the documentary “Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives.”

GMO food and crops should be banned from the face of the Earth.

Federal Reserve/monetary reform. We would suggest the documentary “The Secret of Oz” by Bill Still for you to learn very quickly about the problems associated with private corporate control of money supplies around the world. We would recommend the book titled “The Confessions of An Economic Hitman” by John Perkins for truthful information on geopolitical issues and corporate actions. His experiences as described in the book are very revelatory. John Perkins stands up for humanity in a way which signals that good things are ahead of us.

Many believe that the Federal Reserve and similar central banks around the world are public government institutions. They are not public institutions. They are private corporations. The Federal Reserve is a group of private, for profit banks given a one hundred year charter in 1913 to control the money supply in America.

After you watch Bill Still’s documentary you will be in a state of mind where you will be calling for non-renewal of the Federal Reserve’s charter in 2013. The documentary does a great job of explaining the monetary system for those not already aware of monetary issues. It is extremely important that everyone on Earth become informed on these monetary issues. The present economic crises seen on a world-wide scale is reason enough for all to become aware.

The Federal Reserve’s charter to control the quantity and creation of money must not be renewed in 2013. The control of the monetary system and creation of money must be placed in the national government.

Many of you are aware of the situation of private corporate control of monetary systems. We would hope that you are doing what you can to stop any renewal of the Federal Reserve charter scheduled to expire in 2013.

Continued in Part 11…