Iceland Provides Model For The World.

Iceland: Aurora Borealis
Iceland: Aurora Borealis (Photo credit: vicmontol)

Posted September 29, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

The President of Iceland, Dr. Olafur Grimsson, is interviewed in this video by Ms. Oksana Boyko on RT’s “Worlds Apart”. Dr. Grimsson does not come across like the average politician. Instead he is a statesman.

This is an excellent interview which describes the events which the country of Iceland and President Grimsson faced, as well as all countries which have privately owned central banking systems, in the year 2008 when the worldwide financial crisis negatively affected the national economies of the Earth.

President Grimsson describes an “almost revolutionary situation” in his country, which threatened the 1,000 year-old democracy of Iceland. He says that “banks and markets have an enormous democratic responsibility in every country”, and that if the citizens of Iceland had accepted austerity-if they had decided to pay for the failures of private banks-the citizens of Iceland would have had to pay for that decision for decades.

He describes how his decision to hold a referendum, to allow the average citizens of Iceland to decide their future, was the most difficult decision he had ever made. He asked himself who was more important-banks or people-and decided to trust the people, who gave their trust to him. All the while he faced down the negative views and judgments of the status-quo telling him, and the people of Iceland, that their country would become a “pariah state” and suffer extreme isolation.

The issues discussed in this interview go to the heart of problems faced by the people of Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the United States (not austerity-but the kinder, gentler “sequestration”) and other nations.

The people of Iceland, led by President Olafur Grimsson, have provided the ideal model for every other country now suffering under the same harsh austerity measures that Iceland, with 98% of the people in agreement, voted down.

The people of Iceland, by an overwhelming majority, chose democracy and human rights over banks.


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Rolling Thunder Interview. Post #200.

First ever "Earthrise" photograph, t...
First ever “Earthrise” photograph, taken from lunar orbit during Apollo 8 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted September 29, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

The Oneness of Humanity was born on May 25, 2013. In the little more than four months since that beginning there have been 199 individual posts covering a variety of topics or categories. With all of those posts, including some that were the work of other bloggers in the form of “re-blogs”, the common denominator has been an intent to somehow help, and not harm, fellow brothers and sisters in the family of man. After four months of reading thousands of articles by fellow bloggers I can safely say that this is the intent of almost all men and women who write articles: to help somehow to create a new and better way of living on this Earth.

For those who are new to The Oneness of Humanity please feel free to read articles in the “archives” as there are now 200 individual posts covering a range of issues. Please feel free as well to express your thoughts on the “Open Mike” page (created August 7), where you can say whatever you want – about whatever you want. Open Mike is a place where men and women are able to tell the world about conditions, events and situations on Earth that are under or not reported. You would be close to knowing the reason I created Open Mike if you imagined it as a place for whistleblowers.

Whistleblower is a term that I believe is not quite right. My term would be “truth-teller” and that is what the world needs more than ever, on all issues of importance for the human race. One of the most important “truth-tellers” on Earth as of September 29, 2013 is Mother Agnes Miriam, whose report on the August 21, 2013 chemical attacks in Syria contradicts the assertions of the U.S. government/Obama administration. We shall see who eventually will be held responsible for the chemical weapons massacre.

Please feel free to share the names of any other important “truth-tellers” on Earth now. This does not mean only men and women but also books, articles, documentaries and videos which convey important truths.

This post, #200 for The Oneness of Humanity is a milestone of sorts. Thank you to all men and women who have visited, commented, liked or appreciated any articles/writings here. Thank you to all the fellow-men and women bloggers who have adhered to truth, peace, justice and brotherhood. Human beings hold a lot of views correspondent to personal experiences, age, gender, exposure to knowledge, location on Earth, as well as other variables. Where humans share common views deserves focus and attention. All people want to live in peace and experience happiness.

Native American medicine man Rolling Thunder crossed over to the spirit world in 1997. His story is written and told in the book “Rolling Thunder” by Doug Boyd. Among the many truths Rolling Thunder conveyed in that book, the following quote is timeless and always relevant.

“The most basic principle of all is that of not harming others. And that means all people, all life, and all things.”


Near Death Experiences Are Real.

Cover of "Evidence of the Afterlife: The ...
Cover via Amazon

Posted September 28, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

Why is the near death experience (NDE) so very important? For any person who has read about or listened to personal accounts of men, women and children who have had a NDE, there is no doubt that the content he or she has come into contact with is about as profound as it gets.

In this interview, Dr. Jeffrey Long, founder of the Near Death Experience Research Foundation, is speaking to Lilou Mace about his years of involvement with near death experiencers. We find that it is interesting how certain “coincidences” in people’s lives lead to significant changes-in Dr. Long’s case his “accidental” reading of an article about the NDE. From that “accident” he has come to run, the largest website in the world devoted to the study of NDEs, containing thousands of personal accounts from people all over the Earth.

From the “accidental” reading he has built the largest NDE site in the world and become an expert on the phenomenon, writing and publishing a book titled “Evidence Of The Afterlife“. The title of his book is an assertion that there is evidence of life after death-the evidence is provided by the persons who have literally experienced it. Dr. Long points out that patterns and similarities which run through the majority of accounts proves that the experience is real.

Most NDErs have a life-threatening event such as an auto accident or heart attack which leads to an experience that forever changes them in every aspect. The physical condition which these persons are in should eliminate any opportunity to remember what occurred during a NDE. But they remember. The experiencer most times rises out of his or her body, and sees his or herself on the operating table, behind the wheel of the crashed car, or in the ambulance etc.

The person will be able to provide information that would be impossible to know without the reality of their NDE. For example describing the contents of a rooftop, or what someone said while they were unconscious in another area of the hospital, or the instruments used in their medical procedure from observation on a different floor of the hospital etc.

Other patterns include the “tunnel” the soul goes through, often with the light at the end, where the soul emerges into a realm of unspeakable, other-worldly beauty, heavenly music, scenery and smells, and feelings of utter peace and unconditional love. Most describe what has become known as their “life review” where the events of one’s life are viewed in a form of “movie”, where one realizes in a spiritual dimension kind of way the lessons of a lifetime.

At a certain point the NDEr finds that they must return to their body, for “it is not your time” or “you have more to do”. Dr. Long has been with thousands of people who have had the near death experience. He has concluded that they are real proof of the afterlife. Any person who reads the personal accounts will find it impossible to believe otherwise. Why the interest in near death experiences is “snowballing” in this time, as Dr. Long mentions here, is anyone’s guess.

This writer believes that near death experiences truly provide humanity with ultimate truths about the realities of life and death. NDEs provide the most profound answers to date to those questions philosophers, theologians, physicists, and the human race have been asking since time began.


Triple Divide: Powerful Fracking Documentary.

Triple Divide Santino Poster
Triple Divide Santino Poster (Photo credit: Public Herald)

Posted September 26, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

“Triple Divide” is a powerful documentary on the issue of hydraulic fracturing, which has become a worldwide phenomenon and source of contention. The negative consequences of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking” as it is commonly called, have become more well-known recently. The most negative aspect of fracking is the contamination of groundwater aquifers and the environment with chemicals and poisons which cause people, animals and plants to become sick.

There are other negative consequences as well, including the reduction in value of homes surrounding hydraulic fracturing well sites and families losing their ability to sustain a living, or remain where they live because of health concerns caused by fracking in their areas.

There are those who hold the view that fracking operations are a good thing because they increase economic activity and jobs in regions where times are tough. Others hold that the price that is paid for allowing fracking is too high with destruction of the environment-mainly drinking water upon which all life depends.

Documentary film critics have called Triple Divide the most powerful film to date on the hydraulic fracturing phenomenon. As the fracking debate has grown into a worldwide debate, the film has become more widely known by the people of the Earth. The producers and directors of Triple Debate edited the film in a way which simply conveys the facts, without pushing the viewer in any pre-conceived direction, or leading him or her to the filmmakers’ views on fracking.

Go to for more information on this important, timely documentary.


Pittsburgh was the first city to ban fracking as a result of the city council taking democracy into their own hands. Because of the legal environment surrounding fracking, where local communities have found themselves somewhat helpless to stop drilling in their areas, a powerful democracy movement, where the people realize that their state and federal governments will not address their concerns, has grown. Small, medium and large cities, as well as counties, have come to draft a “Community Bill of Rights” to practice true and real democracy.

On the issue of fracking people around the world are now taking matters into their own hands, to protect their own and their neighbors’ health and welfare from corporate harm. This resort to true democracy was inevitable because people have come to the point where they must save their own lives. Their elected leaders and corporations involved with fracking will not come to the aid of people who have legitimate concerns and proven health problems.

An organization that leads the way on this true democracy movement is the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF). If you or anyone you know faces the prospect of hydraulic fracturing with its negative health and welfare consequences, go to for information on how communities around the world are stopping the drilling.