Iceland Provides Model For The World.

Iceland: Aurora Borealis
Iceland: Aurora Borealis (Photo credit: vicmontol)

Posted September 29, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

The President of Iceland, Dr. Olafur Grimsson, is interviewed in this video by Ms. Oksana Boyko on RT’s “Worlds Apart”. Dr. Grimsson does not come across like the average politician. Instead he is a statesman.

This is an excellent interview which describes the events which the country of Iceland and President Grimsson faced, as well as all countries which have privately owned central banking systems, in the year 2008 when the worldwide financial crisis negatively affected the national economies of the Earth.

President Grimsson describes an “almost revolutionary situation” in his country, which threatened the 1,000 year-old democracy of Iceland. He says that “banks and markets have an enormous democratic responsibility in every country”, and that if the citizens of Iceland had accepted austerity-if they had decided to pay for the failures of private banks-the citizens of Iceland would have had to pay for that decision for decades.

He describes how his decision to hold a referendum, to allow the average citizens of Iceland to decide their future, was the most difficult decision he had ever made. He asked himself who was more important-banks or people-and decided to trust the people, who gave their trust to him. All the while he faced down the negative views and judgments of the status-quo telling him, and the people of Iceland, that their country would become a “pariah state” and suffer extreme isolation.

The issues discussed in this interview go to the heart of problems faced by the people of Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the United States (not austerity-but the kinder, gentler “sequestration”) and other nations.

The people of Iceland, led by President Olafur Grimsson, have provided the ideal model for every other country now suffering under the same harsh austerity measures that Iceland, with 98% of the people in agreement, voted down.

The people of Iceland, by an overwhelming majority, chose democracy and human rights over banks.


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9 thoughts on “Iceland Provides Model For The World.

  1. Jerry,
    Thank you for sharing this interview and for your insightful commentary.
    Imo you are right on the most relevant topic when bringing Iceland’s example to the front.
    Iceland is indeed one of the last democratic nations left in this globally “managed”, ie, mismanaged world.
    If at all anything can be added to this superb content I would like to point at a post that provides some more details – in the context of the EU’s fraudulent foundation – regarding the case of the non-EU Iceland, and a comparison thereof with the example by the EU-stricken Ireland. The difference speaks volumes … As such this topic demonstrates the only way out of the crisis: to secede, secede, that is to exit the global governance.


    1. Skywanderer,
      There are so many choices of issues and events to include on one’s blog. This interview of Olafur Grimsson was one that I was fortunate to stumble upon. The Iceland model is one that many citizens in other countries around the world wish their governments would pursue. As one who is “non-denominational” with regard to politics, it seems that Mr. Grimsson, whatever “label” people may give to him, has the best outlook for leadership: true democracy.
      Thank you,


      1. “it seems that Mr. Grimsson, whatever “label” people may give to him, has the best outlook for leadership: true democracy.”
        I very much agree. Another leader I often refer to in this context is Ecuador’s president Correa.
        There is a Greek documentary “Debtocracy” that I posted a while ago, in which Correa is mentioned as a national leader who denied following the Troika’s demand for austerity, instead he refused repayment of the odious sovereign debt.

        If you haven’t seen the film yet, I highly recommend it to you and to your readers – at the time I saw it first I found it revelatory.
        Sovereign debt, EU, Troika and a short-cut out of the crisis

        I can’t thank you enough for this very informative post, Jerry.


        1. Skywanderer,
          The problems that humanity faces are man-made. Solving the problems of war, inequality, poverty and greed can be accomplished by mankind. The major negative consequences that mankind faces originate from actions taken in the world of international finance/banking. Herein lies the major challenge for humanity-how to first inform all people-then reform international banking/monetary control in such a way that the negative conditions for the world’s people are greatly improved.
          Thank you,


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