Send Love To People In The Middle East.

Posted August 14, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

“The holiest of all the spots on Earth is where an ancient hatred has become a present love.”

– A Course In Miracles

ocean33Please pray for the men, women and children in the Middle East countries. Pray for all people in the Middle East including Christian, Muslim, Sunni, Shiite and whatever separate groups or beliefs exist there. Simply send your love without regard to any type of labels we as humans place on each other. For love needs to be increased in this region, as well as the rest of the Earth.

Today the news reported that 149 people are dead in Egypt in a crackdown by the Egyptian military on pro-Morsi protesters. This writer has no awareness of which “side” is right and which is wrong in Egypt now. One would hope that all people send love to the people of this country because there is no “us and them” in Egypt or any other country on Earth.

There is only us. Humanity is one family, connected just as members of the traditional family are. We are all brothers and sisters in this family of man: we grieve when members of our family suffer tragedy and suffering. Some would say that there is nothing which anybody can do about the wars and violence in the countries of the Middle East. They will say that these are cultural conditions that go back many generations, it will never end.

If one feels any kind of compassion for the families and friends of those who have lost their lives, today and through the years, in the Middle East and all regions of the world, there is no choice but to offer whatever help available to end the human suffering. All that I can offer is love and suggesting to others to send their love to this region as well.

Include the words love and forgiveness, brotherhood and peace, in any discussions about war and peace in the Middle East countries as well as all countries on Earth. Some will say this is wishful thinking, that love and forgiveness will not settle these differences which have existed for sometimes centuries. It is precisely because these conditions have lasted so long that something completely new, a way that has not been taken, needs to be considered.

Whatever the causes-generational strife between different spiritual philosophies, control of natural resources and wealth, education of hate for certain groups of people or any of a number of reasons for war and violence in this region, love and forgiveness are urgently needed.

Send love to the people of the Middle East countries. Pray that voices of wisdom will be heard and understood. Pray that all people in the region without exception come to realize that love, forgiveness and peace is the road to travel from this day forward, into eternity.


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