Heaven On Earth. Part 2.

Much of Arthur Schopenhauer's writing is focus...
Much of Arthur Schopenhauer’s writing is focused on the notion of will and its relation to freedom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
July 31, 2013
by Jerry Alatalo

“But life is short and truth works far and lives long: Let us speak the truth.”

Arthur Schopenhauer

Jesus said: “But the kingdom of the father is spread out upon the Earth, and men do not see it.” If one thinks about this deeply we may come to the point where asking the question: “Is Heaven on Earth possible?” needs to be reconsidered. It would seem that the question considered or posed has to deal with how humanity comes to see that: “the kingdom of the father is spread out upon the Earth…” The eyes of humanity must open and see Heaven all around them, everywhere.

What can we identify which has blinded humanity to the heaven all around us?

Perhaps there are a number of factors. If we take a broad look at human history, with all the events that have occurred, we will find that many amazing things have happened through the centuries. Let us take a few moments and appreciate everything that has happened leading up to this moment in history. Think of every action ever taken, by every single human being who has ever lived. The images that we create by thinking on these things are staggering.

Think about the entire history of the human race from the beginning of time until the present moment. We ask ourselves: What does it all mean? Is there a destination for the human race as time marches on? What is the reason for our existence? These are legitimate questions that we all are asking. Perhaps we come into life and, depending on our actions, when we “die” we go to either an eternal heaven or an eternal hell. Perhaps we reincarnate as many times as is necessary until we come to fully understand unconditional love, and we have become enlightened enough to get off the wheel of birth and rebirth. Perhaps when we “die” our consciousness is over and that is it.

The majority of people on Earth have come to accept the possibilities of a vast array of final destinations. Some call God the “Great Mystery.” It is certain that we will become aware of the truth as we all will be leaving this physical realm. We will all come to experience the passing of family and friends. When one considers how immense this life is, one is left simply awe-struck. Albert Einstein said: “We come to the point where we decide that either nothing is a miracle or everything is a miracle.” One who becomes aware of unconditional love at the same time becomes aware that everything is a miracle.

When one becomes aware of unconditional love and that everything is a miracle, then the actions of that person reflect that awareness. Can we imagine what the world would be like if the awareness that everything is a miracle and that everyone has unconditional love inside of them were widespread? Does it not seem that we as humanity should perhaps “go there”? Would it not be neat if all the satellite television companies on the planet offered a cable channel called “The Heaven on Earth” channel? Then we could see the “Unconditional Love” channel follow as well.

Now you, the host, are starting to think that the guest has really gone “out there”. What is this talk about a “Heaven on Earth” channel and an “Unconditional Love” channel? We believe that if every satellite television company on Earth actualized a “Heaven on Earth” channel that it would be the most popular, most watched broadcasting on the planet. There are many fine people on this planet who are attempting, and have succeeded, in creating places on the world-wide-web that deal with positive changes for humanity.

We should all be very thankful that these communication tools have become available to humanity. We are hopeful and look forward to a brighter future, because the people of the world are communicating in a good way. Think of all the good ideas, thoughts, good humor, and joy that people from everywhere on Earth are sharing with each other. The sharing of thoughts and ideas among the people of the world is resulting in great changes of a spiritual nature. One could see current events and come to the conclusion that an awareness of the real possibility of Heaven on Earth, and every human being’s possession of unconditional love, is growing exponentially.

As we look at the broad expanse of human history, we must know that this present generation is experiencing and creating something that is utterly magnificent. The present generation has gained access to communication technology that has opened the floodgates of important, world-changing information. Think of the course of history and realize that there has never been such an enormous sharing of ideas between men, women and children from all areas of Earth. Just as a family begins to talk about actions and situations, so we now see that the human family is talking about solutions to humanity’s historical problems.

Imagine all the interactions of a positive nature which are occurring between people in all the areas and countries on Earth. It makes one’s heart soar to realize all the love that is expressed in these communications. Imagine all the peace that is being shared. Imagine all the understanding that is being created. See in your mind’s eye and your soul where this massive, positive communication is leading humanity.

As this enormously loving, positive communication progresses, humanity is literally creating a Heaven on Earth.

Continued in Part 3…


Heaven On Earth. Part 1.

July 30, 2013 by Jerry Alatalo

“Love a man even in his sin for that love is a likeness of the divine love, and is the summit of love on Earth.” – Fyodor Dostoyevski

ocean55We are happy to have this chance to share our thoughts with you. It is our greatest and most sincere hope that after you have finished reading these words, that you may in some way be a better person. Our vision for this work is there will be many who read these words and maybe the world will be a better place.

As we are becoming better people we sometimes underestimate the value of this becoming. The realization that creating Heaven on Earth is possible is a realization that takes a certain amount of thought. Sometimes it seems that the human race makes the life experience too complex and cannot see the simple truth within.

Is Heaven on Earth possible? The simple act of asking the question opens up our minds to all kinds of images of what Heaven on Earth would look like. The imagining of possible Earthly realities is extremely worthwhile. The simple act of going to a place in our minds where we consciously think about what some would call utopia begins the journey.

We have all been in conversations where perhaps someone inserts their thoughts and another will say: “let’s not go there.” With regard to humanity’s creation of a Heaven on Earth we are now going to “go there.” In this conversation we will attempt to communicate in such a way that there will be no doubt about the absolute possibility of creating an Earth reality based on infinite love.

Let us now just take a little time to consider the possibilities. First we need to ask ourselves if creating Heaven on Earth is worth any effort. From the wide range of our accomplishments as humans we have learned that certain goals are worth striving for. Consider the effort children exert when as boys and girls they are learning to ride their bikes. These children just know that what they are doing will result in their reaching a goal that will allow them to experience joy.

Consider the serious efforts of men and women who enter war zones trying to bring about peace. These men and women know that what they are doing will result in reaching a goal that will allow the people of the conflict zone to once again experience joy. Consider what drives the child to learn to ride their bike and what drives the man or woman as a peacemaker. Think about all the actions that we as humans take that lie in between the child learning to ride their bike and the peacemakers risking their lives to end war.

What is common to all the actions we as humans take? It is the instinctual belief that the actions will increase joy. Of course this begs some questions. For example: “what about those who take the actions which result in harm being done to others?” We have all listened to interviews where the host asks a question and the guest replies: “that is a good question.” Here you are the host, I am the guest and you have just asked me: “what about those who take the actions which result in harm being done to others?”

We are only a few steps into this journey and let us look at the questions that have already been asked. “Is Heaven on Earth possible?” “What about those who take the actions which result in harm being done to others?” It seems that we will be experiencing one heck of a journey. So let us begin. Let us attempt to deal with the actions of human beings that result in harm being done to fellow human beings. If we can come to a point where we understand why humans hurt their fellow humans, we will have the beginning established.

Let us first look at common hurtful actions. The most common hurtful actions are those which involve harmful speech. Now we must ask ourselves: “why would someone say something hurtful to another?” Perhaps the person who said the words has not come to realize that the person who they just hurt with words is a sacred being as we all are. Now you the host will ask me the guest to: “prove to me that we are all sacred beings.” With the asking of this question you are expressing your doubts that all humans are sacred; that everything we can see is sacred.

Perhaps we need to discover where spiritual truth is found. Is it possible that all of our current and historical assumptions about where we find spiritual truth in need of examination? The current state of humanity is one where most people think that the answers to their spiritual questions are found externally. What is the possibility that our answers to spiritual questions are inside of us?

His disciples said: “Teach us concerning the place where thou art, for it is necessary for us to seek after it.” Jesus said to them: “He that hath ears, let him hear. There is a light within a man of light, and it gives light to the whole world. If it does not give light, there is darkness.”

There is light within a man of light. Within is defined as 1: In or into the interior: inside. 2: In one’s inner thought, disposition, or character. So, after thinking on what Jesus said, we may give credence to the idea that our answers are inside all of us. Would the person who hurt the other have done so if that person were aware that inside of them resided God, the sacred and love? The answer is an obvious no. If the person was aware that God was inside of them, they would use speech that is helpful to others all the time..

 Simple logic tells us that if God and love resides in all people, all life and all things, then all people, all life and all things are sacred.

Continued in Part 2…