Heaven On Earth. Part 4.

August 2, 2013 by Jerry Alatalo
Paintings of Life of Gautama Buddha in Asalha Puja
Paintings of Life of Gautama Buddha in Asalha Puja (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“This is the noble Eightfold way: namely, right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration. This monks, is the Middle Path, of which the Taghagata has gained enlightenment, which produces insight and knowledge, and tends to calm, to higher knowledge, enlightenment, Nirvana.”

Gautama Buddha

Not only is unconditional love real, it is all that is real. Take a few moments to consider the fact that you and every one you meet is going to “die.” Not one is immune to this inevitable experience. When one considers that they are not a body with a soul, but a soul with a body then the perspective one has changes markedly. One comes to an awareness that the soul is eternal and forever.

Our souls are our consciousness and impossible to destroy. When we leave our decrepit bodies and transition to our spiritual home, our consciousness is what we are. All of you have had family members and friends transition to the world of spirit. Perhaps many of you have had experiences of being visited by those family members and friends, whether in dreams or physical manifestations. Perhaps many of you have had what is called the “near death experience.” Perhaps many of you have read the compelling accounts of others who have described these types of experiences.

Whether you have actually experienced any of these or are aware of others’ personal accounts, you know in the depths of your being that this is ultimate reality. We all have experienced what some call “lucid dreaming.” These are those dreams which we experience as real while they are occurring. The profound nature of these dreams is often times unforgettable. Our experiencing of these dreams gives us evidence of the real spiritual realm. We are certain that we have experienced reality and truth.

The experiences we have, along with the awareness of other accounts of men and women, are a great source of hope and optimism for us. These experiences are of the type where the person who has them is literally changed. Think about the big picture of life and the amazing events we all experience. It is truly astonishing to consider God, the source of reality. Many times we will hear people use the term “blown away”; amazed, astonished and astounded. Could it be that the perspective we have during these “blown away” experiences is unconditional love?

Could it be that if one were to always come from the perspective of love, the result would be that one would permanently be amazed, astonished and astounded? Imagine what the world will look like when every man, woman and child sees the world from the perspective of  love. This world will look like the one described by those who have had a near death experience. Many who have the experience have described that world as “indescribable.”

Almost every near death experience is seen as “indescribable.” These men, women and children will not forget what they saw and heard for as long as they live. Near death experiences are of such a profound nature that there is no other conclusion but that heaven is real. Go on your computer and Google “near death experience” and read or watch interviews of folks who have had the experience. You will experience amazement and astonishment. Your faith and hope will be powerfully restored and then greatly increased.

Some of the descriptions of the near death experience are enough to propel you to investigate personal accounts. “Tidal wave of unconditional love”, “home”, “the real world”, “took my breath away”, “it was all love”, “so bright, brighter than the sun”, “there is no such thing as death. God is real.” A common aspect of the experience for these folks is what is called the “life review.” This is where the person witnesses every single action that they ever took, no matter how small, and understands the consequences of every one of those actions.

For example a man may see his actions when he was a student in first grade, where he said something harmful to a classmate. The astonishing revelation was that the hurt feelings of the classmate were literally felt by the boy who said the hurtful words, who then felt remorse and responsibility. We can all recount times where we said hurtful words to another. Those times are all revealed in our life review, as well as every other single event of our lives. Interesting as well was the understanding from those who saw their life reviews that we judge ourselves for our actions.

During every action and event of the life review, the person feels the feelings of those they interacted with without exception. They see the consequences of every action. Perhaps we can go back to the first grade example. Not only does the boy feel the pain of his classmate as a result of his hurtful words, but he feels the distress of the hurt classmate’s parents as he tells his parents what happened. Then he feels the friend of the father’s concern when the father tells his friend what happened to his son. You will feel every result of your action right to the end of the line of consequences. These recollections of the near death experience produce a very important awareness for humanity.

Think deeply about the fact that every event of our lives is recorded, and that we will all see our entire life from birth to death along with every single moment in between. If this were not amazing enough, think deeply about the fact that every single consequence of our every action from birth to death is recorded, and we will witness it all during our life reviews. This is so profound that one is left with nothing but overwhelming awe when considering the reality.

Every single action, every single event, and every single consequence of every single life ever lived, has been recorded! In other words there is a record of everything. Everything. Try to imagine the mind of the Creator/God. There are no words to describe the feelings we have when considering what we have tried to describe to you, what some have termed “The Akashic records.” If what we mentioned about the Akashic records is not enough, consider that also included in these records are every thought, ever created, by every human being that has ever lived.

And the consequences of every single thought ever created. At this point one has to ask: “why is this information not known by every human being on Earth?” This is information of such universal importance that it is almost criminal that it is not mandatory for students in every school on Earth. Without going into the Akashic records any further, you have to feel in your soul that the Akashic records exist, and that the awareness of them would be life changing. We would be joyous if any of you who read this are artists who can produce a documentary about the Akashic records.

Perhaps you know someone who is an artist and can produce a film that will contribute to creating Heaven on Earth. There is no doubt in this writer’s mind that a film of this sort would smash box-office records. This and other types of creative effort will be absolutely appreciated by people everywhere on Earth. Can you feel the wonderful future that humanity is creating?

Lest we forget,  the life review includes the actions we take that are positive as well. So when we say something of a loving nature to another we feel what that person is feeling, along with viewing every single result all the way down the line. Those who have experienced the life review describe feeling bad when exhibiting unloving behavior, and good when expressing loving thoughts, words and actions. One has to say it again. There is no doubt that the near death, life review experience is of the highest importance for humanity.

We see now that every thought, action and event of every human being who ever lived is in the Akashic records. If every thought has been recorded then we can say that, because we have thought about unconditional love here, love is in the Akashic records. The descriptions given by those who have had a life review while experiencing a near death experience are believable. This writer, and probably many of you reading this, believe that what these folks experienced was real. Our logic tells us that the Akashic records are real. Unconditional love is in the Akashic records.

Unconditional love is real.

Continued in Part 5…