Ukraine Media Narratives “Diametrically Opposed.”

Posted on September 4, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

MH17A large percentage of independent news groups/journalists continue being astonished by the unprecedented separation between Ukraine narratives. It seems to many people that the reporting on Ukraine by corporate mainstream media (MSM) and the alternative/internet news may as well be coming from different solar systems, as far apart are their descriptions of events. One of the commentators on this “Crosstalk”  describes the “diametrically opposed narratives” phenomenon, another as “beyond Orwellian”.

While Ukrainians stood in large numbers protesting in Kiev from November 2013 to February 2014 before President Viktor Yanukovych became ousted following a bloody coup, over 100 civilian protesters and police were shot down in sniper attacks. The protests in Ukraine received huge coverage on Western corporate news programs. During that time, similarly sized anti-austerity protests in Spain, Greece, and Italy received little or no Western media coverage.

U.S. Senator John McCain didn’t show up in Spain, Greece, or Italy to deliver any motivational speeches, and Victoria Nuland was nowhere to be found with bags of cookies and coffee for the men and women also seeking change – or to express her “solidarity”.

The MSM were reporting a Russian convey of trucks filled with humanitarian assistance for Eastern Ukrainians as a “Trojan horse”; some news groups calling the convoy an “invasion” of some sort. It’s interesting to count heads and see who has expressed any concern for displaced Ukrainians who’ve lost their homes, or are finding it difficult to get food, water, electricity and heating gas because infrastructure has become destroyed – while winter’s cold temperatures are certainly around the corner.

One of the commentators finds it “extraordinary” that U.S. and European media have embraced government propaganda with its “insidious effect” of becoming personalized in the minds of its recipients; influencing their perceptions of all later reporting. The “peak” of propaganda is seen with MH17, when pro-federalist Ukrainians in the East and Russia were nearly immediately blamed for the July shoot-down and 298 fatalities. The blame was intensely reported/repeated with no concrete evidence whatsoever.

The nations involved in investigating MH17 have signed a “non-disclosure” agreement, so if one decides any information about the investigation must not be made known to the public, that information will not be heard in any official announcements. The “Maidan Massacre” was never the subject of MSM reports, nor was the “Odessa Massacre”. The press no longer carries out independent investigations on events, and, in most instances, journalists/editors who question the “official story” become the victims of character assassination.

During the program Mr. Clark notes that, by only suggesting the possibility of Ukraine’s government in Kiev being involved in the destruction of MH17 in the days after, he became the target of attacks. This while never saying Ukraine was responsible for the downing. One of the other guests compares the recent media blitz of “Russian invasion” to 2003’s Bush/Blair accusations on Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction”.

What exactly are the world’s leaders focusing on; what are their top priorities?

Which world leaders are calling for urgent humanitarian efforts and aid to help desperate families in Ukraine, Gaza, Iraq, Syria, and other nations –  after wars unleashed on their homelands have destroyed so much? 


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