Israel State Terrorism, Islamic State Terrorism.

Posted on September 19, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

504-1While watching United States Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey speaking to the US Senate about ISIS, the thought came to mind that they were, instead of speaking about ISIS, speaking to US Senators months ago while Israel was carrying out a military massacre in Gaza – and what military actions to consider by the Obama administration in response to Israel’s violence.

With Barack Obama’s nationally televised in America address on the eve of the 13th anniversary of 9/11 on September 10, the world’s focus has turned in large part away from Israel and Gaza and toward ISIS, gruesome beheadings, “swaths” of Iraq and Syria territory, military planning, etc.. The United States Congress, whose constitutional duty is clear on whether the nation goes to war, has yet to hold lengthy hearings to look at all possible viewpoints to, first, arrive at the greatest possible exposition of what is truly occurring in the Middle East – before considering military action.

The people from Code Pink at least tried to “discuss” the ISIS situation by holding up signs while sitting behind Secretary of State John Kerry, although that form of discussion is neither lengthy or the best, most thorough examination of all viewpoints. The thought also came forward while Mr. Kerry, Mr. Hagel and Mr. Dempsey were speaking to Senators that, in an ideal world, representatives from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Jordan would be sitting at the same table for discussions.

Those are the nations directly involved with the situation and ISIS, but for some reason their high government officials never speak to the United States Congress, or to the Western/American major media outlets like CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, and so on. For some men and women readers this may seem like an uninformed or naïve thing to bring up, but if the United States government were absolutely concerned about the terrorist world-menace ISIS, wouldn’t it be the prudent and wise thing to hear from the people of Iraq and Syria, where ISIS is operating, and the people from those countries on the borders?

This is a suggestion to have one of those real talks, where there are crews hired specifically to keep the coffee brewing, in those restaurant coffee makers. One of those real talks where the focus is getting into the “nuts and bolts” aspects of the issue; the “brass tacks” of political ideology, Middle East energy resources, fair distribution of resource profits, elements of historical events which have caused the conflicts in the region, potential options to pursue, and every other strategic, relevant bit of information, knowledge, creativity, and wisdom.

Take about $10,000 of US taxpayer money or simply pass the hat, buy the good organic coffee, sit down, and solve this ISIS problem in a way that results in the best possible outcome for the people living in the Middle East. And while you’re at it, solve the Israel-Palestine issue as well. According to some wise men and women who’ve studied the Middle East to a great extent for many years, perhaps the most important issue to first apply effort on is the Israel-Palestine conflict. If it takes another $10,000 for coffee, just get it. Hell, spend $20,000 and clean out the nearest organic bakery shop in Washington, D.C., because you’re making a shrewd investment which may well turn into $3.1 billion within a year after eliminating the need to send aid to Israel.

In other words, get serious and make long-lasting, generations-into-the-future peace in the Middle East a reality.

Wesley Clarke famously spilled the beans on a Pentagon plan to “take down” seven countries in five years, and Syria was one of those seven. For over three years, since the spring of 2011, the people of Syria have been under attack by paid mercenaries from 80 countries. Numerous reports have become published about the role of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, the US, Israel, and other nations in financing, training, and supplying anti-Syrian mercenaries. Over 190,000 men, women, and children have died and one-third of Syrians have become refugees. Most Syrians want de-escalation – an end to the war and violence – because they are truly tired of it.

A few months ago Syrians went to the polls and voted from a number of candidates for President and they voted in favor of Bashar al-Assad with over 80%. The Obama administration did not endorse one of the other candidates, and has not made any statements that their preferred candidate for President of Syria became illegally prevented from running. If the United States had someone in mind to become President of Syria, that person had the opportunity to run.

By all accounts, the election was properly conducted.

So, why is the US Congress now spending more time talking about Syria than ISIS? Isn’t the major issue ISIS? It wasn’t Syria, but ISIS, who killed the journalists through beheading. It seems like the automobile named “Do something to stop ISIS” has a severe front end problem which results in the vehicle pulling sharply to the left and off the highway toward Syria, when the car should be staying on the “degrade and destroy ISIS” highway. Barack Obama, in his speech to the nation about the terror threat ISIS, seemed to insert “$500,000,000 to train the Syrian opposition” with the belief that nobody would think twice and ask “why?”

Is it unreasonable to entertain the possibility that the Obama administration, because of the seeming overemphasis on discussing Syria during Congressional hearings – which most Americans perceive are about the grave threat posed by ISIS –  has as its main focus and goal the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad? Is it a coincidence that Russia has its only warm water naval base in Crimea and only Mediterranean naval base on the coast of Syria? Is it a coincidence that ISIS has operated in northern Iraq and Eastern Syria, where the proposed $11 billion pipeline directing natural gas from Iran through Iraq across Syria to the lucrative European market was to become constructed?

Perhaps it’s time to end the “us versus them” way of thinking, now and forever. The lives of children in Gaza are absolutely sacred. The lives of Iraqi and Syrian children are absolutely sacred, as are the lives of children in every place on Earth. Why aren’t discussions about ISIS, Syria, Iraq, Israel-Palestine, Ukraine, and other regions where conflicts are occurring including the highest levels of focus on lasting solutions which come as close as humanly possible to realizing true peace?

These questions and many more should become discussed in the most open and honest manner, because history has given humanity too many clear examples of wars with their devastating, destructive consequences and overwhelming human misery. Innocent men, women, and children who happened to have been born in the Middle East will suffer – and are suffering – these consequences and the profound misery. They have nothing to do with high-level geopolitical plans of the world’s wealthy and powerful whose thoughts, words, and actions begin the movement toward war. 


(Video source – RT at YouTube)