Dr. Roger Hodkinson: “Anthony Fauci Has Been The Architect Of The Whole Damn Thing!”

Anthony Fauci may find Dr. Roger Hodkinson – shown here in an extremely disturbing discussion with Del Bigtree – as the real-life manifestation of his worst nightmare.


Board-certified pathologist Doctor Roger Hodkinson appeared recently on The Highwire with Del Bigtree, for an interview which easily qualifies as one of the most disturbing and powerful discussions on the COVID-19 global controversy to date.

We strongly suggest the reader listen closely to the entire discussion between Roger Hodkinson and Del Bigtree. We strongly suggest to the reader, after consuming the wide variety of problems associated with the handling of this scandalous situation as expertly described by Mr. Hodkinson, that they share this information on the unprecedented, immeasurable COVID catastrophe with as many of his/her family, friends, associates and, frankly, fellow members of the human race, as is possible. 

After describing in painful detail the many major problems associated with the hugely-disturbing manner in which this world situation has and is being addressed, – problems of which are near-universally ignored by corporate media and people at the highest levels of public health policy and power politics – Dr. Hodkinson states: “This is just the maddest episode in world history. The scale of this has never been seen before.” 

Finally, Roger Hodkinson shares a grim prediction, directed precisely at those who will inevitably become proven as guilty of pushing this world-record fraud: “There’ll be blood in the gutter when the truth comes out.”

Never before in the long, long history of global health crises has there been such vicious, brutal and absolutely mind-boggling censoring of highly-respected men and women doctors, health professionals, academics and experts as is occurring today – June 22, 2021.

We repeat for special emphasis the relevant one-word at the front of the previous sentence, in order that readers will have zero misunderstanding of just how horrendously grave the current situation remains for humanity: NEVER. 



Null, Gale, Progressive Radio Network Blow Lid Off C.D.C. Corruption.

[Editor’s note: The following important, bombshell article by Gary Null and Richard Gale has been cross-posted from the Progressive Radio Network website. Please consider sharing these medical experts’ writings with as many of your family, friends and social network as possible. Thank you very much.]

The Weaponization of the CDC Against Public Health
Richard Gale and Gary Null
Progressive Radio Network, April 30, 2021

hat if you were to know that a cabal of corrupt bureaucrats and scientists at the heart of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have known for almost two decades that vaccines, including the MMR, can lead to autism and other neurological disorders? Most people are unaware that the CDC is a militarized federal agency further influenced by private pharmaceutical interests. Due to the politicization of national immunization, vaccine efficacy and safety has become all but irrelevant. Its policies drive profits for itself and its partners. Now the agency is committed to have as many Americans mandated to be fully vaccinated as soon as possible, irrespective of how many lives are destroyed. The very mindset and disregard for human life that created the notorious Tuskegee experiment is alive and thriving in the innards of the CDC.

It is time to take a hard look at the advocates of compromised pharmaceutical science and the motivations that compel the CDC and its vaccine network to systematically mislead the public for personal benefit, power, and greed. We need to begin to understand that the agency operates as an independent “deep state,” secretive, non-transparent, and conducting itself in covert ways behind the disguise of heralding public health. When the brilliant journalist I.F. Stone wrote, “Every government is run by liars, and nothing they say should be believed,” he may have just as well been speaking about the CDC and its alliance with the pharmaceutical industry, many medical journals, and the mainstream media.

The money-driven institutions of evidence-based medicine and science, which have hijacked America’s health agencies–the CDC, FDA, Health and Human Services (HHS), National Institutes of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), National Institutes of Mental Health, the National Cancer Institute, and the USDA– have plunged a stake into the heart of authentic scientific inquiry, knowledge and innovative medical progress. Its efforts to hermetically seal and silence the debate on vaccination safety with propaganda, coercion, erroneous and deceptive research, and blatant criminality have succeeded in transforming modern vaccinology into an egregious pseudo-science that is today destroying the lives of millions of infants, children and their families.
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