Eight Reasons Why the Latest Syria Chemical Weapons Attack Allegations are Almost Certainly Complete Nonsense

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April 8, 2018

By Stephen Gowans

There is much ambiguity surrounding the alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, said to have taken place late Saturday, but there are a few matters that are clear.

First, the reports are “unverified”, according to The Wall Street Journal [1] and British Foreign Office [2] and are unconfirmed, according to the US State Department [3]. What’s more, The New York Times noted that it “was not possible to independently verify the reports,” [4] while The Associated Press added that “the reports could not be independently verified.” [5]

Second, according to The Wall Street Journal, it isn’t “clear who carried out the attack” [6] assuming even that one was carried out.

Third, the “unverified photos and videos” [7] which form the body of (unverified) evidence, were produced by two groups which have an interest in fabricating atrocities to draw the United States more deeply into…

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Syria, Novichoks And The Missing Skripals.

By Jerry Alatalo

“No one has deceived the whole world, nor has the whole world ever deceived any man.”

– PLINY THE YOUNGER (c. 62-c.113 A.D.) Roman writer, governor

he March 4 chemical weapon incident in Salisbury, U.K. has become a highly controversial subject of international affairs, particularly affecting relations between the United Kingdom and Russia, and, as some are suggesting, is possibly related to the situation in Syria. The U.K. incident is where ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripal (a U.K. citizen) and his daughter Yulia (a citizen of Russia) were allegedly the victims of an attempted double murder. British Prime Minister Theresa May and Foreign Minister Boris Johnson have singled out Russia as the perpetrators who carried out the crime, leading to tremendous controversy after Russian officials demanded evidence and British authorities to date have not provided any.

Many have wondered why there has been little to nothing by way of reports on the Skripals’ health conditions in the (18) days since the incident, namely photos and/or statements by attending physicians.

Well-known British investigative journalist Tony Gosling, whose YouTube channel goes under “Public Enquiry”, posted a short 40-second clip from the dramatic U.K. TV show “Strike Back” aired in November 2017, where actors deliver lines containing the word “novichok”.

A popular woman video creator who goes by “Inessa S” on YouTube was born in Russia, now residing in Croatia?, and speaks excellent English. Her video work has been valuable for improved understanding of Russian positions concerning major news events and situations, as her translations from Russian-to-English accurately convey speeches, talks, statements etc. delivered by Russian officials. She recently produced and posted an impressive, revealing, and arguably decisive report on the Skripal incident using contrasting clips of statements made by both British and Russian (translated) officials.


YouTube user Blaster53 was one of many who commented on Inessa S’ video (25,000 views), apparently English being the person’s 2nd language:

“As a lawyer with 40 years of experience I have learned that when the crime has been committed the absolutely first thing to establish is a motive for committing crime to see who will benefit and what.

“In this case Russia did not have any motive or interest as double agent already spent years in prison and was later exchanged for other captured spies in UK. His value was zero as otherwise Russia would not exchange him. This person had value for UK and NATO as sacrificial individual (collateral damage) for higher political interests.

“Interesting is how quickly they were discovered unconscious on a bench in a park. We know that in London no one bothers with sleeping homeless on the benches. If that would not be staged they would die right there either by cold or by poison so it is obvious that someone was watching making sure that they collapsed and then called emergency service

“That clearly indicates that CIA and MI6 have fingers in this pie. It is all their staged job to attack Russia.

“The question which begs answer is how on Earth hospital within two hours after admission of patients already knew the type of chemical weapon when some experts over here in Germany said that it would take days to figure out. Only if you already know the formula and source you would be able to issue so quick statement. Can UK government enlighten us with the truth?

“Next point that begs explanation is how it is possible that chemical weapon which is designed to instantly kill even in smallest quantities did not actually affect neither police, nor hospital staff because patients were admitted under assumption of anything else but military grade chemical weapon. They were freely handled by medical staff without dropping dead on the spot.

“How on Earth they knew the name of poison right away even though it was never produced in Russia under such name as it has very stupid meaning for a weapon it means “new man” but it was never registered such name in Russian chemical weapon registry. All other chemical weapons had their registered names and 1960 when it was invented they gave other name and when 1990 chemical weapons were completely destroyed under the USA and UK supervision they took the samples of all Soviet chemical weapons together with formulas. Now a ghost weapon surfaced with non existing name and in a minute it was clear what it was and who did it.

“Why UK does not allow Russian Consular assisted ce (sic) due the fact that they are a Russian citizens and it is in accordance with international law that Russian Consular representatives would have free access to Russian citizens in need. What UK government is hiding? Do they intend to kill them in order to cover up their crime as there did with Russian businessman or earlier with Litvinenko as his father admitted when he begged Putin to allow him return to a Russia, as his life was in danger.

“All that USA/UK scum is reeking all the way up to the sky. It is very clear that Nazis NATO is seeking ultimate provocation to convince domestic public how dangerous Russia is and the only way is a war against her. There are already plans of action in our governments how to prepare public to gain public support for a WW3.

“Just recall all that demonization of Russia starting with Ukraine, Crimea, MH17, Syria and so on. All accusations based on no evidence what so ever. NATO was inventing tens (of) serious accusations per day with intent to flood Russia with demands for explanations, and that was impossible because they were fake and blatant lies.

“Our Western MSM is playing major part in this monstrous scam to achieve conditions for WW3 as demanded by Western Neocons and Neoliberals alike.

“I wonder if people are enough intelligent to see where our governments are driving us? It is our children who will die in possible war. It is us ordinary people who will be fried by nuclear blasts and radiation. Our political elite and all tycoons, oligarchs, moguls or whatever we call multi billionaires will hide deep underground waiting opportune moment to surface and claim the world.”


Observers and analysts have theorized that the Skripal incident is possibly a false flag event designed to manipulate public opinion for Western nations’ war escalation in Syria, where Russian military assistance has since 2015 helped the Syrian government turn the tide against terrorist mercenary forces who have savaged the nation and its populace since early 2011. Hundreds of thousands have perished and millions have been displaced in the now over 7-years long warring.

Russian military officials have recently warned of false flag chemical attacks carried out by the terrorists to be blamed on the Syrian government – providing a pretext for Western/NATO intervention, including direct strikes on the capital city of Damascus.

May the world’s wisest elders come forward and provide their necessary guidance at this profoundly dangerous point in human history.


(Thank you to Inessa S at YouTube)

Through The Post Darkly: The Ghost of Phillip Graham

James F. Tracy

By James F. Tracy

“We live in a dirty and dangerous world. There are some things the general public does not need to know and shouldn’t. I believe democracy flourishes when the government can take legitimate steps to keep its secrets and when the press can decide whether to print what it knows.” Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham, Langley Virginia, 1988.[1]

Steven Spielberg’s tribute to Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham and modern American journalism is a major Hollywood endeavor marshaling the industry’s premier talent. A s of this writing The Post has been nominated for dozens of awards throughout the film community.[2] The movie itself, however, comprises a sort of tortured historical confirmation on exactly how the news media would like to view themselves and their industry. It does so by mixing verifiable truths alongside careful omissions to reinforce a deeper set of myths concerning notions of American press freedom…

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Woolsey On U.S. Foreign Policy: “Num, Num, Num…”

By Jerry Alatalo

resident Donald Trump of the United States spoke recently on the situation in Syria: “I will say … What Russia, what Iran, and what Syria have done recently is a humanitarian disgrace. I will tell you that we’re there (occupying an estimated 25-30% of the nation of Syria) for one reason … We’re there to get ISIS, and get rid of ISIS, and go home. We’re not there for any other reason, and we’ve largely accomplished our goal.”

Why did Mr. Trump find it necessary to assert that U.S. military forces were not occupying or controlling a large portion of Syria east of the Euphrates River – illegally according to international law and the United Nations Charter – for “any other reason”? What possible “other reason” was Mr. Trump referring to, was he responding to specific allegations, and how is it that such a mysterious-regarding-meaning, intriguing and suggestive statement received no further attention from corporate media? Does Mr. Trump feel his very brief explanation absolves his administration of any illegality regarding the U.S. military occupation of Syria, or somehow “magically” makes what is perceived by any international legal expert an illegal occupation now legal?

One wonders what Donald Trump would do were terrorists in the eastern suburbs of Washington, D.C. raining bombs and missiles down on residents of the city. Perhaps if the tables were turned, the people of the city of Damascus, Syria changed places with the people of Washington, D.C., Mr. Trump might have a slightly different way of perceiving things. Obviously he is well aware of the facts on the ground in Damascus and East Ghouta, yet the former reality TV star has learned well the 1st requirement of good actors: the ability to lie at will.

Donald Trump is a deceiver of the highest order. Donald Trump is arguably the most dangerous human being on Earth.

Perhaps if Mr. Orwell were around he could help with an explanation with regard to Mr. Trump. Of course, that’s just wishful thinking. Many think the near-prophetic Orwell described today’s world situation in 2018 with his classic novel “1984”. Unfortunately Mr. Orwell has long since left the Earthly realm, yet people are every now and then provided rare insight into the more mysterious operations of the world, such as recently from former Director of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) James Woolsey.

It is worth noting that Mr. Woolsey has been (or may still be) associated with a fossil fuels corporation by the name of Genie Energy, whose owners include individuals with names like Rothschild, Cheney, Summers, Murdoch, etc., and, notably – considering the increasingly dangerous situation in Syria, managed to acquire control over an immense, $multi-billion, recently discovered oil/gas deposit in the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan Heights. It is also worth noting, but not surprising, that Fox News host Laura Ingraham made no mention of Genie Energy or the controversial Golan Heights in her recent interview of the former CIA director.

Ms. Ingraham did ask some very pertinent questions nonetheless, perhaps unwittingly, of Mr. Woolsey.

Laura Ingraham: “Have we ever tried to meddle in other countries’ elections?”

Woolsey: “Probably (?) … But, uh, it was for the good of the system in order to avoid communists from taking over. For example, in Europe in ’47, ’48, ’49, the Greeks (and) the Italians … the CIA …”

Laura Ingraham: “We don’t do that now though … We don’t mess around in other people’s elections?”

Woolsey: “W e l l … num, num, num, num, num … Only for a very good cause. Only for a very good cause in the interest of democracy.”

Laura Ingraham: “Thanks for being here. Always great to see you.”

What was particularly objectionable in the short interview, besides Ms. Ingraham’s clearly calculated plan of asking only “softball” non-controversial/probing questions, was the explosion of laughter after the CIA’s former top man unintentionally let slip a major, very rarely seen revelation on a major corporate media platform.

(Thank you to TheRealNews at YouTube)


After nearly seven (7) years of unimaginable, seemingly endless death, destruction and suffering in his country of Syria, United Nations Ambassador Bashar Ja’afari most certainly finds nothing humorous about U.S./U.K./France actions against Syria. This is how the United Nations reported/described the address on February 24 to the United Nations Security Council by Mr. Ja’afari:

BASHAR JA’AFARI (Syria) said “moderate armed groups” based in Ghouta had targeted thousands of missiles at Damascus, attacking, among other locations, the headquarters of the Syrian Red Crescent.  Quoting a French citizen’s description of those attacks, and of others in recent years, he said doctors and other personnel had also been kidnapped by armed groups.  The delegate of France had today said that a truce must be observed.  While that was true, 29 other Council resolutions — including 13 on counter-terrorism — must also be implemented.  The delegate of the United Kingdom had presented horrific tales, but had omitted descriptions of those perpetrated by his own Government in Iraq, Palestine, Libya and even the Falkland Islands (Malvinas).  The Syrian Government had taken seriously and observed all de-escalation initiatives in order to protect the lives of its citizens and stop those “trading with their blood”, he said, calling on all States to sever any ties with terrorist groups in the country.  The Syrian Government retained the right to respond to attacks by such groups, he said, noting that some Council members supported those groups and even practiced State terrorism.

While the Syrian Government continued to practice extreme self-restraint, he said, the violations perpetrated by terrorist groups had become increasingly serious and now threatened the lives of 8 million people in Damascus.  “We bear the responsibility as a State for our citizens, and we have a right to counter-terrorism,” he said.  Syria had exercised its legitimate right, taking measures to protect civilians and allowing the safe exit of civilians.  Describing the White Helmets as the new representatives of the Al-Nusra Front, he called for full respect for his country’s sovereignty and for full consultation with its Government on all matters affecting it.  However, such core international principles were ignored, lost to political whims and double standards when it came to Syria.  Countries must stop spending millions of dollars to support terrorists, he said, noting that to date the United States alone had spent $4 billion in Syria.  Indeed, the Governments of the United States, the United Kingdom and France must stop devising strategic plans — reminiscent of their colonial times — aimed at dividing his country.  Syria had the right to defend itself according to Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, he said, emphasizing that double standards based on financial polarization, if unabated, would continue to mar the Organization’s reputation.


During his highly-charged, direct address to the United Nations Security Council where there was a unanimous 15-0 vote for a 30-day ceasefire in all regions of Syria, Bashar Ja’afari publicly states that U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley threatened war against his country, and issued a warning of his own in response.

To avert potentially catastrophic escalation of violence in Syria, the Middle East region and beyond, the decades-long criminally aggressive U.S. foreign policy – unwillingly and likely to his distressful regret described by ex-CIA chief James Woolsey as “Num, num, num, num, num…” – must end.

(Thank you to United Nations at YouTube)