Scotland Will Vote “Yes” On September 18, 2014.

Posted on September 10, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves are its only safe depositories.”

– THOMAS JEFFERSON (1743-1826) 3rd President of the United States

aaa-25The men and women of Scotland have seriously ramped up the debate on independence as the days wind down and the September 18 referendum fast approaches. While not really paying any close attention to Scottish independence, in a short time of research a fellow by the name of Tommy Sheridan, who is very strongly in favor of a “yes” vote, came to the forefront. He was a member of British Parliament representing his district in Scotland in the late 80’s, and became tangled up in a Bill Clinton-like personal life scandal resulting in legal troubles related to lying about his sex life.

Ironically George Galloway, who defended Tommy Sheridan during his perjury difficulties, and who one would think certainly is in the “yes” camp and Scotland’s independence, has spoken out for a no vote on the referendum. George Galloway, with his anti Scottish independence stance, also is coming down on separate sides from Noam Chomsky, as Chomsky is in favor of a “yes” vote. Perhaps because no civil war is occurring between Britain and Scotland the debate on independence hasn’t received the media’s attention, as both mainstream and independent news have focused on Ukraine, Israel-Gaza, and ISIL in Iraq and Syria.

Be that as it may, Tommy Sheridan could surely be described as the most passionate advocate for Scottish independence. Sheridan believes the referendum is a “once in a lifetime opportunity”. He has traveled the entire region of Scotland after receiving many invitations to speak, and probably the first impression most people get of Mr. Sheridan – especially those who’ve seen the Mel Gibson movie “Braveheart” – is of Gibson (William Wallace) on horseback before the war with the British delivering inspiring words to his soldiers on Scottish freedom.

A number of factors have emerged in the many debates held over the last many months, including off-shore oil resources, a Trident nuclear facility employing thousands, the choice of a banking/currency system, European Union and NATO membership, along with others. One could compare Scotland to Iceland in the sense that, should Scotland vote “yes”, the sound of that “yes” vote would become heard around the world.

Mr. Sheridan sees a vote for Scotland’s independence as a “world-shaking” event from the aspect of making a very profound statement for world peace. There are nations around the world who seek to obtain nuclear weapons, nations who already possess them which plan on spending $multi-billions to either add to or upgrade their nuclear weapons inventories, but Scotland, with a “yes” vote, would start reducing and/or eliminating theirs.

As much as George Galloway is respected for his strong advocacy for the people of Palestine (where he and Sheridan fully agree), and because people may agree on most issues but not all, here’s hoping the men and women of Scotland say “yes” on September 18, 2014. In a speech at an anti-BBC bias rally, Tommy Sheridan described an independent Scotland that severs all ties with the state of Israel over its apartheid policies and massacre of over two-thousand (mostly civilian) children, women, and men recently in Gaza.

He envisages an independent Scotland that makes the Scottish people’s essential necessities – electrical infrastructure, energy for heating, transportation, health and education, water/wastewater plants, banking institutions, etc. –  publicly owned utilities and not for profit. Once Scotland votes “yes” for independence, if such is the case, there most certainly will be a great deal of interest and attention being given to developments by political scientists, economists, those in the energy sector, along with peace, justice, and human rights activists the world over.

In the following short video (there are many 90-minute videos of Tommy Sheridan on YouTube), Sheridan shares his sense of a kind of “unseen independence movement” which is occurring out of the public’s view and unreported, similar to the great deal of activity happening under the surface of a lake not seen by people sitting on the shore. So, as the referendum of September 18 draws nearer, there will surely not be any “dull” moments in Scotland. That much is certain.

What it will come down to, for those men and women of Scotland who enter the voting booth on September 18, is simply which option offers more true democracy and implementation of the people’s preferred choices. If, in the days before the referendum, the case becomes made and acknowledged that independence will result in greater health and well-being for the people of Scotland as well as future generations, more Scottish voters will punch “yes”.

Then, according to Tommy Sheridan, the “world will shake”.


(Thank you to Michael MacClennan at YouTube)