John McCain’s “ISIS-Gate,” Cannibals, And The November Elections.

Posted on September 14, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

McCainWhy are democrat and independent candidates for national office in the United States November mid-term elections not making John McCain’s “ISIS-Gate” a major issue by speaking out? Why have no mainstream media companies like FOX, CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC shown the photo taken in Syria in April 2013 of John McCain sitting in the same room as ISIS’ self-proclaimed “Caliph” Baghdadi? Why is America silent.

One can’t help but wonder why – when the President of the United States just announced to Americans and the world his intention of destroying ISIS – the already internet-viral photo of McCain with ISIS head Baghdadi is being totally ignored by political candidates and the mainstream/corporate media. Shouldn’t McCain have already given his explanation to Congress and the American people concerning that photograph? What if, instead of John McCain, the person sitting in that room in April 2013 had been Vladimir Putin, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, or the leader or Foreign Minister of China?

If Russian or Chinese top political leaders were in that photo, the story would be front page, bold headline news in every US newspaper, the lead story on every television news broadcast, and the lead topic of conversation of every news talk show. One can imagine the titles: “Putin Met With The Head ISIS Butcher” or “China Behind ISIS?” or “Photo Of ISIS’ Baghdadi With Russian/Chinese Leaders Shock The World”. Barack Obama would have delivered a much different address to the American people on September 10.

However, the US Congress and the US corporate media are apparently completely unconcerned with learning what went on during that April 2013 meeting in Syria.


What if, instead of John McCain, it had been John Kerry, Hillary Clinton or Harry Reid sitting with ISIS top man Baghdadi? Or, say, Senator Bernie Sanders or Senator Elizabeth Warren? Let’s go the whole “nine yards”. What if, instead of John McCain, it were Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Angelina Jolie, Tim Tebow, Madonna, Dennis Rodman, Honey Boo-Boo, or Howard Stern? Directly to the point, the entire situation/scenario is beyond bizarre.


Then, to get even more bizarre, in a separate photo John McCain appears with the “thing” (not worthy of humanness) called “The Cannibal”. This is the mercenary who, after he or one of his fellow mercenary soldiers killed a human being in Syria, cut open the victim’s chest and ate that human being’s heart – while being filmed for a video.

Dark poet Edgar Allen Poe (1809-1849), if he were alive today, would be speechless and unable to find words to write/describe such extreme barbarity upon seeing these events. The famous writer of horror novels Stephen King, if he had passed away years ago, would be turning in his grave, as the late horror film legends Vincent Price and Bela Lugosi are probably doing these days.


In the following video recording, historian and author Webster Tarpley talks about this bizarre ISIS/John McCain scenario. John McCain was the Republican nominee in 2008 for the office of President of the United States – commonly viewed as the most powerful leadership position in the world. President Bill Clinton became dragged through the world media for what seemed like endless months while facing impeachment after lying about an extra-marital affair. All across America, people shared Bill Clinton jokes around the company water cooler, and in every sports bar weekend warriors amused themselves with the latest Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinski “witticism”.

The lives of innocent men, women, and children in the Middle East are now at extreme risk.

The American people deserve – and should demand – a full, detailed, honorable explanation from former presidential candidate, Senator John McCain of Arizona. This is a very serious matter.


(Thank you to Webster Tarpley Radio at YouTube)