The Law Of Love: Tolstoy And Gandhi Letters For 2018.

Originally posted on September 1, 2014 by Jerry Alatalo

aaa-32he following extraordinary letters between two highly respected, influential figures of world history – Russia’s Leo Tolstoy and India’s Mahatma Gandhi – represent one of the most important compilations of spiritual and/or philosophical documents ever recorded. For men and women alive in the year 2018 and reading their words, the thoughts shared between these towering personalities in discussions conducted over 100 years ago remain deeply resonant – offering profound, ever-relevant and essential wisdom to humanity.

Considering the extraordinary nature of this material – in addition to the aspect of it occurring shortly before the passing of Tolstoy (1910), as well as Gandhi’s later, major involvement in the attainment of India’s independence (1948) – every human being unaware of these writings misses out on their relationship, especially distinctive and outstanding for the men take on directly the issue of war and peace.

The Tolstoy-Gandhi Letters are a profound discussion between, arguably, two of the world’s greatest spiritual thought leaders. Will the year 2018 become remembered by future generations as the time when “The Law of Love” began its all-powerful, all-encompassing, and eternal rule upon this Earth?

Please feel free, and do not hesitate for an instant, to pass this true literary treasure along to family, friends, associates, etc., – and, otherwise, as widely as possible.


Leo Tolstoy

The following is a translation of Tolstoy’s letter written in Russian in reply to one from the Editor of Free Hindustan. After having passed from hand to hand, this letter came into my possession through a friend who asked me, as one much interested in Tolstoy’s writings, whether I thought it worth publishing. I at once replied in the affirmative, and told him I should translate it myself into Gujarati and induce others to translate and publish it in various Indian vernaculars.

The letter as received by me was a typewritten copy. It was therefore referred to the author, who confirmed it as his and kindly granted me permission to print it. To me, as a humble follower of that great teacher whom I have long looked upon as one of my guides, it is a matter of honor to be connected with the publication of his letter, such especially as the one which is now being given to the world. Continue reading “The Law Of Love: Tolstoy And Gandhi Letters For 2018.”