George Galloway Running For Mayor Of London.

by Jerry Alatalo


Alphabet At 60-years old, George Galloway is running for Mayor of London as a member of the Respect Party. His top priority should he become elected is creating affordable housing in the city, where rapidly rising real estate prices and rents have forced many middle and low-income people out of now too-expensive areas. Another of Mr. Galloway’s top agenda items in the event he became elected is cleaning up corruption in the City of London’s financial/banking sector. From his perspective, London’s financial district is a “…hotbed of vice, a hotbed of criminality. It’s an organized crime racket of the kind that Al Capone (mafia figure) used to run in Chicago (Illinois), and we intend that some of the people involved  should end their days like him – behind bars, however we can get them there”.

Talk show host and financial commentator Max Keiser introduced George Galloway in June before Galloway announced his run for Mayor, so, seeing Keiser’s popular show on RT “The Keiser Report” focuses on white-collar crimes of the “banksters”, the race for London’s top political position should certainly have more than enough fireworks. Combine that with the fact that London is the world’s foremost center for the global multi-trillion dollar tax haven industry, and there’s no question the mayoral race in London is THE political campaign to watch.

MintPress News’ Mnar Muhawesh asked George Galloway for his thoughts on the situation in Greece:

“Greece is merely the latest victim of that grim financial orthodoxy, which is contradictory of course, because the same people who tell us how orthodox they are, and how debts simply must be paid, are the same people who through quantitative easing have created out of thin air – out of nothing – hundreds of billions of dollars to give to banks. Not to give to the ordinary people who might have used it to kick-start the economy, but to give it to the banks who brought the economy to its knees in the first place”.

The people of Greece, in Galloway’s view, democratically voted and said “enough is enough.”

George Galloway has said prosecuting white-collar financial criminals will be one of his major agenda items if elected Mayor of London, with a population of 8 million – of which he believes 1 million voters will push him to victory. But it’s not just City of London/Wall Street criminals Mr. Galloway seeks to prosecute. Galloway has been one of the forces behind producing an opening-soon documentary “The Killing of Tony Blair.”

Ms. Muhawesh asked George Galloway “Will Tony Blair see the Hague?”

Galloway responded by saying that in the film’s title the word “killing” represents former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s killing of Britain’s Labor party, the killing of a million people in Iraq, and the personal financial killing Blair has been accumulating out of the first two “killings”.

Galloway had envisioned three goals for the film, and one has already been accomplished: Blair being sacked as so-called “peace envoy” to the Middle East. The two remaining goals for the Galloway and the makers of the film are: (1) making Tony Blair “so toxic that no respectable state” will ever again associate with him, and (2) prosecuting Blair at the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity and war crimes.

The short interview then concludes with discussion of the current situation in the Middle East, where Galloway sees highly contradictory policies emanating from the United Kingdom, United States and other nations. The contradictions are presented with the recent signing of the P5+1 nuclear deal/siding with Iran in Iraq’s battle against ISIS, working against Syria in its battle with ISIS terrorists, and maintaining friendly relations with the region’s biggest financial backer of extreme terrorism – Saudi Arabia.

If George Galloway wins the race for Mayor of London, he will take office in May 2016. American presidential “fireworks” starts heating up a few months after May 2016, so the coming mayoral race in the City of London should receive a great deal of international attention and press coverage. Then again, maybe not. Who on Earth would have any interest in following boring stories about going after the world’s most notorious white-collar criminals, and holding Tony Blair accountable for crimes against humanity? Perhaps only George W. Bush and Dick Cheney…

Thank you, Mayor Galloway. 


(Thank you to MintPressNews at YouTube)