Born On The Fourth Of July.

by Jerry Alatalo

Oliver Stone won the Academy Award for Best Director. The 1989 film was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, based on Vietnam veteran Ron Kovic’s autobiograpical book by the same name. Tom Cruise, in his role as Ron Kovic, became nominated for Best Actor, but Daniel Day-Lewis won for his role in “My Left Foot”. The film was in the group nominated for Best Picture, but that went to “Driving Miss Daisy”. The film’s other Oscar was for best film editing. Out of many impossible to forget moments in Born on the Fourth of July, the one which became seared into memory was the powerful parade scene, attended by Ron Kovic as a boy, where young and healthy soldiers marched on Main Street, USA alongside past-war veterans. Oliver Stone successfully captured on film the sharp contrast between young soldiers and those who had seen the horrors of war.

Composer John Williams was also nominated for best original score – twice: for Born on the Fourth of July and Indiana Jones. That award went to “Little Mermaids”.

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1989 trailer – “Born on the Fourth of July”


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John Williams conducts “Born on the Fourth of July”

U.S. ‘Moderate’ Rebels Hard To Find.

by Jerry Alatalo

 WE THE PEOPLE (photo:

What does it say about United States foreign policy in the Middle East when it has a hard time recruiting ‘moderate’ rebels to fight ISIS? According to recent reports, while the Pentagon had plans to train 5,400 rebels per year, less than 100 volunteers have stepped forward. Scott Bennett, the former counter-terrorism finance analyst who wants to testify before committees of the Senate and House of Representatives about Swiss bank accounts funding ISIS, believes nobody in the Middle East is going to fight for the United States.

In an interview by Press TV, Mr. Bennett shares his view that U.S. policy of intervention in the Middle East has cost trillions of dollars, unimaginable loss of life through war and bloodshed, and ruination of the United States’ reputation around the world. His recommended course for eliminating ISIS is U.S. coöperation with Syria, Iran, China, Russia and all nations in the Middle East region, with a heretofore-absent, serious and effective plan of action.

Scott Bennett believes the U.S. and its allied nations in the Middle East – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel among others – are essentially using ISIS as a mercenary force to destabilize Syria and Iraq. If the U.S. were serious about eliminating ISIS, says Bennett, the U.S. would reverse its policy of using ISIS to destabilize the Middle East, because:

“This latest plan is complete ignorance, and I think it’s going to fall apart. I hope the rest of the world can help educate the United States politicians very quickly so that we gain a more egalitarian, pragmatic view of politics and seek out friendship with Iran, friendship with Russia, seek out closer ties with China to focus on that problem, and stop going the salafist, Wahhabism alliance with Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Oman and Kuwait that have funded those people, is funding those organizations.”


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Support Scott Bennett, John Kiriakou, Susan Lindauer and other whistleblowers in their efforts to testify and speak truth before the United States Congress, and to the American people.

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