True Art For Peace.

A young man from Germany created an astounding, powerful work of art combining music, history, film, truth and a message of peace. The creative effort is a clearly brilliant, original example of rarely manifested true art, raising the bar higher for artists everywhere.

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Greece Returning To Drachma Matter Of Political Will.

by Jerry Alatalo

“My plainness of speech makes them hate me, and what is their hatred but a proof that I am speaking the truth?”

– SOCRATES (470-399 B.C.) Greek stonemason, general, philosopher

earthblog2While Syriza told Greek voters in the months before the January 25, 2015 election that they were for “radical change within Greece and throughout the Eurozone”, after it’s surprising victory it failed to listen to Syriza members such as Costas Lapavitsas advising preparations for leaving the Eurozone. A Professor of Economics in Britain, Mr. Lapavitsas believes the radical change Syriza promised Greek voters is impossible without taking the necessary steps to leave the euro and establish a sovereign Greek monetary/financial system.

Mr. Lapavitsas was a boy in 1974 when he stood in Athens with over 100,000 fellow Greeks who’d overthrown the military dictatorship. At 17-years old he had made up his mind to study economics in either the United States or Britain and chose the London School of Economics. In the 30 years since, he has entered into scholarly study of all things economic, financial and banking, and authored books on what he has learned. He has, as the cliché goes, “learned the ropes”.

Costas Lapavitsas’ book “Profiting Without Producing: How Finance Exploits Us All” (2014):

He wants to know, and wants Greeks to ask for, the reasons Syriza ignored his incessant suggestions to enter efforts to develop what is now commonly called a “Plan B” for Greece. Many analysts and journalists have issued criticisms of Syriza leaders Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and now resigned Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, ranging from calling them traitorous, to bribed “Trojan Horses”, to well-meaning but utterly naïve to think their European “partners” would come around and hear their proposals for economic rationality. Some have gone so far as to assert perhaps warnings of physical harm, up to assassination, have guided Syriza leaders’ actions.

Whatever the truth of what really happened between the election victory for Syriza on January 25, the impossible negotiations in the months leading up to the July 5 stunning Greek referendum – Oxi, no to more austerity – and how it came to pass that no “Plan B” became developed and ready for implementation, will become revealed in due time. As it stands now for the Greek people, there are three months of “breathing space” available for accountants, computer experts, lawyers, economists, political scientists, etc. to develop that Plan B. Costas Lapavitsas has no interest in engaging in “blame games”, wants the Syriza government to remain in power, and places his focus solely on the “obvious” and inevitable: making preparations for Grexit.

Will Greek voters be given the opportunity in the days ahead to take part in democracy again, in a referendum like July 5, which asks the question “Should Greece leave the Eurozone?”? After voting Syriza into power on January 25 with the promise to end austerity and transform both Greece and the European Union, and then registering 61% five months later in opposition to further austerity, one could predict even a 70-80% majority “Yes!” for leaving the euro, taking monetary and government/democratic decision-making power back by returning to the drachma, while lighting a fire which starts a peaceful world transformation that students will read about in history books for generations to come.

What has occurred in Greece in the little over five months since the country’s election of January 25 has resulted in a massive education of millions of men and women the world over on economics, international banking, history, political science and more. Most importantly, many millions around the Earth have gained an awareness of how negative have been the consequences for everyday people of political ideologies and financial arrangements which rose to dominance in most nations.

That newly revealed, widespread awareness will manifest in the days and weeks ahead with an ever more intense transfer of knowledge and awareness, leading to information-based actions fueled from firmer grasping of what it will take to bring about conditions of greater health and well-being for not only the people of Greece – but of people everywhere.

So, are we “all Greeks now”? Most certainly… without doubt… 100% certain.

Only fools refuse to believe that the people of Greece – and standing with them, the entire human family – will emerge victorious.


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