Donald Trump Silent On White Helmets Scandal.

by Jerry Alatalo

Among the participants and attendees of the December 20, 2018 United Nations meeting on the activities of the White Helmets were Syrian Ambassador Bashar Jaafari and Russian Federation Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia

eople who watch the DECEMBER 20, 2018 United Nations meeting, which presented evidence of horrific crimes committed inside Syria by the so-called “rescue” organization and Academy Award-winning “White Helmets”, will come to a full understanding of the true reason U.S. President Donald Trump went on Twitter (Date: DECEMBER 19, 2018).

President Trump announced a major, surprise change in his administration’s foreign policy 24 hours before the U.N. meeting exposing the White Helmets international scandal – and wrote that, essentially: “We (U.S. military forces) are leaving Syria … immediately!”. Is it possible, or even probable, that Mr. Trump was aware of the U.N. meeting scheduled for the 20th of December, and that his no-cost Twitter foreign policy statement was delivered to place a global media roadblock in front of the White Helmets bombshell, set to explode the next day?

We sense the answer is “yes”. However, the only way of knowing for certain is hearing from Donald Trump himself for his opinion of the “extremely inconvenient, taboo…” details presented at the December 20 event. Trump’s 12/19/2018 action, a military psychological operation if the described theory becomes proved true, was put forward to soak up all global media attention, which indeed was the result. In other words, – Mr. Trump took a calculated public relations action to protect the diminishing reputation of the White Helmets, or to bury any chance of any appreciable amount of people worldwide learning details of the White Helmets criminal scandal revealed on 12/20/2018.

Developments in the near (3) weeks since Trump’s announcement seem to confirm the theory. Donald Trump and members of his administration have not said anything about the White Helmets in those (3) weeks, – most especially relaying nothing publicly whatsoever about, or since, the damning December 20 U.N. meeting.

Trump’s Twitter action could be described using Trump terminology as “fantastic, and very successful”; very few people worldwide heard news of the White Helmets scandal revealed at the December 20 United Nations meeting; Trump’s National Security Adviser John Bolton has issued, as more than once in the past, a warning to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad about potential use of chemical weapons, and, once more, threatening the severest of military responses.

With the already-suffering reputation of the White Helmets terrorist group effectively “saved” thanks to Donald Trump’s Twitter psychological operation and public relations fix, the rising odds for another false flag chemical attack in Syria (possibly Israel due to growing Neocon desperation) becomes more plausible as a predictive. This creates legitimate worries that another deception-based military response from the United States (Trump), United Kingdom (May) and France (Macron) will bring much more unnecessary death,injury and harm than previous illegal bombing operations.

What public responses, if any, have the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron issued on this very serious matter?

Who will become the first courageous U.S. journalist submitting to the president of the United States of America the following question?

“With respect to extremely troubling revelations made on December 20 at the United Nations, President Trump, could you please share with Americans and people of the world your honest assessment of the White Helmets?”

white helmets-2
Future history books may record, teach and describe the 2-hour December 20, 2018 meeting at the United Nations as a pivotal and important, world changing event


(Thank you to Nizar Abboud at YouTube)

8 thoughts on “Donald Trump Silent On White Helmets Scandal.

    1. Sha’Tara,

      Undoubtedly, we are on the same page regarding the habitual liar Trump. The White Helmets scandal has resulted in complete, dead silence from the Western world, both the media and governments. What’s concerning is the totality of suppression on this major story, even to the point of choosing not to refute the event as “Russian propaganda” (although apparently the Guardian in London, unsurprisingly, went that route).

      It’s interesting that Trump used Twitter to announce a huge shift in U.S. government Syrian policy, when such a big deal usually finds the president of America delivering a policy speech of some length and detailed, say an hour … We’ve said it before and it’s worth repeating: Donald Trump is arguably the most dangerous human being on Earth. Perhaps this White Helmets story will get out there, far and wide, and help stop these war criminals from going forward.


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      1. The White Helmets is another proxy force, creation of the CIA, another face of Reagan’s contras in Central America. The propaganda is so well made, including the silent one as you pointed out here that most of the people I talk to one-to-one or on these blogs are convinced the WH are heroes and even martyrs.

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        1. Sha’Tara,

          One of the fellows who a few years back joined some other men and women (including myself, until leaving) on another blog had written a string of powerful, emotion-filled, hard-driving posts about the warring in Syria – and in every one of the writings the narrative and facts of the situation in Syria were dead wrong! It is extraordinary to assert, but Syria from 2011-present represents the most propagandized war in human history.


          1. Even more than Vietnam? That’s hard to believe. Is the reason it hasn’t caused the same kind of backlash because there is no US draft and few US “soldiers” have been killed in it?


            1. Sha’Tara,

              There seems a number of factors for the drop-off of the peace/antiwar movement, and the end of the U.S. military draft and establishing of an all-volunteer service is certainly one of the major ones. There’s also the increased use of mercenary soldiers (terrorists) in place of American, U.K., France, NATO forces etc., Barack Obama’s being named as recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize (everything’s fine now, on the war and peace front), increased use of “improved” methods for scientific applications of war propaganda and/or psychological operations (see Trump’s Twitter posts, QAnon madness…), and so on.

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    1. Hello Stuart,

      How are you. People might describe the White Helmets as representative of the last gasp of those who’ve conducted wars of aggression through illegal covert military action for decades. If one adds the Academy Awards management in Hollywood, world-famous actors like George Clooney and others, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now and other well-known supporters of the White Helmets to Donald Trump in terms of their being literally forced to address the crimes, then people will find the brutal and necessary truth reported everywhere.


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