The CIJA Sting from the Perspective of International Justice

The good innocent people of Syria have suffered near ten years of brutal, immensely painful, covert state-sponsored terrorism and criminal violence – forced upon them by powers outside the country. Any human being on Earth with an ounce of morality remaining in their possession will agree that the Syrian people’s immensely tragic suffering must now – finally – come to its total end…

Tim Hayward

The recent CIJA sting on Paul McKeigue revealed a serious lapse of judgement on his part. But what it reveals from the perspective of international justice is immeasurably more significant: a rift between CIJA and the international legal community it aims to provide prosecution briefs for; affinities between CIJA and the White Helmets which raise wider concerns about Western-backed operations in Syria; and our neglect of the most egregious war crime in Syria.

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Outgoing Trump and Incoming Biden – What it Means for Syria — The Wall Will Fall

(Editor’s note: World affairs journalist Vanessa Beeley summarizes historically the ruthless decade-long state-sponsored terrorist war against the people and government of Syria. In the spirit of the greatest American military leader in the nation’s history, Major General Smedley Butler (1881-1940), the use of terrorist mercenary killers covertly ordered by American-coalition commanders makes brutal mafia figures like Al Capone look like choirboys by comparison. The unbelievably cruel and heartless criminal military-economic war against the innocent Syrian people must – finally – be brought to a close. Please share far and wide. Thank you. Peace.)

The madmen are handing over to the lunatics.

Outgoing Trump and incoming Biden – what it means for Syria — The Wall Will Fall