Fetzer On Fire…

by Jerry Alatalo

“But life is short and truth works far and lives long: let us speak the truth.”

– ARTHUR SCHOPENHAUER (1788-1860) German philosopher

earthblog2After publishing “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook”, editor of the book retired Professor Jim Fetzer and fellow contributing academics and researchers have carried out what could be described as a “big move”, to use a chess metaphor. While having spent only a moderate amount of time looking into Sandy Hook since 2012, there are a few observations which might help in resolving this issue once and for all.

First, this writer doesn’t have any sons or daughters, but if he did, and his son or daughter were one of those killed in the mass shooting, after hearing about this book titled “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook I would immediately seek an attorney and sue the editor and contributors. I would swiftly sue: a) because nobody will get away with smearing the memory of my child, and b) because nobody will get away with smearing the memory of all the children and teachers killed, smearing the reputations of my family and friends, along with those of every surviving family member or friend.

In essence, publication of “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” could be described as a “showdown at the OK Corral” moment of truth about the controversy surrounding Sandy Hook. Whatever the consequences of publishing this book, in a certain sense it is a positive development for it forces exposure of what really happened, leading to either disrepute and shattered reputations of those who publicly state Sandy Hook was a “false flag” or confirmation of a government manipulation of public perceptions. If those who proclaim “false flag” and “nobody died” are wrong and the reports from government and the mainstream media are correct, then one would logically predict an upcoming tsunami of lawsuits from the families of those who lost loved ones, directed at the book’s editor Jim Fetzer and his fellow contributors.

On this controversial issue, what seems most worthy of tracking in the days ahead is whether such lawsuits become initiated or not. If many survivors’ families, either alone or in a joint legal action, move ahead against the people responsible for publication of the book, then one can logically conclude Sandy Hook was a real mass-shooting where children and teachers perished. If no lawsuits against the book’s creators become initiated in the days ahead, then, well, “Houston, we have a problem.”

Second, one might consider the negative consequences of failing to get to the absolute truth on the controversial issue of Sandy Hook. Whether one holds the view that Sandy Hook was a real mass shooting or was a “false flag”, the number of American men and women in either “camp” is not insignificant. Irresolution of the issue – failure to reach to the point of total and irrefutable acknowledgment by all people what actually happened that day – leaves many with corrosive and divisive, separation-generating perceptions among the citizens of the United States.

Using one’s imagination, one asks “how much cumulative damage across the United States to family relations, personal reputations and friendships has occurred since 2012 due to continuing talk or debate between people holding views ranging across the entire spectrum from completely misinformed to highly informed about Sandy Hook?” This writer asserts that the damage done since 2012 in all the various manifestations associated with differences among people about what really happened is greatly under-appreciated and under-estimated, and points to the obvious need for addressing the matter and settling it once and for all.

The same view applies regarding the enormously consequential events of September 11, 2001 and other major issues, as 9/11 remains literally the elephant in the room crying out for a new investigation. It’s important to once and for all discover and expose the truth, and thus correct widely held, continuing, false and divisive perceptions – irrespective of which “side” one comes down on. Fundamentally and importantly, such matters call for much more powerful leadership efforts to reveal the truth, including a greater appreciation and/or focus on bringing an end to large numbers of citizens’ hanging on to false views.


Without his regular partner on “False Flag Weekly News” Kevin Barrett, Mr. Fetzer presents a number of reports during the 50-minute broadcast. As a long-time researcher on major and often controversial world events, and after publication recently of the book about Sandy Hook, one senses that he has become somewhat re-energized or rejuvenated,  perhaps due to his belief the book has created major shock waves and gone a long way toward forcing the truth out in the open.

Seeing it’s World Series of baseball time, it’s fair to compare Mr. Fetzer’s revived enthusiasm to those players who’ve “saved their best” for the maximum competition and greatest prize in the world of professional baseball. One envisages him stepping into the batter’s box for the “truth team”, facing down the opposing team’s pitchers throwing 100 mile per hour false information, and promptly smashing home run after home run over the fence.

The great thing about athletic contests is that everyone in the stands has their eyes on the game like witnesses then able to testify to the truth about what actually happened on the field. Whether its 50,000 fans in the ballpark or millions watching the game on television, everyone knows exactly what happened on the field.

Some can recall the 1992 movie “A League of Their Own” about a women’s professional baseball league starring Tom Hanks, Madonna, Rosie O’Donnell and Gina Davis, and the scene where one of the girl players starts weeping over something which occurred in the game.

In a line which has remained in the memories of all who saw thew film, Tom Hanks as manager of the team scolds her and exclaims, “there’s no crying in baseball!” Perhaps an updated version of that famous movie line fits into this post on getting to the truth about major world events and issues… There’s no lying in baseball.

From back in the days of participating in baseball, when a hitter went on a streak where it seemed opposition pitchers couldn’t get him out everyone would acknowledge the hitter was “on a tear”. In this edition of “False Flag Weekly News” one senses Jim Fetzer has surpassed that baseball hitter’s metaphor “on a tear”. With respect to reporting and analyzing the truth on world events, viewers see Mr. Fetzer “on fire”.


So it goes. And how was your week?…

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“Speaking For Humanity” Essay Deadline Extended.

by Jerry Alatalo

The open invitation and original deadline for submitting 5,000 word essays for “Speaking For Humanity: Volume One” are now extended and revised. Due to a disappointing response, essays will now be accepted without any deadline – in other words, until the 500,000 word book, or 100 essay, goal becomes reached. See revised post on homepage for updated details.  I apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this change may have caused readers. Please consider writing an essay, or mentioning this book project to men or women who would want to get involved. Thank you.

Also, the offer for a free eBook download of “2016: World Peace Writings” is now good through January 1, 2016 (go to “Books” for details). Thanks again.

Bennett: Middle East Neocon Dream Turned Nightmare.

by Jerry Alatalo

“There are no warlike people – just warlike leaders.”

– RALPH BUNCHE (1904-1971) American diplomat

whitekeys4-1Former American military psychological operations officer Scott Bennett appeared on Press TV recently and strongly suggested high government, military and intelligence officials from the United Kingdom and United States, including Tony Blair and George W. Bush, need to become investigated for war crimes for their actions leading up to and during the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars.

Most readers are well aware of the horrific facts surrounding the Iraq War, so no need to repeat them here. However, after the worldwide media storm generated by Tony Blair’s “some elements of truth” statements to the media recently, many are anticipating imminent and increasing numbers of disclosures of truth having the potential of leading to International Criminal Court (ICC) investigations into what anyone with a modicum of awareness recognizes as the most serious, large-scale  execution of war crimes on Earth in the 21st century.

Scott Bennett’s analysis arrives at the truth, and it is perhaps impossible for any person to find fault or error in his estimate of the issue. Men and women on other media outlets have in the past days called for Tony Blair’s appearance at the Hague and ICC for what they unanimously agree are clearly actions reaching the level of war crimes.

More and more people have come to accept the disturbing and sobering fact that such is the truth and no longer deniable. One woman may have said it best for all people around the world who’ve come to a full realization of the truth: “If Tony Blair’s actions associated with the Iraq War don’t make him a war criminal, there is no such thing as a war criminal.” In America, citizens following these developments are most likely asking the same questions about George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and others responsible and accountable for the Iraq War as the British now with Blair, and – unfortunately or fortunately depending on one’s perspective – coming to the same conclusion.

Jeb Bush will withdraw from the race for President in the very near future.

Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

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The Knowledge That Divides and the Knowledge That Unites

Is the late Sri Aurobindo’s perception of Oneness, the divine standpoint in consciousness, and the knowledge that unites beneficial in 2015?…

Sri Aurobindo Studies

It is a central characteristic of the mental consciousness that it tends to analyze, divide and fragment into parts. This is due to the need for a practical application in the life of the world, and the exclusive concentration thus made possible allows understanding and progress. At the same time, the knowledge so generated is always partial and limited. This characteristic has been applied in the traditional Yoga of knowledge whereby different aspects of consciousness are viewed separately and essentially independently of one another. The distinctions served a practical purpose to also advise the seeker in that path that these were all limited applications and that the real and true knowledge came about through abandoning these lesser forms and focusing on the One, Absolute, that exists beyond all these names, forms and circumstances and does not have any interaction with them.

To be sure, the traditional Yoga of knowledge acknowledged…

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