“Speaking For Humanity” Essay Deadline Extended.

by Jerry Alatalo

The open invitation and original deadline for submitting 5,000 word essays for “Speaking For Humanity: Volume One” are now extended and revised. Due to a disappointing response, essays will now be accepted without any deadline – in other words, until the 500,000 word book, or 100 essay, goal becomes reached. See revised post on homepage for updated details.  I apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this change may have caused readers. Please consider writing an essay, or mentioning this book project to men or women who would want to get involved. Thank you.

Also, the offer for a free eBook download of “2016: World Peace Writings” is now good through January 1, 2016 (go to “Books” for details). Thanks again.


7 thoughts on ““Speaking For Humanity” Essay Deadline Extended.

    1. Lo,
      How are you. At the literally dismal response level for this concept I might as well make the goal 5 million, billion or trillion words instead of 500,000. 🙂 Perhaps I’m much too biased in favor of my own opinion, but the project seems like one which has a very substantial upside. If now isn’t the ideal time for a thick book of ideas about “creating a better world now and for the benefit of future generations”, I can’t figure out or predict when that time will come. So it goes, and thank you for the good luck wish.

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      1. I think I may have misread it. Each essay is 5,000 words and your desire is to have 100 of them (500,000 total words).

        Really something this large needs a lot of organizing/planning. Getting the word out to writers in many different forums as possible.


        1. Lo,
          Sent out well over 100 email invites to libraries, colleges, websites, and academic organizations. Actually, in my estimate the project isn’t that large or complex, but pretty simple and straightforward and easily accomplished. Maybe the proposal sounds “too good to be true” or that perceptions are I’m somehow being deceptive for personal gain… Or there might be a little problem for people who find it easy to point out the world’s problems and attack individuals, but when asked for solutions fail in “putting their money where their mouth is”. Go figure… It’s a straight up honest, benevolent, well-meaning proposal, so that’s about all I can say, and leave the results to the Creator … 🙂

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          1. It’s a big project to undertake. How do you know it went any further than the person you sent the email to at any of these places? Did anyone post info about it on their websites? The personal touch is recommended. And it takes a lot of time to check back with all whom you wrote.


            1. Lo,
              There was one library gal who passed the message along, and then a woman at the Near Death Research Foundation (nderf.org) was kind enough to post the info on their site. It came to the point where I was suspicious the email contacts were being derailed by persons who’ve become aware of my name on certain “lists”, although that could be an over-active imagination at work. I’ll take your recommendation for the personal touch, doing followup and see how it goes. Thanks for the good advice.

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