Rumors Of Wars: CIA Awards Saudi Prince Medal For ‘Anti-Terrorism’?

By Jerry Alatalo

RethinkAlphabet While a lot of men and women observers of world events have begun using references to George Orwell’s classic Twilight Zone-meets-authoritarianism novel “1984” lately, seeing the United States Central Intelligence Agency give the “George Tenet Medal” to a crown prince of Saudi Arabia has those men and women searching for something beyond Orwell – if such extreme, never-before-used descriptive words are even available, or within the realm of possibility.

As Dr. Kevin Barrett correctly notes in his short PressTV interview, the event is one which generates a state of mind where one can’t decide whether it’s better to laugh or cry. Laugh – simply because the level of “chutzpah” and straight in-your-face audacity to pull this off with a serious face is off the charts. Cry.. because the level of desperation necessary to descend to such a deceitful level, sadly and pitifully attempting public relations’ damage control over increasing Earthly awareness of who the sponsors of terrorism are.. signals war is fast approaching.

Unfortunately, the ridiculous dog-and-pony show for international public relations purposes is far from laughable, but represents the most serious and potentially deadly of matters. Consider this comes along just after the controversial Amnesty International “report” painting the Syrian government and President Bashar al Assad as mass-murderers of prisoners – most notably without Amnesty International providing any legally useful evidence whatsoever.

These efforts to shape public opinion the world over by disseminating high-quality production, false reports are not carried out for ordinary purposes; they are conducted to shape public opinion into favorable perceptions/acceptance of war entered for so-called “humanitarian” purposes, or as part of fighting the “Great War on Terror”.

Can anyone name what the crown prince and Saudi Arabia have done to deserve a prestigious award for fighting against terrorism? Can anybody name Saudi Arabia’s major accomplishments – any successes against terrorists – since September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center mass-murder events, in the now over 15-year “War on Terror”?

The people of the world have heard and seen enough “fake news”. The people of the world shall from this day forward demand, insist on, and accept no less than the truth.

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“Erudite Conspiracy Theorists” Deserve Nobel Truth Prize.

By Jerry Alatalo

Earth Flag 11Alphabet Jim Fetzer is a retired professor of Philosophy from the University of Minnesota-Duluth, Kevin Barrett was a professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Wisconsin before being fired over his assertion 9/11 was an inside job, and Tony Hall is presently a professor of Globalization Studies at University of Lethbridge in Canada. The three have agreed to collaborate in producing the program “False Flag Weekly News”, where they strive to share real details about the world’s most important issues and events reported deceptively, intentionally, by corporate media.

For those frustrated by the continuing covering up of the truth about extremely important historic and current events around the Earth, the three professors’ efforts are greatly appreciated. Given the rise of the internet as a source of news for an increasing number of people during recent years, along with a corresponding decrease in the number turning to mainstream or corporate media for information about global developments, perhaps the Nobel Committee should add a Nobel Truth Prize to its annual honors/awards for Peace, Medicine, Literature, and so on.

If the Committee were to take such an action, Mr. Fetzer, Mr. Barrett and Mr. Hall would certainly become members of the category’s first class of contenders or nominees. It’s possible that the years of painstaking research, effort and collaborating with other integrity-minded men and women to arrive at the truth undertaken by the three academics is finally about to bear long-awaited fruit; humanity could well be on the verge of experiencing a “truth earthquake” that literally transforms life on Earth for the better.

One sign that leads to sensing big revelations and changes are about to occur is that the topics of deep state actions and false flags will be part of discussions at the annual Left Forum Conference on May 20-22, 2016 at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City. In the past, the annual conference didn’t enter into such topics as the information was perceived as “controversial”, but in recent years – again, thanks to the internet – most men and women have become familiar with, and talk openly while using, the term “false flag”.

It’s virtually impossible to measure and quantify the percentage of people who’ve given up on corporate media due to its false representations about very serious issues and now turn to the internet and independent media for the truth, but one senses a quite profound transition on a large-scale. More people every day are turning to independent media personalities like the professors Fetzer, Barrett, Hall and many others for truth-focused reporting about world events.

Before the emergence of and explosion of interest in the internet, information provided by the three professors in this week’s “False Flag Weekly News” may have taken years to reach the people; today, information becomes transmitted, shared, or disseminated around the Earth within minutes, hours and/or the same day as it’s produced. Those who have benefited in the past from almost-guaranteed secrecy, time constraints on the spreading of truly relevant information, the luxury of people forgetting about important criminal or malevolent events or disinterest when the truth finally became revealed years later, no longer have access to such benefits. The truth is now becoming transmitted and known on a planetary scale nearly instantaneously.

Nobody can predict precisely when the professors’ efforts to show and convey the truth become unnecessary and they along with millions of others can devote most or all of their time to developing solutions to humanity’s historical problems of war, violence, greed, inequality, environmental degradation, corruption, etc. will arrive, but that time – when the full potential deterrent effect of instant truth dissemination over the internet becomes manifested – seems approaching at a greatly accelerating pace.

If that is a true reading, perception or analysis of the current global condition, there is good reason for optimism and encouragement for those interested in building a more peaceful, just and moral civilization on Earth. One senses strongly such is the case; the varying in intensity efforts of men and women residing in all regions of the world will have been proven worthwhile, and likely looked upon with gratitude, honor and respect by those coming in future generations.

Although there is no such thing – yet – as the Nobel Prize for Truth, those men and women who live their lives with utmost adherence, devotion and loyalty to truth surely are aware there is a personal, interior, very real “prize” for consistently acting in ways correspondent with total honesty. Thankfully, humanity’s collective power of accurate discernment between truth and falsehood has grown tremendously in recent years, and promises to grow at an immeasurable, even more astounding rate in the weeks, months and years to come.

From the “28 Pages” and potential world-shaking revelations about what really occurred on September 11, 2011, to Professor James Tracy’s lawsuit against Florida Atlantic University over his firing due to his stance on the Sandy Hook false flag/state-terror event, to a recent BBC documentary suggesting the Ukraine military’s shooting down of MH17 where close to 300 passengers and crew perished, to details of widespread election fraud in the 2016 presidential race, to Ted Cruz’ father being possibly connected to President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963 – Jim Fetzer, Kevin Barrett and Tony Hall continue in their efforts to get to the truth.

After a discussion lasting a little more than 60 minutes, one is left with the feeling the three men were only just beginning, and that they had simply “skimmed the surface”. Perhaps the best advice for people is to prepare as well as possible for massively important, historic, world paradigm-shifting revelations coming in the near future.

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World Can End ISIS In Days.

By Jerry Alatalo

“It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.”

– VOLTAIRE (1694-1778) French philosopher

HighwayDoes anyone remember that shortly before violence erupted in Syria in 2011 that Iran, Iraq and Syria signed a $multi-billion natural gas pipeline deal to move Iran’s natural gas resource to sell in Europe – and that Syria’s government had rejected a similar pipeline deal proposed by Qatar, which has access to the same huge natural gas field as Iran?

The question is important because the pipelines issue is the source of the humanitarian catastrophe innocent Syrians have suffered in the five-year war. It was shortly after Iran, Iraq and Syria agreed and signed a massive pipeline deal to build infrastructure for transporting natural gas to the tremendous European market that violence erupted in Syria. Terrorist/mercenary groups financed by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and western nations became tools for toppling Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Would a compromise of two pipelines, one carrying natural gas from Iran and the other from Qatar, built to Syria and joining there, then metered after becoming a single pipeline to Europe, with a 50/50 guaranteed split of profits shared between Iran and Qatar – offer a solution and real chance for peace in Syria?

It’s worth noting and remembering that former NATO Supreme Commander General Wesley Clark told the world that the United States had a five-year plan to overthrow the governments of seven countries, Iraq, Libya, Syria and “finally” Iran among them. The other three nations targeted were/are Lebanon, Somalia and Sudan. In case some readers are still unaware of, or forgotten, Mr. Clark’s bombshell revelation:

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The wars in the Middle East-North Africa (MENA) region, with their overwhelmingly tragic consequences for the people living in those countries, have all been about oil, natural gas and other valuable resources – in particular who controls and profits from their sale. In case some readers have the idea that “false flag” operations are just the result of overactive imaginations possessed by “conspiracy theorists”, perhaps a certain Mr. Patrick Clawson, Senior Fellow at the Washington Institute of Near East Policy,  can convince you otherwise:

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Ask yourself why in around a month Russia’s air campaign against ISIS and other mercenary terrorist groups, who’ve destroyed untold lives and property in five years in Syria and Iraq, has done more to effectively battle the mercenaries than the United States’ “coalition” has in over a year. Keep in mind when pondering that the United States spends more on defense (intelligence and the military) than the rest of the world combined, and that the U.S. military because of that world-leading expenditure is the most powerful force in world history.

Ask yourself how it is that, since the “coalition” began its campaign against ISIS over a year ago, the terrorist group remains operational – in other words, the most powerful military in world history has not been able to defeat, or crush, ISIS out of existence. Ask why you see no “success stories” in the war against ISIS reported about prevention of ISIS’ selling stolen oil on the world market, no six o’clock news lead stories showing arrest, detainment, prosecution, trial and conviction of those involved with buying ISIS oil, or no newspaper headlines announcing revealed scandals that include oil buyers, bankers, and others whose intentional actions have helped sustain ISIS.

Is it impossible to investigate and find who supplied the bright, shiny-new fleets of Toyota pickups? Is it impossible to find where ISIS obtained their money and weaponry, where and by whom they received training, who has supplied their necessities, or any real facts surrounding ISIS’ remaining a “going (and growing) concern”?  No, it’s not impossible to investigate these matters related to ISIS. But if those who tell the world how important it is to defeat ISIS fail to investigate – in effect engaging in a giant cover-up – it may as well be impossible.

When ISIS began its rampage of war and destruction in the summer of 2014, this writer urged the world’s leaders to organize a multinational military force to take the terrorist group down. Well over a year later, ISIS has gone on to kill more innocents and destroy more homes and property, Europe faces a profound refugee crisis, while someone has provided them the weapons, money, equipment, necessities – and cover – to continue. The lives of millions are shattered, and the guilty facilitating ISIS are known when their words are absent sincere concern, empathy, compassion or resolve to end the immense suffering those innocent millions are experiencing. They are known when their words do not include “peace”.

It’s now overwhelmingly clear – well beyond any reasonable doubt – that those who’ve aided and abetted ISIS mercenary terrorists are war criminals and must face punishment in the International Criminal Court for their truly heinous actions. Very soon, the people of the world will know the truth.

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