From Vietnam To Syria: The Big Lie Has Killed Millions.

By Jerry Alatalo

United States President Lyndon Johnson lied through his teeth to the world on August 4, 1964. Johnson was not only criminally responsible for initiating the Vietnam War based on a “false flag” deception – the Gulf of Tonkin incident – but was a major force behind the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

Estimates of Vietnamese deaths range from 2-4 million, and 59,000 Americans perished in the many years of horrific war after Johnson’s Big Lie.

Among Johnson’s other crimes related to “false flag” operations designed for instigating war, he colluded with Israeli officials in the U.S.S. Liberty attack (Summer 1967), where Israeli forces received orders to destroy the vessel and kill all U.S. personnel on board. It was the conspirators’ plan that Egypt would be falsely blamed, necessitating U.S. military involvement, and would have worked but for a Liberty naval officer’s ability to configure a crude communications setup (the Israeli attack knocked out all communications equipment) allowing transmission of a message for help, defeating the conspiracy.

(One of the survivors of the U.S.S. Liberty attack of 1967 commented here on a past post dedicated to the historic scandal that “…Johnson wanted us all dead.”)

Johnson – had the U.S.-Israeli false flag operation been successful and all U.S. personnel been killed – had prepared plans to drop a nuclear weapon on Egypt’s largest city Cairo, making it the 3rd use of nuclear weapons on a population in world history after Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

These are just a few examples of Lyndon Johnson’s profoundly criminal, heinous actions, others of which may never see the light of day, and are important to remember when attempting to measure the level of danger humanity faces today.

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ne could describe the United Nations Security Council as a form of world courtroom in the sense that members sitting around the table are effectively presenting their views in a lawyer-like fashion. Perhaps, like in a typical court setting, United Nations Security Council meetings need an international panel of respected, retired men and women judges to preside over proceedings.

Given that all members of the Security Council are certainly aware of history and horrendously consequential false flags like the Gulf of Tonkin, Colin Powell’s telling of the Big Lie in 2003, etc., the lack of any time devoted to members wishing to ask questions of other members is detrimental to any efforts at arriving at the truth about the most serious situations on Earth.

What is noticeable, and worrying, about the statements by U.N. representatives of U.S., U.K. and France in meetings after the Idlib chemical attack of April 4 is their total silence on the possibility that terrorists may have carried out the attack in a false flag operation, despite their knowledge of history. Their silence on that possibility goes as far as not even acknowledging such historically verified events have occurred in the past, while at the same time not responding specifically to those making the legitimate assertions.

U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley was second-to-last to deliver a statement, followed by Syria’s Ambassador Bashar al Jaafari speaking to close the meeting. At the end of her statement, Ms. Haley directed her words to Mr. al Jaafari. Remember that in previous meetings convened to discuss the Idlib chemical attack, Ms. Haley warned the United States was willing, prepared and able to act alone, and that – after Donald Trump ordered the launch of Tomahawk missiles into Syrian territory – she again warned the U.S. was willing to do more.

In that light, people should consider the seriousness of the current state of world affairs. The greatest chance for preventing what could become a catastrophic military escalation in Syria lies in an international demand for Donald Trump to provide any and all evidence he says proves Syrian forces carried out the Idlib chemical weapon attack. Ms. Haley said:

“To Assad and the Syrian government – you have no friends in the world after your horrific actions. The United States is watching your actions very carefully. The days of your arrogance and disregard of humanity are over. Your excuses will no longer be heard. I suggest you look at this vote very carefully, and heed its warning.”

It is impossible to conclude otherwise but that Ms. Haley, in this April 2017 meeting of the United Nations Security Council, issued a direct, unambiguous, explicit threat of war against Syria.


The Syrian representative’s statement following being threatened with war, unfortunately, will most likely never be seen or discussed on any Western corporate media platform or inside governmental bodies. If that weren’t unfortunate enough, the important detailed relevant facts he presented will never become responded to by the U.N. representatives from America, the United Kingdom, and France. The question becomes: “If the truth cannot be sought and discussed at the United Nations Security Council, where on Earth can it be?”

The resolution authored by U.N. officials of the P-5 (Permanent Security Council states, holding veto power) U.S., U.K. and France contained language they knew would become vetoed by the P-5 Russian Federation (P-5 China abstained), because it would legitimize the attack by the U.S. of Syrian territory, violating the United Nations Charter and international law.

Either U.S. President Donald Trump responds to increasing demands from around the Earth to make public any and all of his evidence – or humanity is witnessing another massively destructive, criminal, and morally reprehensible Big Lie.

Time for humanity to act is of the essence.

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Syria’s UN Ambassador: “This Theatrical Farce Must End.”

By Jerry Alatalo

un-2Alphabet Communications during United Nations Security Council meetings have devolved into an embarrassing form unworthy of the world’s highest-standards deliberative political institution. After nearly six (6) years of war in Syria between the government and largely paid mercenary terrorist soldiers, the ongoing battle of narratives about the reality in that nation has intensified and sunk down to the point of historic shame.

Perhaps of the multiple reasons for the war the major cause of the conflict that started in March 2011 was the decision by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to decline a proposal from officials of Qatar to run natural gas pipeline infrastructure to deliver gas from Qatar to the lucrative European market. Assad decided instead to approve a similar ($multi-billion) pipeline project to Europe for transporting gas from Iran, which shares the same gigantic natural gas field with Qatar. That decision prompted the individuals and/or groups who wanted the Qatar pipeline project built to immediately initiate war by mercenary terrorist proxy armies against the Syrian government and military, with the goal of overthrowing Assad.

Before the terrorist war began in 2011 many will remember Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and others sharing the refrain of “Assad must go”, but without mentioning the true reason(s) for their assertions – making the false claim Assad was “killing his own people” instead of the truth: paid mercenaries were killing Syrian civilians, police and military to destabilize the government to the point of Assad’s downfall from power, in virtually the same manner lies became used to bring about the 2011 destruction of Libya, with that the overthrow and murder of Muammar Gaddafi.

Another example of historic deception with catastrophic negative consequences came in 2003 and the U.S./UK-led invasion of Iraq, based on the intentional lies about Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction” and his “involvement with al-Qaeda and 9/11”. One could go back further to 2001 – September 11, 2001 to be precise – for the biggest false flag lie of them all, and the birth of the now 15-year long bogus “war on terror”. It’s safe to assume the yet-to-be-prosecuted criminals behind the 9/11 mass murder events were behind the destruction that followed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

One can see a pattern of immense deception that correlates with the revelations provided by U.S. General Wesley Clark years ago when he described Pentagon plans to invade and overthrow seven (7) nations/governments in five (5) years, including Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Iran. Unfortunately, the immense deception has persisted to this day, and is now found in its disturbing pervasiveness inside the United Nations Security Council itself.

In the United States lying in front of Congress is a very serious crime, that of perjury, with severe punishment for any person convicted. Given the diametrically opposed narratives on Syria put forth at United Nations Security Council meetings, it seems clear that some member state representatives are either sadly misinformed or outright lying. Perhaps the United Nations needs to establish rules of conduct for the Security Council on perjury similar to the U.S. Congress. Had such severe penalties for perjury been in place at the United Nations before the infamous “weapons of mass destruction” presentation of U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, it’s probable the historic tragedy of the Iraq War would never have started in 2003.

Absent penalties for perjury at the United Nations, it has become difficult for people around the Earth to gain a true awareness of highly important events. Recognition of the fact that lies told in the Security Council originate from some of the world’s wealthiest, most powerful, and “politically connected” individuals and groups – and that global media mega-corporations have nearly unbreakable ties to those possessing such immense power – it falls upon the shoulders of all those concerned with morality, justice and peace to take right action and bring forward the truth.

Syrian Ambassador Bashar al-Jaafari is correct. For the sake of the people of Syria, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, humanity and future generations: “This theatrical farce must end”.

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Syria: United Nations, World At Moment Of Truth.

By Jerry Alatalo

cropped-world-map1.jpgAlphabet After calling for an emergency meeting of the United Nations (UN) Security Council, the representatives of the United States, United Kingdom and France walked out of the meeting while Syrian UN Ambassador Bashar Jaafari addressed the council. The video below recorded Dr. Jaafari’s address with English translation. The official transcript/record of the Security Council’s over 2-hour meeting is available on the United Nations webite, and here is Dr. Jaafari’s statement to the Council.
I give the floor to the representative of the Syrian Arab Republic. Mr.  Ja’afari  
(Syrian  Arab  Republic) spoke  in Arabic.

With regard to the comments by the Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom, one of the three States that called for this meeting, asserting that Syria is broken  and  about  to  die,  I  would  like  to  reassure  him  that  Syria  has  never been  broken.  His  words  are  tantamount  to  the  dream  of  Satan  to  reach Paradise,  mere dreams or wishful thinking. They are not worthy of a permanent member of the Security Council. As for the three permanent members together, they sounded as if they were rediscovering the wheel. They discovered that  the Syrian  Government  was  trying  to  recapture  Aleppo.  What  a  great  discovery!

As  if  Aleppo  were  a  town in Djibouti or Afghanistan — or in Brazil, for that matter. I reassure them that the Syrian Government will recapture the entire city of Aleppo. If the countries’ of  the  permanent  members  of  the  Security  Council each  have one capital, we have two capitals, Damascus and Aleppo. If Shakespeare or the pioneers of the Theatre of the Absurd, Jean Genet, Adamov, Kaf ka, Kierkegaard and Georges Shehadeh, were to appear among us again, they would have written better tragedies and better plays than they did in their time. They would have never listened  to the lies that are similar to King Lear’s lies. Some of them are mourning the deaths of the very persons that they killed with their own hands. They weep crocodile tears. 

The  same  three  permanent  members  that  called  for  this  urgent  meeting  have  aborted  a  presidential  statement 13 times by striking the Arab-Syrian Army, in  error,  or  through  other  actions.  But  when  a  French  terrorist  named Mohammed  Merah  wreaked  havoc  in  the  French  city  of  Toulouse,  he  was killed  by  300  hundred  bullets  at  the  hands  of  the  security  forces.  They  did well.  However,  in  Syria  we  did  not  call  that  French terrorist a moderate or an individual belonging to a moderate opposition group. Even if Spain were to give  away  the  Basque  region  —  or  France  Corsica;  or  Great Britain Scotland or the United States Texas — the Syrian Government will never relinquish one inch of its territory, in accordance with international law.

At  the  request  of  certain  Council  members,  we  have gathered here today in their attempt to come to the rescue  of  armed  terrorist  groups  that  they  falsely  call  the moderate armed opposition. They do that whenever indications  point  to  the  possibility  that  these  groups,  under  attack  from  the  Syrian  Arab  Army  and  their  allies,  face  defeat.  They  forgot  the  crime  committed  by  the  Nur al-Din  al-Zanki  rebel  group  when  they  beheaded  Abdullah  Issa,  the Palestinian  child,  before  everyone’s  eyes.  At  that  time,  that  rebel  group  was  in control of the Handarat refugee camp with the Al-Nusra Front. We believe that the call for this urgent meeting is  a  message  from  the  countries  that  called  it  to the  Al-Nusra Front and the other terrorist groups, namely, that  their  support  and political  cover  will  continue  unhindered,and that the weapon of terrorism that puts pressure  on  the  Syrian  Government  and  its  allies  will  continue to be effective.

Based   on   our   constitutional   responsibility   to   protect  our  citizens  from  the  acts  of  armed  terrorist  groups,  which  have  inflicted  suffering  on  our  people  in Aleppo, the military operation by the Syrian Army and its allies that began two days ago includes efforts to safeguard the lives of our citizens. They were advised to stay away from positions of the armed terrorist groups and  to  take  all  measures to  facilitate  their  evacuation  and  secure  the  basic  needs  of  a  dignified  life.  Those  measures included even those who were deceived into taking  up  arms  against  the  State.  On  the  other  hand,  the terrorist groups continue to prevent civilians from leaving  Aleppo,  with  a  view  to  using  them  as  human  shields.

We know that Aleppo has more than 2 million inhabitants, with 750,000 persons in east Aleppo. At  the  same  time,  my  country  condemns  the  use  of  internally prohibited  weapons.  We  stress  that  all  military  operations  conducted  by  the  Syrian  army  and  its  allies  on  Syrian  territory  abide  by  the  Charter  of  the  United  Nations  and  the  Council’s  resolutions  on  combating  terrorism.  We  denounce  the  fabricated  accusations levelled by certain members of the Council, in  addition  to  senior  United  Nations  officials,  against  the  Syrian  army  and  its  allies  through  alleging  that  they  use  internationally  prohibited  weapons  or  that  they  deliberately  target  civilians. 

It  is  indeed  odd  that  the Secretary-General and his senior aides would level such  fabricated  and  untrue  accusations,  which  rely  on  false accounts from individuals who are terrorists. They also ignore clear evidence pointing to the repeated use by  armed  terrorist  groups,  including  the  Islamic  State  in  Iraq  and  the  Levant,  of  chemical  weapons  against  military  personnel  and  civilians and  to  the  seizure  of  a chlorine gas factory situated 40 miles from Aleppo. I have received information that terrorists disguised as   Syrian   military   personnel   are   plotting   to   use   dangerous phosphorous-based materials against Syrian civilians. The goal is that Syrian military personnel, as has happened in the past, will be accused of committing such crimes.

They are trying to influence the Council and  public  opinion  by  distributing photographs.  That  dangerous  chemical  material  is  located  in  six  barrels  in  a  warehouse  situated  20  kilometres  from  Aleppo.  On   6   September,   that  warehouse   housing   yellow   phosphorous material was visited by two United States experts. They then left for Turkey. I  am  relaying  to  the  Council  the  information  that  has been given to me, as with hundreds of other items of information in connection with terrorist activities in my country. Those who commit war crimes in Syria are well-known. They are the ones who killed 200 civilians in  the  town  of  Manbij,  bombed  a  school  for  the  deaf  in  Raqqa  and  targeted  the  Syrian  army  in  Deir  ez-Zor.  They  are  backing  Da’esh  and  providing  all  kinds  of  support  for  the  hundreds  of  thousands  of  terrorists  who  have  been  brought  to  Syria  from  more  than  100  countries — according to the reports of the Secretary-General to the Council over numerous years.

More than anyone, we want an end to the bloodshed in  Syria  and  to  the  prolonged  suffering  of  the  Syrian  people.  Accordingly,  we  welcomed  the  United  States-Russia agreement on fighting Da’esh and the Al-Nusra Front  and  their  allies  —  differentiating  between  the  Al-Nusra  Front  and  what  is  known  as  the  “moderate”  armed opposition groups — and ceasing hostilities for one week. While we were committed to the agreement, those  who  employ  terrorist groups  in  Syria  told  them  to  reject  the  agreement.  Immediately  thereafter,  more  than 20 armed terrorist groups rejected it, including the Nur  al-Din  al-Zanki  and  Al-Nusra  groups,  as  well  as  the  Ahrar  Al-Sham.  That  rejection was  accompanied  by targeting the Syrian army on the Castello Road and at various other positions.

They violated the agreement 300 times before it expired, leading to the martyrdom of 200 civilians and 157 military personnel, as well as to hundreds of seriously injured victims. In a deliberate attempt to sabotage the agreement, the military aircraft of what is known as the international coalition   led   by   the   United   States   bombarded   the   positions  of  the  Syrian  Arab  Armed  Forces  fighting  Da’esh  in  Deir  ez-Zor.  That  is  not  the  first  time  that  these  groups  have  committed  such  crimes.  It  is  truly  deplorable  that  certain  members  of  the  Council,  in  addition  to  senior  United  Nations  officials,  including  the Secretary-General, continue to call upon the Syrian Government and its allies to adhere to the cessation of hostilities — despite all kinds of evidence on the ground proving that since the beginning, those countries have been backing armed terrorist groups, which have never wanted and will never want this endeavour to succeed.

That  was  made  abundantly  clear  by  the  violations  of the agreement by the armed terrorist groups and the so-called international coalition, which were directly or indirectly involved. Worse still is that the United States shirked the responsibility of its main obligation, namely, to  differentiate  between  the Al-Nusra  Front  and  those  groups that it insists on classifying as moderate armed opposition groups. That has led to undermining all the progress  achieved  over  five  years  of  the  war  imposed  upon our country, clearly showing the lack of a political will on the part of those who sponsor terrorism to stop the bloodshed — as if the objective were to neutralize the Syrian forces instead of finding a solution.

Is  it  not  now  time  for  those  on  the  Council  who  continue  to  deceive  themselves  and  public  opinion  to  desist  from  protecting  and  supporting  what  they  refer  to  as  the  moderate  armed  opposition?  All  such  armed  groups  are  only  the  different  sides  of  the  same  coin  —  terrorism  —  which  has  had  a  boomerang  effect,  with  attacks,  terrorist  activities  and  extremist  ideologies  in  those  members’  capitals,  owing  to  their  flawed policies and practices. Wouldany representative in  this  Chamber  dare  to  justify  the  support  given  by  Council  members  for  four  years  in  the  form  of  hundreds  of  millions  of  dollars  and  thousands  of  tons  of weaponry to the Nur al-Din al-Zanki terrorist group, which beheaded  that  Palestinian  child  —  an  event  that  the  Security  Council  is  lamenting  today?  That  faction  revealed  the  falsehood  of  Council  members’  political  media   campaigns   that   claim   that   the   faction   is   a   moderate opposition when it declared that it belongs to he Al-Nusra Front.

It is incumbent on certain members of the Council to stop their exploitation of the Syrian people’s suffering, which  they  created  themselves  through  their  military,  political and financial support. The politicization of the Syrian  crisis  will  lead only  to  the  prolongation  of  the  crisis and the worsening of the plight of Syrian people, in  the  service  of  well-vested  narrow  interests,  far  removed  from  humanitarian  goals.  Our  commitment  to  fighting  terrorism  goes  hand  in  hand  with  our  commitment  to  reaching  a  political  solution  through  intra-Syrian talks to be decided by Syrians themselves, who  should  decide  the  future  of  their  country  without  any foreign intervention.With regard to solutions imposed from abroad, they are completely and categorically rejected by the Syrian Government.  In  that  regard,  we  underscore  that  any  political  solution  can  be  successful  only  if  it  provides  the  necessary  conditions  through  intensified  efforts  to  fight  terrorism  and  by  advancing  reconciliation  processes,  which have  been  successful  in  many  of  other regions.

The    international    community    must    therefore    understand  that  the  real war  against  terrorism  has  not  yet  begun.  The  advent  of  the  Syrian  victory  is  imminent. This victory will further the implementation of  Security  Council resolutions  and  the  maintenance  of international peace and security. I have information with regard to what has happened in Deir ez-Zour.



The following is the UN description of what Dr. Jaafari said in the meeting, and an unofficial, for information purposes only summation.

BASHAR JA’AFARI (Syria) said three of the Council’s members had behaved as though they were reinventing the wheel, while with lies being told, crocodile tears shed and 13 violations of a Council presidential statement committed through the bombing of Syrian Armed Forces and other targets.  Aleppo was not just a town, but one of Syria’s capital cities and just as the United States would never give up Texas, his Government would never relinquish an inch of its territory.  With a view to protecting citizens from armed terrorist groups, the Syrian Armed Forces and its allies had responded, including taking measures to help civilians leave Aleppo, which had a population of 2 million.  Condemning the use of internationally prohibited weapons, he denounced allegations made by certain Council members about his Government’s use of such weapons and the deliberate targeting of civilians.  The armed groups’ actions, including their seizure of a chlorine gas factory 40 kilometres from Aleppo, had meanwhile been ignored.  He referred to a report that terrorist groups were now planning to use phosphorous gas and blame its use on the Syrian Armed Forces, he underlined that his country had continuously reported such illegal acts to the Council.

Welcoming the recent United States-Russian Federation agreement, he said his Government supported the ceasefire.  Yet, those States that were “employing” terrorist groups in Syria had seen that more than 20 armed groups had rejected the agreement, including Nusrah Front, thereby sabotaging the ceasefire.  The international coalition had bombarded the Syrian Armed Forces, who were positioned to fight Da’esh.  While some Council members and senior officials had continued to call on the Government to support progress, he said the reality on the ground clearly demonstrated that it was the terrorist groups and their supporters that were hampering such efforts.  As a result, those efforts had been undermined, showing the absence of the required political will to find a solution of those who were sponsoring the bloodbath.  It was time for the Council to stop the moderate armed groups, whose actions amounted to terrorism.  He asked if any member in the Chamber would have the courage to stop Nur al-Din al-Zanki, an armed group that had declared allegiance to Nusrah Front.  The Syrian people’s suffering must end, and the politicization of the crisis would only prolong the crisis.

Mr. DE MISTURA, responding to one question that he called “clearly precise” and “clearly erased” by the Russian Federation’s delegate, said he was guided by resolution 2254 (2016).  He had in the past witnessed refusals for active direct talks from the agency that did set preconditions.  He said he did ask the Ambassador who was also the representative of the Government in Geneva if they wanted to have at that time direct talks with current delegations.  “You, Mr. Ambassador did indicate that you did not want to discuss with terrorists or their representatives.”  The political process could not be hostage to the security environment.  During “that special day” on 9 September of long, detailed discussions with the Russian Federation and United States, he said he made a statement that said that the United Nations hoped that its implementation would facilitate renewed efforts to reach a Syrian-owned and -led arrangement.  Regarding when he would send the invitation for renewed talks, he said it would be for direct talks.

Mr. JA’AFARI (Syria) said that when the Geneva II conference was held with a view to preparing for the Geneva IV conference, Jordan was tasked with determining which groups were terrorists and which were not, and Saudi Arabia with who pertained to the opposition and who did not.  Yet, neither Jordan nor Saudi Arabia had prepared such a definition.  Terrorists were invited to the Geneva conference, but they were excluded afterwards because everyone found out they were terrorists.  “Syrians went to Geneva and would return to Geneva to engage in an inter-Syrian dialogue, not an inter-terrorist dialogue,” he said.  The Special Envoy had to gather that information.  His Government was not prepared to negotiate with terrorists; it would only negotiate with one united opposition that truly desired a Syria without any external interference.  “The Syrian Government is prepared to return to Geneva and to resume the dialogue, but not with the deaf, the mute, nor the blind.  We want to resume the dialogue with nationals like us who don’t have an external agenda and engage with Governments that use them in cheap tricks.”


In regard to the over five (5) years of wars, killing and destruction which has devastated Syria, and while discovering, specifying and acknowledging those guilty of major war crimes – the United Nations and the world has reached an absolute, profound and decisive moment of truth.

(Thank you to The Syrian Mission to the United Nations at YouTube)