MintPress News Debunks Falsified Narratives About Venezuela.

by Jerry Alatalo

Ricardo Hausmann is an important figure – yet nearly never mentioned – for journalists reporting on the recent history (1980-2019) of Venezuela.

enezuela coup d’état shill Joanna Hausmann failed to disclose she is the daughter of Ricardo Hausmann, member of the board of the central bank of Venezuela during the 1980s/90s and Chair of the International Monetary Fund-World Bank Development Committee – before the Venezuelan people roundly rejected his failed neo-liberal economic and financial policies, and elected Hugo Chavez president in 1999.

So reports MintPress News’ investigative journalist Kei Pritzker … in a devastating, calmly understated, smart and tough debunking of the repugnant lying-narrative “sales pitch” deployed in United States President Donald Trump’s attempt to illegally overthrow Venezuela’s democratically elected President Nicolas Maduro.

What is being forced upon the Venezuelan people is the latest in a long pattern of destructive United States-led covert and overt, coercive economic, political and military assaults on nations across the Earth, including Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and more.

Please share this powerful, decisive video report from MintPress News and Kei Pritzker as widely as possible with all of your family, friends, associates, email contacts, etc..

Taking right action and informing others of the truth about the situation in the nation possessing the world’s largest oil reserves can help prevent another historic human catastrophe – another unnecessary criminal war of aggression, harming untold numbers of innocent men, women and children – from occurring in Venezuela.

Please help in any manner deemed necessary for preventing an immensely sad and regretful criminal war from manifesting in the life experiences of the good people of Venezuela, the South American continent, and possibly beyond.

It is now safe to assert in 2019 that 99.99% of people on Earth have seen more than enough barbaric physical and spiritual damage inflicted upon fellow members of the human family, and are therefore loudly and powerfully rejecting any further commission of needless, unwise war…

#HandsOffVenezuela. Peace.

(Thank you to MintPressNews at YouTube)

10 thoughts on “MintPress News Debunks Falsified Narratives About Venezuela.

  1. Good Day Jerry, thanks for sharing this video. I shared it on my Public FB page with this intro,

    Divergent views with competing Propaganda about Venezuela. I believe the information in this video.
    Everyone is a Propagandist trying to advance their View/Version of events.
    I do that with my posts of articles I think vigilant citizens should read, to be aware and consider, for our collective Future in This World.
    I am so disappointed with Trudeau going along with this US orchestrated Coup/regime change for the oil of Venezuela, as an obedient, weak US vassal, and his role working for the Americans. His father would be ashamed of him on this point.


    1. Jerry, an afterthought after posting my comment. I have some experience with Trudeau’s father.

      For the last 7 years of his Administration from 1977-1984, I was in the position to speak with him Face to Face, as he entered or left the House of Commons.
      This factual, un-embellished report of what happened that got me into that position was once in my now deleted Wikipedia Biography,

      In the fall of 1977, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) prevented Cormier from getting too close to Trudeau at the Member’s entrance to the House of Commons, making him shout from across the road.
      After several attempts at first contact, he wrote the first letter, and went to deliver it to Trudeau returning from his routine daily lunch at 24 Sussex.

      As his limousine pulled away, Cormier shouted in a booming voice from across the road, “Prime Minister! I have some information for you, Sir. Will you accept it, please?”
      The Prime Minister froze in his footsteps before getting to the door of the House. Try as he could, he could not move until he was helped by his aides.

      The RCMP picked Cormier up for the first time, asking if he would answer some questions at Vip Security Headquarters on the grounds of Rideau Hall where he signed the guest book reporting New Jerusalem as his home city the day he arrived in Ottawa September 1, 1977. Asking what was in the letter, they were told it was not addressed to them……….

      Getting back to the afterthought….
      I still had the letter, and a few days returned to Parliament Hill in the 2nd attempt to deliver it, but I was late. As I got to the top step at the Peace Tower, Trudeau’s limo was just passing by, and he could have been inside the House before I got there.

      I have to admire him for this. He had balls the likes of which his son doesn’t have in my opinion.
      His limousine stopped in the middle of the road. He got out and walking toward me said, “Why do you keep on shouting at me?” I replied, “To get your attention.”
      “I’m a busy man,” he said. “I’ve got my work to do.” I told him I had my work to do too. After that Day, I was allowed to stand right under the portico and speak to him or hand him a letter from Time to Time.

      I was surprised to learn after the fact, Trudeau moved from that House to “The Cormier House” in Montreal.
      I was even more surprised in 1985 when I was being driven home after Lunch with the Pope’s Apostolic Nuncio to CanaDa. The Man for all Reasons and Seasons living in the Gatehouse to the Nunciature with his wife, told me she is a Cormier.

      What are the chances of Cormier being connected to both the Political and Spiritual-Religious realms?

      Having shoulder length hair, beard and wearing a #13 sports jersey, the Secret Service called me out of the compressed crowd of Republicans in the Lobby of the Crown Centre Hotel during the 1976 Republican National Convention in Kansas City for questioning.The crowd was looking up to the Secret Service restricted Mezzanine expecting President Ford to be standing at his podium any minute after winning the nomination over Ronald Reagan.

      Instead of questioning me in some ante-room, they led me to stand at The President’s Podium and questioned me in full view of the 1000s below and the pre-cable TV Networks broadcasting live. Why? Standing Face to Face with the SS Agent, it was an even greater surprise when eventually he asked me if I was Jesus Christ? Having no illusions about that then or now, in a nanosecond answered, “No!”

      I have to ponder those things since they are part of my life, even if nobody else on this Planet has to, to know if they were ‘signs’ or just co-incidences? Knowing my own sins, faults and shortcomings, it’s still a struggle in the Faith for me all these years later.


      1. Jerry, I never met Trudeau in private.
        I liked him and always spoke to him with respect. I didn’t go up to the Hill that often, maybe every couple of months as the Spirit moved me.
        Oddly enough, the last Time we met, for the one and only Time in 7 years, his limo was waiting under the Peace Tower, and not the Member’s Entrance.

        In all those years I confess it was interesting to see him open the letter through the back window of his limo as it pulled away,

        At our last meeting under the Peace Tower, I had obtained an Official Court Subpoena and enclosed it in the envelope. I’m sure that was as big a surprise to him as it was to me seeing his limo under the Peace Tower for the 1st Time. That was at the beginning of February 1984.

        In the middle of February 1984, I was visited by his RCMP VIP Security who questioned me at length on my attitude toward him? Asking about the Subpoena, I told them it had no Legal Authority, but he got the Spiritual Import of it.

        It was an even bigger surprise he quit the job 2 weeks later, on February 29, 1984, a Leap Year.

        I made the Front Page of The Ottawa Citizen with him in 1982. The Prime Minister and Provincial Premiers were having a meeting on the Economy at the Confederation Centre.
        Standing at the curb waiting for his limo, as he stepped onto the curb, I said, “Prime Minister! Look at my Sign. I had it made for you and the Premiers.”
        It was beautifully done in Calligraphy and read, “Woe to those who judge for hire and profit, but not for Justice and Truth.”

        That’s me with the big grin holding the Sign standing between Trudeau and the photographer.
        Expanding the image, it seems clear he genuinely liked seeing it.


        1. Hello Ray,

          We could see yourself alongside the gray-haired fellow from Codepink who was there protesting Elliot Abrams, then was unpolitely “escorted” from the room. In a sense, Ray, your early activism might add weight to the idea that you “were Codepink, before Codepink was cool.” 🙂 The (4) U.S. veterans who went to Washington, D.C. to protest “Contras” atrocities and the horrific illegal war on Nicaragua in the 1980s, engaging in a lengthy fast for peace in Nicaragua (pre-internet), stands out as a profound example of commitment to peace, especially now with the war drums pounding at heavy-metal-music pace in Venezuela.


  2. I shouldn’t be but remain surprised as to how much US propaganda bullshit Canadians, by and large, are happy to gorge themselves on. How crazy does it get? One neighbour told me that Trudeau was in the process of bringing in 235 million Muslim immigrants into Canada and he was adamant about his numbers, even after I reminded him that the total population of Canada is just over 37 million. “I know what I’m talking about” he said, “you’ll see. We’ll all be living under Sharia law in no time.” As during the Reformation in mainland Europe, a madness has taken hold of people here and it isn’t going go away by changing political leaders or switching churches or religions. The madness is going to have to run its course as there’s no vaccine against it.


    1. Hello Jimmy Walter,

      Thank you for your courageous early efforts, and withstanding the vicious response from the warmongers, to bring forward the enormously important, brutal truth about the false flag known as 9/11. Thank you for sharing the excellent, heart-felt article by the brother of Pat Tillman, whose murder by the U.S. military and subsequent coverup by same warmonger military produced feelings of wanting to somehow push one’s hands through the computer screen and strangle to death George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, et al.

      It remains one of life’s great mysteries that those who speak truth often become the target of varying degrees of punishing retribution, Pat Tillman perhaps the epitome or greatest example proving that “assassination is the most extreme form of censorship”. It may or may not provide some form of comfort for one to acknowledge that they have yet to become targeted for extreme censoring – at least, not yet.



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