Vitaly Churkin (1952-2017): Casualty Of Endless Wars.

By Jerry Alatalo

un-2Alphabet The great Russian diplomat and United Nations Ambassador Vitaly Churkin died suddenly in New York City, on the eve of his 65th birthday. As perhaps some measure of the man’s influence around the Earth, without ever meeting Vitaly Churkin personally this writer wept upon hearing the news of his passing. For men and women who have followed events at the United Nations, the Russian ambassador was a standout human being in that institution, in particular for his consistent integrity and straightforward speaking style, where one came to have high confidence his words were the truth – describing the real nature of the focused-upon situation.

His passing has fueled speculation about whether he may have been murdered with weaponry developed covertly by intelligence agencies in nations opposed to the Russian government, and therefore, some speculators suggest, Russia’s top diplomat was targeted for assassination. If such is the case nobody will ever know unless those involved confess, as certain publicly admitted top-secret weapons – the kind used for inducing fatal heart attacks, perhaps – can kill without leaving a trace. But, most likely Vitaly Churkin was not the victim of political assassination.

Endless wars are what finally destroyed Vitaly Churkin’s physical body; the damage to his heart became severe in mid-September 2016, after U.S. and coalition plane airstrikes in Deir ez Zor, Syria killed over 60 Syrian soldiers and injured more than one hundred. The immeasurable level of stress felt by Mr. Churkin and his United Nations colleagues at that time, when the potential for a dreaded World War III nightmare starting was palpable and real, damaged Vitaly Churkin’s heart as suggested with his shortness of breath while speaking to the press outside the Security Council.

In the five months that followed (the last five months of Vitaly Churkin’s life) the endless wars and conditions which cause them continued, he sensed (accurately or not) no relief but intensification ahead in the spiritual battles for all men and women who consider themselves peacemakers, until finally the stress of being in possibly the eye of the World War III hurricane – the profound responsibility and the tremendous weight – became too much, producing in him a massive and fatal heart attack.

Whatever the details and truth surrounding the passing of Russian United Nations Ambassador Vitaly Churkin, whether the greatly respected world diplomat died of natural or unnatural cause(s), ultimately… he became another in the long, long line of victims falling to humanity’s endless wars.

(Thank you to Russia Insider at YouTube)

9/11 Criminals Still On The Loose: 15 Years Of Coverup, Horrific Middle East Wars.

By Jerry Alatalo

aaa-37Alphabet On Saturday February 18, 2017 Islāmic scholar Dr. Kevin Barrett, investigative journalist Christopher Bollyn, and Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth joined at Cobo Arena in Detroit, Michigan for a presentation titled, “The War on Islam: 9/11 Revisited, Uncovered and Exposed”. The three men have researched deeply while writing, organizing and speaking out for a new investigation of events on September 11, 2001 for many years.

Will their latest in a long line of efforts to “break through” the (now, over 15-year old) coverup of 9/11 be successful, result in the goal of bringing about that new investigation, and finally getting to the truth about what happened that day? People around the Earth might want to seriously consider praying that the three men indeed break through with this presentation and the investigation becomes a reality, because the criminals who committed the mass murder of 3,000 that day in New York City are still on the loose, very heavily armed, extremely dangerous – and the type of historically major criminals who get world wars started.

Is mentioning potential World War III unfounded, or does the fact that well over one million, perhaps up to two million, innocent human beings have perished in wars since September 11, 2001 drive home just how important solving 9/11 is for the future of civilization on Earth? The war criminals who carried out the false flag attacks at the World Trade Center and Pentagon on 9/11 have continued their crimes with major actions including the illegal war in Iraq begun in 2003, the bombing campaign against Libya for falsified reasons in 2011, along with the current six-year terrorist mercenary war causing near total destruction of Syria and its people.

Over one million Iraqis died, in Libya tens of thousands, and the estimates of dead in Syria range from 250,000 to 500,000, while in the three wars the combined number of displaced and refugee men, women and children is in the many millions. Any person who says it is not important to investigate 9/11 – for the first time, as there has never been a true legal investigation of September 11, 2001 – might want to consider the death, injury and refugee toll numbers from Middle East wars since 2001, then carefully study (among many other available sources of information) the presentations of Dr. Kevin Barrett, Richard Gage, and Christopher Bollyn.

It is painful to state that solving 9/11 is likely the only path available for preventing a third world war. Equally unpleasant is stating that solving 9/11 is an immediate and absolute necessity for the continuing survival of the human race. Yet, no matter how distasteful the reality, allowing the coverup to continue is an absolutely immoral, unacceptable and unbelievably dangerous path forward.

Many supporters of newly elected President Donald Trump proclaimed before election day that Trump would be the one who finally opened a new investigation into 9/11, or that he essentially was a good guy, the “real deal”, or a “truther”. Christopher Bollyn put that false perception to rest during his talk, pointing out that “..unfortunately, Donald Trump still supports that myth”. Trump has been seen and heard publicly stating in Tampa days before the Detroit event that, “Radical Islamic terrorists are determined to attack this nation, as they did on 9/11”.

Donald Trump is not going to call for a new investigation, or any investigation, into the crimes and coverup of 9/11. His close association with Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu, combined with out-of-the-gates extreme, confrontational language from the Trump administration directed toward the nation of Iran, should become perceived as perilous signals, clear warnings and disturbing developments relative to war and peace on Earth in the near future.

Time is of the essence… Find, arrest, prosecute and punish the war criminals who planned and carried out 9/11 – now.

(Thank you to The Final Call – Uncompromised News and Perspectives at YouTube)