Rumors Of Wars: CIA Awards Saudi Prince Medal For ‘Anti-Terrorism’?

By Jerry Alatalo

RethinkAlphabet While a lot of men and women observers of world events have begun using references to George Orwell’s classic Twilight Zone-meets-authoritarianism novel “1984” lately, seeing the United States Central Intelligence Agency give the “George Tenet Medal” to a crown prince of Saudi Arabia has those men and women searching for something beyond Orwell – if such extreme, never-before-used descriptive words are even available, or within the realm of possibility.

As Dr. Kevin Barrett correctly notes in his short PressTV interview, the event is one which generates a state of mind where one can’t decide whether it’s better to laugh or cry. Laugh – simply because the level of “chutzpah” and straight in-your-face audacity to pull this off with a serious face is off the charts. Cry.. because the level of desperation necessary to descend to such a deceitful level, sadly and pitifully attempting public relations’ damage control over increasing Earthly awareness of who the sponsors of terrorism are.. signals war is fast approaching.

Unfortunately, the ridiculous dog-and-pony show for international public relations purposes is far from laughable, but represents the most serious and potentially deadly of matters. Consider this comes along just after the controversial Amnesty International “report” painting the Syrian government and President Bashar al Assad as mass-murderers of prisoners – most notably without Amnesty International providing any legally useful evidence whatsoever.

These efforts to shape public opinion the world over by disseminating high-quality production, false reports are not carried out for ordinary purposes; they are conducted to shape public opinion into favorable perceptions/acceptance of war entered for so-called “humanitarian” purposes, or as part of fighting the “Great War on Terror”.

Can anyone name what the crown prince and Saudi Arabia have done to deserve a prestigious award for fighting against terrorism? Can anybody name Saudi Arabia’s major accomplishments – any successes against terrorists – since September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center mass-murder events, in the now over 15-year “War on Terror”?

The people of the world have heard and seen enough “fake news”. The people of the world shall from this day forward demand, insist on, and accept no less than the truth.

(Thank you to PressTV News Videos at YouTube)

A Closer Look at 9/11 Legend Rudy Giuliani

Kevin Ryan provides a good number of well-researched reasons for undertaking a much “Closer Look at 9/11 Legend Rudy Giuliani”…

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rudyRudy Giuliani is considered a leading candidate for Secretary of State in the Trump Administration. Giuliani is actively campaigning for the position and could be named National Director of Intelligence if his appointment at State falls through. As the public waits to hear the verdict on these matters, a review of Giuliani’s history and qualifications is in order. In particular, his actions on and before 9/11 should be carefully reviewed.

As mayor of New York City on 9/11, Giuliani was in a unique position to benefit from the attacks. That’s because he gained national notoriety for his presumed valiant response that day, and he received the kind of publicity that every ambitious politician desires. Immediately after 9/11, Giuliani’s approval rating rocketed to 79% among New York City voters, a dramatic increase over the 36% rating he had received a year earlier. At a 9/11 memorial service, Oprah Winfrey called him…

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Donald Trump’s Podiatrist And Lucky Larry’s Dermatologist.

By Jerry Alatalo

“It is necessary that the prince should know how to color his nature well, and how to be a hypocrite and dissembler. For men are so simple, and yield so much to immediate necessity, that the deceiver will never lack dupes.”

– NICCOLO MACHIAVELLI (1469-1527) Italian statesman*

* “Discoverer of political science.” – Count Sforza.  “I affirm that the doctrine of Machiavelli is more alive today than it was four hundred years ago.” – Mussolini, 1924

aaa-31Alphabet Taking into consideration it’s still impossible to verify that votes cast on electronic voting machines were accurately tallied in accord with the voter’s desired candidate, the fact of the matter is that the inner workings or source codes in those machines are “proprietary” intellectual property of the owners of the companies which manufacture them. If election fraud occurred on November 8 using those machines nobody can prove it – a situation of great concern discussed, debated and unresolved ever since electronic voting arrived on the scene.

During his campaign rallies Donald Trump talked about his favorite books, the first being the Bible and his own “Art of the Deal” a distant second. No one seemed to think it unusual for a presidential candidate to mention only two books shaping his intellectual, philosophical and spiritual makeup, especially for one who is 70 years old. One would think his favorite book list to be longer and include the great philosophical works of Plato and Socrates, classic works on economics, history, international relations, war and peace, biographies, etc., but such was not the case for Donald Trump (or Hillary Clinton, for that matter).

Wouldn’t it be interesting to learn that Mr. Trump was a fan of Machiavelli but, true to Machiavelli’s advice to become a hypocrite and dissembler to gain power, understood the need of keeping it secret. After rust-belt state Ohio Governor John Kasich declined Mr. Trump’s invitation to join the ticket as candidate for Vice President he asked fellow rust-belt Governor Mike Pence of Indiana, who accepted. It was the rust-belt states, perennial Democratic states in presidential elections, that voted for Trump|Pence and turned the election. Machiavelli would have been proud…

Then again, perhaps Mr. Trump knows nothing about Machiavelli or the dark political science the Italian has become famous for, Trump is the “real deal” as his most energetic supporters claim, and all the people and groups of Americans Trump made promises to have reason to believe he’ll honor them when taking office. Those people and groups, remarkably, included enough of the U.S. population to win the 2016 election: workers harmed by offshoring of jobs due to NAFTA, WTO and other enacted or proposed major trade pacts, defense contractors who’ll like his idea of “rebuilding our military”, those millions who have a strong positive view of the Bible, those seeking a less-warlike, non-World War III sane foreign policy, and citizens residing in America’s inner cities who heard him promise to renew.

Why Trump decided to exclude voters concerned about global climate change from his list of those to whom he made promises was possibly because of political calculations showing that subset of the voting population as too small in quantity or irrelevant. Or, he might have concluded like science Professor Guy McPherson that the battle against climate change is already over, and that humanity has passed the point where even the strongest actions will not change the dark and inevitable future. Or, his “denier” stance might simply have been a tactical move to gain votes from all associated with the fossil fuels industries.

As noted, either the 2016 U.S. election outcome became determined using undetectable voting machine fraud or it was, in the generally held images of most Americans – “clean”. If fraud occurred to bring about President Donald Trump, one starts along the path of trying to ascertain the reasons the increasingly acknowledged and discussed “deep state” power behind the scenes would choose that surprising action in seeming defiance of all the polls and odds. Clinton received 48%, Trump 47%, Johnson 4% and Stein 1% of the popular vote.

Democrats would be disappointed but receive some satisfaction from “winning” more votes than Trump. Republicans would be disappointed in losing the popular vote but elated at “winning” the electoral college and the White House. Libertarians would be crushed but Trump supporters can say Johnson took votes from Trump, therefore making the case that Clinton and Trump basically tied. Greens were left wondering how so few independents (40-50% of voters), many (millions) who’d supported Bernie Sanders, voted for Stein. Clearly, the most anti-establishment party in the U.S. during a time of historic anti-establishment movements around the Earth was – while advocating people, planet and peace over profits, a “New Green Deal”, foreign policy based on international law, human rights and diplomacy, nationalizing the Federal Reserve, a new investigation of 9/11, etc. – effectively smashed into the ground.

From the perspective of the deep state elites, the outcome was the best possible considering the alternative – Clinton’s win. Accepting that it’s impossible to know with certainty whether the election was fraudulently rigged through both the Republican and Democratic primaries on through the general election, a Clinton win had major negative consequences directly linked to that potential outcome.

During the recent interview of WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange by journalist and documentary filmmaker John Pilger (2,000,000 views on YouTube), Mr. Assange pointed out that the most important email of them all had shown that Hillary Clinton was aware as early as 2014 that the governments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar had provided money and logistical support to ISIS. Hillary Clinton knew this fact yet kept it to herself, so if she had won the election possible treason charges against her and many other government officials from both major parties were forthcoming. The “war on terror” would have been totally revealed as a massive lie begun after September 11, 2001, and resulted in literally millions of lawsuits against the U.S. government – initiated by people harmed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and elsewhere.

It is worth noting that Donald Trump held the chance to capitalize to a great extent in the last days before election day November 8 by focusing on that email pointing to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and their ISIS aid, Clinton’s effective aiding and abetting terrorism through inaction and silence… but Trump chose not to, though he certainly must have known he could have destroyed her. Trump’s decision to ignore the explosive WikiLeaks email instead of employing its clear potential to obliterate Clinton as competition for the White House, a landslide Trump victory, provides further reason for suggesting the election had been rigged in Trump’s favor – the lesser-evil, safest “selection”.

Add to that potentially historic and paradigm-changing consequence of a Clinton win the revealing of widespread, endemic political corruption associated with the Clinton Foundation and one can see how the individuals collectively known as the “shadow government” or “deep state’ came to conclude Trump had to win despite their preference for the globalist Clinton. This conclusion came about in response to circumstances which developed after the election began, candidates entered the race, through the primaries, and finally on election day.

Many now perceive the upcoming Trump presidency as a time when Mr. Trump will become watched closely with regard to keeping his campaign promises. The often-used term thus far is keeping Mr. Trump’s “feet to the fire”. It’s worth noting that Donald Trump has said publicly that Larry Silverstein – leaseholder of the World Trade Center complex in New York City on September 11, 2001 (9/11) – is “a good guy… a friend of mine”.

Others describe Mr. Silverstein as “Lucky Larry” because he broke his usual routine of having breakfast every day at a restaurant in one of the Twin Towers on that historic and world-changing day. That morning, his wife convinced Mr. Silverstein to honor an appointment he’d made with his dermatologist, so he wasn’t in the building. It was later on that “Lucky Larry” admitted on camera to a reporter that he never made it to the dermatologist appointment either. Silverstein received a multi-billion dollar insurance settlement after destruction by controlled demolition of the Twin Towers and Building 7, and for damages to other buildings in the complex.

Like “Lucky Larry” and his dermatologist, Donald Trump might want to locate a medical specialist as well but of a different kind – a foot doctor, or podiatrist. President Trump will be experiencing the effects of having his feet positioned very close to the fire of political observation, scrutiny and judgment.

Many highly credentialed men and women, including over 2,500 architects and engineers, academics, veterans, police officers and firefighters, respected politicians, independent researchers, authors and everyday people from all walks of life around the Earth want a new investigation of 9/11. These people come from every possible point on the political spectrum from the far left to the far right, including supporters of Trump, and many of them believe that President Donald Trump will finally act to bring the truth of 9/11 to light.

The following video is of a report broadcasted on the 15th anniversary of 9/11 (September 11, 2016) by Russia One TV – and seen by an estimated 150 million Russian people.

(Thank you to AE911Truth at YouTube)