Abby Martin’s ‘The Empire Files’: Bold Debut On teleSUR.

by Jerry Alatalo

“It is very dangerous to write the truth in war, and the truth is also very dangerous to come by.”

– ERNEST HEMINGWAY (1898-1961) American writer, Nobel Prize 1954

Veterans For PeaceAfter leaving her successful “Breaking the Set” news talk show on RT a while back, many of her fans wondered what was next for the truth-reporter Abby Martin. Her fans don’t need to wonder anymore, after her new program “The Empire Files” was broadcast for the first time on the Latin American network teleSUR.

Thus far the debut has received a combined 3,000 views just between teleSUR English and therealnews (The Real News Network) YouTube channels, where “thumbs up” tallied 384 and “thumbs down” tallied 4, so by that measure the show is off to a good start. Many of the comments expressed approval that Ms. Martin has returned to the arena, the common sentiment being “great to see you back, Abby”.

The first program could be described as a short documentary about the American empire, including its history, particularly in Latin America, visuals showing its global reach, expenditures and details of the military industrial complex, an interview with critical analysis of the US’ 800 bases around the Earth – suggesting their presence results in rising tension and resentment among the people where they’re located,  plus another with a former British soldier who refused to continue serving in Iraq, joined Veterans for Peace, and now speaks out against war and militarism when and wherever possible.

People should see it as a good sign and reason for optimism that shows focused on the simple conveying of truth become accepted with overwhelming approval, plus think about how telling the truth in the media became so rare that when it occurs people find it “extraordinary” – instead of rightly the way it is  for every journalist and media organization.

Abby Martin’s first show and what gets revealed might be viewed by some in the US government/military from the context of recent changes in military laws that place war reporters like Ms. Martin in the unfortunate class of “unprivileged belligerent” (an open-ended, vague legal term), subject to the same treatment as terrorists (also labeled unprivileged belligerents) – indefinite detention, secret military tribunals, denial of Constitutional rights and who knows what else.

The program conveys true historical facts and the truthful opinions of people concerned about continuing wars and militarism, and one has to ask how that is either extraordinary or in any way considered some kind of “threat”. This is simply what real journalists do, and if Abby Martin in this and future episodes of “The Empire Files” shames or forces other journalists guilty of lying by commission, omission or “spin” to report the truth she does a great public service.

In the field of journalism/media, reporting the truth should by definition be the only goal – period and end of story.

(Thank you to teleSUR English at YouTube)

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    1. Stuart,
      You may agree that reporting like this, presenting the broadest/widest-lens, big-picture planetary view, is the most effective way to convey what’s really occurring. It was a great choice for this production. Many are waiting in anticipation for Michael Moore’s new film “Who To Invade Next” opening in days because it most likely will present the powerful big picture historical and current planetary perspective as well. Thanks.


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