Gosling: ‘ISIL Could Be Closed Down In Blink Of An Eye.’

by Jerry Alatalo

“That action is best which procures the greatest happiness for the greatest numbers.”

– FRANCIS HUTCHESON (1649-1746) Scottish professor of moral philosophy

keyboard777-1Alphabet Sometimes you wonder if the day will ever arrive when all world leaders speak nothing but truth and investigative journalism becomes unnecessary. Think of all the time that would be freed up for both professional journalists and men and women around the world who try to track truth down.

Take the case of ISIL, or ISIS, or Daiesh, or Islamic State as an example. One would think that its so-called “leader” or Caliph al-Baghdadi would’ve sent out more communications to the world than the single speech he delivered over a year ago. This is supposedly the man who wants to convert the entire human race to his form of radical Islam, yet he can’t manage to produce video messages using the available inexpensive, professional-grade DSLR cameras made by Canon, Nikon and other companies.

There’s one question about ISIL/ISIS: where is al-Baghdadi, and why has he remained completely silent? There are a number of legitimate questions about ISIS that aren’t being asked by Western media organizations, including the question about ISIS’ sales of black market oil that Tony Gosling mentions in his short Press TV interview. Has any Western media group done even one report on ISIS’ illegal sales of oil?

For that matter, has any Western news group done any extensive, deep investigative reporting on ISIS whatsoever? Unless someone can point such reports out, the answer is no, and that leads to the question “why not?” While elected high power American politicians speak out about the extreme dangers of ISIS, the terrorist organization bringing death, suffering and destruction in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East – North Africa region seems completely missing from corporate media lists of news stories on which to focus.

Has any corporate news group, or the United States government, reported on successful efforts to cut off financing for the ISIS terrorist organization?  How about reports of only the efforts being undertaken to shut down ISIS finances, putting successful efforts and the details to the side? Has anyone seen reports including the names of specific bankers, specific banks, specific oil trading businesses, specific transactions methods used, amounts entered on bank accounting forms, and so on?

How about lead stories on the 6 o’clock news broadcasts of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox, etc. showing the photographs of ISIS or other terrorist groups’ soldiers killed, and commentary about the soldier’s country of origin, interviews of family and friends in that country of origin, etc.? Apparently the editors and program chiefs at these major media corporations believe stories about obesity, newly discovered “wonder” drugs, Donald Trump’s hairdresser, tips for eating healthier, and any number of irrelevant topics are more important than finding the truth about ISIS, with focus on journalism devoted to efforts to stop its rampage of killing and destruction.

Has any Western corporate media organization interviewed one, much less every, national leader from the Middle East or Africa and asked them to describe their thoughts about ISIS and other terrorist groups – how the terrorists manage payrolls, get their money, weapons, food, supplies, sell oil on the black market, who is buying the oil, etc. –  and what they think is necessary to stop them?

Why haven’t the leaders or representatives of every nation in the Middle East and Africa, or any region where terrorists are operating, addressed appropriate committees in the United States Congress during focused discussions on dealing effectively with terrorism?

Is the “war on terror”, in particular the war on ISIS, as Tony Gosling says “a farce… a lie”?

Men, women and children by the thousands are fleeing from Syria, Libya, Iraq and other nations to escape wars and violence brought by paid mercenary terrorists. The unanimous consensus is that the situation in Syria is the world’s greatest humanitarian disaster. Only by speaking the truth can the suffering begin to diminish, step-by-step leading to a return to normalcy for ordinary citizens simply wishing to live their lives in peace – then finally end.


(Thank you to PressTV News Videos at YouTube)

5 thoughts on “Gosling: ‘ISIL Could Be Closed Down In Blink Of An Eye.’

    1. Rosaliene,
      How are you. The world needs to understand the simple truth of Tolstoy when he said “war is murder” and hold those responsible accountable. Too many innocents are being hurt, and the insanity has to be stopped. Thank you.


  1. I can’t see Obama making a move to shut down ISIS – it’s too important in justifying the continuing US war on terror and continuing aggression in the Middle East. In fact, growing evidence suggests the US is directly and indirectly financing ISIS.


    1. Stuart,
      It’s so strange that there are people who’ve been paying mercenaries (essentially mafia assassins) to kill thousands of innocent men, women and children and no well-known leader(s) have lost it and become enraged during public speeches. The thing is bizarre.
      By the way, just listened to Mr. Bollyn on YT – Media Broadcasting Center (The Real Deal) about 9/11. The thought of 9/11 marathon radio shows by every 9/11 truth radio host on Earth before the 14th “anniversary” came, that your friend JF and KB could suggest/push the idea and make it happen worldwide, and that such marathons might be enough to force a real investigation. If not marathons around the Earth, perhaps regular length shows with the theme “9/11 Truth Now!!” or “Investigate September 11, 2001!!”. The thing is, the people who did it are still out there planning and carrying out only God knows what. Thanks.


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