Paris: May 4, 2019.

(Thank you to Ruptly channel at YouTube)

hey say, “A picture is worth a thousand words” …



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    1. Hello Rosaliene,

      One might guess all of Paris took to the streets today – in the millions. It is very interesting to observe the near total silence of U.S. politicians in Washington, D.C., especially Donald Trump, along with the under-reporting and omission with regard to the France Yellow Vest movement of now 25-weeks by the corporate media.


    1. Hello Jimmy,

      We saw a fellow wearing a yellow vest in one of the box stores the other day and jokingly asked him if he was supporting the Yellow Vests in France. To illustrate your point near perfectly, he responded by asking “What’s that?”, clearly having no idea of what’s occurring in France. Maybe these screenshots and other narrative reports will “go viral”, as they say, and people in America might get some clue as to what’s happening of import around their Earth.

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  1. That’s 17,000 words there, Jerry!!! Obviously some are upset about something and going off on the streets to bitch about it in colour. Why do I get the impression this is so much like the gathering of turkeys in the killing pen some days before Thanksgiving listening to the head gobbler saying, “Now that we’re organized, what do we do?”


    1. Hello Sha’Tara,

      We were surprised to see reports that this gathering of Yellow Vests was lower than those in the previous 24 weeks, when here the protesters are 20-25 wide for block after block after block… Being somewhat pre-occupied with potential wars in Venezuela and Iran and Ukraine, along with actual wars in Syria, Yemen and ongoing strife in apartheid Israel, the Yellow Vests movement to our understanding is fundamentally about crushing austerity in France leading to many citizens – reminiscent of “PIGS”, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain – falling into boiling hot financial waters with no way out, leading to a level of desperation where people are taking to the streets. We haven’t taken the time to research on Yellow Vests’ specific or detailed demands… Thank you.


      1. Well who knows, maybe it is the beginning of something meaningful and not just another “leftie” movement bought and paid for by the Masters of Destabilization and Regime Change. Maybe these people aren’t just pissed off and venting; maybe they even have an agenda for real change, maybe but I believe Jerry that ‘things’ aren’t bad enough yet for these people to go from loud complaining at the loss of a convenient lifestyle brought on by acquiescence to banksterism and the likes of NATO to actually take serious risks, the kind that would force the defenders of the Establishment, such as the police and other “security forces” to have to choose between betraying their masters or turning on protesters and initiating a bloodbath from which of course there can be no return to any sort of ‘normalcy’ a la European and North American complacency regarding all these other horrors you mention in your reply. As an aside… left wing or right wing… is there a third option hiding in the wings of political power for the assailed West?


    1. Hello Stuart,

      It’d be interesting to know how many people share the sense of a growing Earthly movement in philosophical alignment with the phrase: “the meek shall inherit the Earth.” What used to take people investigating major world events and scandals etc. years to learn about through inter-library loans on books and concentrated time-consuming efforts etc. – they can now accomplish and react to in hours or a few days on the internet. Yes … we are living in interesting – and exciting times.


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